Qinghai gelatin to Leme pharmaceutical industry transfer 60% Equity

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Qinghai Gelatin (000606) today announcement, for the integration of the company's original business plate, concentrated resources to do strong gelatin related main industry, the company's board of directors agreed to 90 million Yuan transfer subsidiary Sichuan Wo is Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 100% Equity, of which the Lai Mei Pharmaceutical (300006) by the 60% Equity,  Chongqing Science and Technology Venture Capital Co., Ltd. 40% stake. It is noteworthy that according to the December 2010 Qinghai gelatin and Leme pharmaceutical Industry (300006) signed a framework agreement on equity transfer, Qinghai gelatin to transfer its subsidiaries Sichuan wo Zheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 100% equity to Leme pharmaceutical industry.  To this end, Qinghai gelatin stock suspended on December 8, 2010. Qinghai gelatin Dong Hua Min has told the Securities Times reporter, Sichuan wo is pharmaceutical history indeed to the company to create a huge profit, but with the passage of time, Sichuan wo is a single type of pharmaceutical products are also more and more prominent, the main product income decline year in, profit margins are also falling, It is already difficult to cope with the increasingly fierce competition in the pharmaceutical industry. The decisive sale of the shares is undoubtedly responsible for the Qinghai gelatin shareholders.  It is reported that Sichuan wo is pharmaceutical is in Qinghai gelatin 10 years ago in less than 30 million yuan cost acquisition. Today, according to the audit, as at October 31, 2010, WO is the total pharmaceutical assets of 85.1677 million yuan (of which the current assets of 29.4153 million yuan, non-current assets 55.7524 million yuan), Liabilities of 26.8348 million yuan, net assets of 58.3328 million yuan, 2010 1 ~ October main business income of 15.9295 million yuan, net profit of 1.8338 million yuan. After assessment, on October 31, 2010 as the benchmark day, Wo is the total pharmaceutical assets evaluation value of 116 million yuan, the total amount of debt is 26.9417 million yuan, net assets of 89.5556 million yuan.
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