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August 15, the domestic electricity business between another large-scale digital home appliances price war has been rattling. Dangdang CEO Guoqing also responded to his personal microblog yesterday. Dangdang mobile phones, computers, small appliances and the United States to lift large household appliances, the whole category of formal challenge. and invite consumers to around, to the dangdang supervision.

This morning 10 o'clock, Dangdang home will hang out "big air-conditioning 80 percent", "washing machine full 90 percent", "8 brands of refrigerators 1499 Yuan" and many other digital appliances promotional products. Reporters grabbed Sharp (SHARP) lcd-46lx440a 46-inch Full HD Smart LED LCD TV quotes, when: 5598, Xun 5699, Suning easy to buy: 5988, Jingdong: 5888. From the real time price, Dangdang above, but the home appliance companies in the power to spell the lowest price, the price will be adjusted to adjust to competitors. Consumers can do a lot of comparison, timely shot. At present, some of the low-priced products are sold out. In addition, from the third party comparison platform Amoy Nets, today 10:21 released the price of the comparison list, Dangdang ranked first, the lowest price.

Guoqing said, "The price war, Dangdang will be the end." When supporting the full network comparison, consumers to when the customer report high prices will receive a corresponding thank gift. ”

Internet Observer bin said that the digital home appliances price war has gone beyond the normal rational competition, everyone in the reckless price of blood, so the only beneficiary is consumers. But this also may bring the subsequent merchant to the huge loss the retaliatory bidding, the consumer should see the opportunity to sell.

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