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Before the uproar of the "regular treasure" 8th has begun to make an appointment, although Alipay has not been the first time to launch a publicity offensive, but so far the number of appointments has exceeded 350,000 people. According to Alipay Insider news, this product sales limit of about 300 million yuan, in accordance with the minimum purchase of 1000 per person requirements, at present, even if the purchase of 1000 yuan per person, the total has exceeded 350 million yuan, if the payment is not temporary overweight, it will inevitably be a bad and bloody.

And in the lively behind, regular treasure on the line, in the end what will bring? In Tintin's view, there are at least a few noteworthy points to pay attention to:

1. Internet financial products break through to the Monetary Fund.

Before this, all the most concerned about the Internet financial products, whether it is the balance of treasure, financial management, or hundred hair, change treasure, and so on, no exception is the choice of the Monetary Fund. Because of the small risks (cases that have not yet occurred), the relatively high yields (far higher than the demand rate), flexible enough (and even directly used for shopping), the Money fund can meet the various elements required for internet finance. and regular treasure after the balance Bao January 6 for the sale of the "universal risk", once again extended to the money fund outside the field, this is also a universal risk.

For insurance products, its biggest feature is that there is enough difference with the balance treasure, expected 7% of the annual yield is much higher than the average of 4% of the money fund rate of return; the characteristics of a regular year is also doomed to let it not appear with the balance treasure "left and right" possibility. The only common point is that the risk is low enough, this insurance financial products commitment to "Capital preservation Guarantee", this is very important in the current Internet channels, after all, most people are still difficult to accept the Internet, if there is a loss, will not be "bitten, a decade shy." ”

2, Internet finance will face the choice of diversification in the future.

It is not difficult to imagine that after a regular treasure hot, there will be a large number of Internet companies to launch new financial products. In fact, Tencent's financial management although currently only binding a Chinese fund, but in fact, Tencent has long been clear that the future will also introduce more fund companies, and Alipay also said that the regular treasure is far from the balance of the upgrade version of Treasure, "greater innovation is still behind." ”

This means that the future of ordinary netizens on the Internet, no longer just a simple choice in the balance of treasure or wealth management through or hundred, but will be faced with a more diversified choice, which fund companies operating ability, what type of wealth management products high? Such a change, Is it a good thing or a bad thing for a large amount of money that still exists? Can the process of user education be successfully completed? Too complex a selection process will make internet finance lose its biggest competitive advantage: simple and convenient.

3.2014 banks face a "three-dimensional war"

Prior to this, despite the internet financial boom, many banks have expressed pressure on the outside, but Tintin from various occasions to understand the situation, in fact, the banks themselves feel the pressure is not as big as imagined. After all, the Money fund is only a small part of the overall financial-management system, before which the money fund was not a hot seller of banks, but the vast majority of wealth-management channels, including precious metals, bonds, equity funds, hybrid funds, or only through banks. Not only that, the Internet finance is currently gathering user groups, or "small retail" mainly, the real big or more willing to through the bank's private financial advisers to complete the financial process.

But the introduction of a regular treasure means that the war between banks and Internet companies will shift from plane to stereo. Internet finance is expanding the product to achieve a wider range of user groups. If the Money fund is the main rob of the user's demand deposit, then the next will Rob is undoubtedly the bank's time deposits, such a situation, even if the bank again deep pockets, I am afraid can not sit back.

4, the response to the Internet impact, the bank is not ready.

Is the bank ready to face the impact of the Internet? In Tintin's view, at least the current answer is no. There is no better way to deal with the impact of the Internet than to launch some mobile apps. Tintin tested the CCB, CMB, Ping An bank, BOC and other banks of the official website found that the page layout of these sites are mostly chaotic, in the setting, almost also face financial and finance professionals, a lot of terminology and professional terminology is easy to make people dizzy. Not only that, on the Internet to find the most suitable for their own financial products, is not an easy thing.

So what about online channels? In this regard, Tintin to the four major lines of one of the financial managers to consult, talking about Internet finance, the financial manager also bluntly stressed that, but he kept advised Tintin not to buy Internet financial products, "these Internet financial products, There is no supervision of the relevant departments, security is not guaranteed, do you dare to buy? I'm afraid to buy it anyway. "By using such rumors to discredit a competitor, it is only proof that the bank is not ready."

From the experience of foreign banks, the bank's survival model, which depends on the low interest rate of deposit and loan, is doomed to disappear, and future banks will undoubtedly be more competitive in service, when will the service of domestic banks begin to change materially? From now on, there is still a long way to go. In any case, with the release of the 2 issue of the balance treasure, a "three-dimensional war" between the internet finance and the bank will be kicked off, the 2014 drama is about to be staged.

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