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Have you ever had this experience? Late at night by mobile phone ringtone awakened from sleep, but found to be a friend on the path to upload new photos of the reminder, or the application of the market Software update reminders, or a game in the pet and hungry ...

Have you ever had this experience? Chat with mobile phone, has not found any changes on the screen, but the other side has been because you do not reply and cranky ...

The rapid popularity of smart phones, all kinds of apps into the user's mobile phone, each application will want to seize the user, all want to be sustained attention, so the overwhelming use of mobile phone alerts and notifications every day in the user's mobile phone, is really necessary? Do you need to consider the user's habits and feelings? This article from the ANDROIDQQ user as a sample, through qualitative and quantitative research, the Android system of different types of apps notification reminder mechanism, we are in the mobile phone system and app design can apply this mechanism, evaluate the current design of the app belongs to which type, find the corresponding notification reminder mechanism.

research methods and processes

Ii. Main findings:

1. High-End Platform Alert method overview

Banner: Without interrupting the current operation of the situation to inform users of new messages, there will be interference, but do not interrupt, the application should pay attention to stay time and the user to find the path after missing;

Alert: Strongly interrupted reminders, which are acceptable when the content is linked to the current application;

Tags: An emergency reminder, the increment is difficult to remember, some users have forced to clean the habit of zero;

Toast: pure inform, do not need to deal with;

Preview: Assists users in determining whether the information needs to be viewed in detail, but with a "mark as read" mechanism;

Notification bar: is a generally accepted way of notification, the advantage is "centralized treatment";

2. All kinds of app notification reminder mechanism
"Traffic, virus, schedule and other emergency application reminders"

reminders strongly allow the user to perceive that every new piece of information is reminded; This kind of application is not high in privacy, the Demand for dialog box is very large;

"Call, SMS, IM and other instant conversation tools"

Every new message to remind, in the lock screen if there is a new message, the default display number and sender can meet most users, but also the user privacy protection better. From the actual situation, unread SMS default display preview content, there is no user to provide negative feedback, speculated that the reason may be the user to the default display or not to display the preview content is not obvious, especially in the preview content can be customized. The need for quick response (directly pop-up alert with message content and reply box) is not visible from the data, but can be handled with chat scenes and contact familiarity. For example, acquaintances or consecutive send/reply SMS number to reach N, you can start a quick response mechanism. Notification reminders for such applications are allowed to interrupt the user's current operation in Full-screen state, however, it is best to allow users to customize, personally feel the use of "ios5banner+ custom" way to compare the number of missed calls in the lock screen display content needs to be combined with the degree of familiarity of the numbers to distinguish (such as familiar with the number of increased callback function , strange numbers show attribution and number of rings, etc. the results show that the user dialog box needs a small proportion, may be taken into account the privacy of IM reminders and SMS similar to the demand for a dialog box is lower, but do not need a variety of ways to collaborate, prompt tone, vibration and notice bar can be

"Mail, microblogging, SNS and other Delay class message tool"

in the mail, microblogging and SNS, such as Delay class message tool reminders, notification bar This kind of quiet and not overlooked form is very popular if it is a continuous number of message push, only need the first reminder, followed by not using a reminder in the lock screen interface, new mail Only show the number can meet most users, Microblogging and SNS need to display the number and sender, but the sender's display mechanism to take into account the number of new messages and senders, if the number of excessive, need to establish a truncation or ellipsis mechanism.

"Application market and News class applications"

and News class apps new messages do not require a system reminder, you can consider an application. This kind of message is not important not urgent, in the system to remind not only disturb the user, but also to the user caused "waste of traffic" concerns.

"Other tips."

If the user sets the screen lock, be aware that the lock screen interface does not display private information, for example, the content of the chat tool; the computer system of unread messages needs to be optimized, there is currently read but not counted by the system, still reminding unread; When the lock screen sets the password, pay attention to unlock the operation path, for the lock user, To view a dialog-type reminder, you need to repeatedly enter the password unlock, the operation path is too long, it is recommended that the message type to consider the option of setting up a direct operation. When the reminder to pay attention to system scenarios and user scenarios, system scenarios such as lock screen, full-screen and desktop and other scenes, the need for message reminders is different, user scenarios such as sleep at night to be careful to remind. Use a variety of reminders to help users to determine the type of message, such as the use of sound or vibration frequency, intensity and the color of flashing lights, and so on helps users identify the type of new messages, so that users do not light the screen at the same time the type of pre-message. Take care of special groups and special use scenes, such as increasing the voice reading function. Important unread information such as a schedule increases the intensity of reminders, such as continuous reminders, or increases the intensity limit of sound and vibration


3. Some cases of user's mobile phone users ' experience with Android phones is concentrated in March-December, and a new influx of users will have a knock-on effect on the current demographic structure, followed by follow-up studies 70% Android users with the initiative of the brush machine attempt Android users have the ability to install software independently the user's mobile phone commonly used contacts 10 and more fixed, historical contacts and follow-up contacts of the high degree of overlap when users send text messages first into the application, and then contact people, write content, So the internal contact is very important to quickly locate the user to call the main access to the phone records and contacts most of the Android users have modified the mobile phone part of the commonly used software notification settings, but all the software set the cost is too high, it is recommended to increase user convenience to see, can be set up a unified mechanism Android user demographic attributes male-dominated 19-30-year-olds with university-dominated students and white-collar monthly disposable money 3000 The following mainly live in big cities

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