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The State Council has officially approved the development plan of the Yellow River Delta High Efficiency ecological economic zone, which is the 8th Regional economy Development plan approved by our country this year. The number of regional economic plans approved this year is almost the sum of the past 4 years, with unprecedented speed. Why are regional economies so attached? Yesterday, the experts interviewed by reporters generally believe that in order to deal with the impact of the financial crisis on China's economy, the central government to expand local government power to enlivening, the use of local resources to develop the economy, to achieve coordinated development of regional economies.  As an important guide of the new round of economic development, regional economy will become the "big play" next year. Citic Investment Chief macro analyst Wei Fengchun said that the approved development planning is the most important part of China's regional economic layout, Shandong's development is not a single province, but the national problem. The Zhujiang Delta and Yangtze River Delta have gradually become industrialized, and now arrive in post-industrial period. The key to achieving success in the Bohai Rim region and the Yangtze River Delta region is the development of Shandong area. The Yellow River Delta takes Shandong area as the representative, Shandong is still in the initial stage of industrialization development, it can be said that the development is still relatively backward, is a depression of economic development. Only the development of Shandong region, then the eastern integration can finally be completed, the development of the entire Eastern region will also be a step.  The approval of the plan will bring the overall development of Shandong region economy, whether it is manufacturing, business finance such as logistics, transportation, tourism and so on will benefit. Liu Guohong, a researcher at the Joint Securities Research Institute, said the plan was aimed at 9 regions, including Zibo, Yantai and Dongying, which are located in special areas of the Yellow River estuary. Planning also deliberately put forward the development of efficient ecological economy, put forward to achieve industrial upgrading at the same time to pay attention to environmental protection, which is in line with local characteristics and integrated with sustainable development of an effective planning. Shandong and other regions have a wealth of land resources, the use of this resource endowment and the combination of ecological development, I believe that many local industries will benefit. such as eco-agriculture-related listed companies, Shandong region has 7-8 production base. Including the chemical industry, textile industry, medicine, food and beverage in the local have a lot of advantages, the relevant listed companies have production base. At the same time, real estate will also become a hot spot.  Of course, it should be noted that in the eco-environmental indicators to achieve compliance requirements, such as chemicals and other industries may face higher costs. Li Wenzan, Director of Financial Development Research Center of Tianjin Institute of Economic Development, said that overall, Shandong's role in regional economic development is not very obvious. The Bohai Rim area takes Tianjin as the center, Shandong and Liaodong Peninsula become its wings, so in order to realize the coordinated development of regional economy, Shandong area needs deep excavation.  Shandong region has rich land resources, good regional advantages, its development will be conducive to the realization of regional economic sustainable development. Since this year, in addition to the above-mentioned "Yellow River delta efficient eco-economic zone development planning", the State Council has also approved the "on the support of Fujian province to speed up the construction of the Straits West Bank economic Zone," some views"Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone development Plan" "Jiangsu Coastal Area Development planning" "The overall development of the piano" "Liaoning Coastal Economic Zone development planning", "promoting the rise of the central region rising planning" and "China Tumen River Regional Cooperative Development Planning outline" and other 7 plans, add up, Up to now, our country has approved 8 regional economic development plans this year.  The number of regional economic plans approved this year is almost the sum of the past 4 years, with unprecedented speed. In this respect, Liu Guohong said that China's regions due to resource endowments, geographical advantages, government investment has caused the development of the central and western regions is very uncoordinated. In order to deal with the impact of the financial crisis on China's economy, such as Shanghai, Beijing and other major cities in China has reached a limit, on the contrary, such as some underdeveloped areas already have the basis of industrial transfer. Therefore, through the development of regional economy to achieve industrial transfer to stimulate the role of economic development space is enormous.  It is believed that in the next period of time, the relevant regional economic development planning will be introduced in succession. Wei Fengchun also said that in order to deal with the impact of the financial crisis, central and local efforts to combat risk. The central government also expands the local power, and hopes that it will exert its specialty to realize the development of stimulating economy. Li Wenzan also said that this year, China's regional economy is so highly valued, I believe that in the next year will become a driving force for our economic development.
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