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51, back to the countryside, the story is quite touching, want to write a word record. There are two typical archetypal characters: 1 buy watermelon uncle, 2 do cross-stitch sister. This article records the uncle who sells watermelons.

Uncle, three years ago began to grow watermelon, that year 57 years old; two sons. My older son is 6 years older than me, my youngest son is 1 years younger than me, and I'm married. The older son opened a small restaurant in the provincial capital, and the second son had 30 acres of cotton and 50 acres of pear orchards. Uncle's watermelon Land has 20 acres, winter is plastic shed, summer open, watermelon three seasons a year. He invited a young lad of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences to give him guidance, every year when the technicians to plant melon.

Uncle, with a computer, can also type; Uncle did not know Sina and Sohu, he knew that there is a website can watch news and state affairs-later I know that it is the net. Uncle every day must see the website is Agricultural Information Network, the network of national Affairs he said that there is watermelon blossom to mature before the leisure time will go, usually busy home would like to rest, do not look. Uncle has a mailbox, do not accept the letter. As a result of the registration of agricultural information sites, need a mailbox, which technician to Uncle application after, Uncle has not opened. Uncle remember which e-mail address is very familiar with every day. Uncle has QQ number, he about the driver and know a lot of market information, and farmers communication with other provinces with QQ. The phone is uncle another main means of communication, he will not send text messages, can only see. Uncle said the cell phone function is too complicated, he will not use. QQ, uncle will only use "> Chat function. Uncle did not add any QQ group. The uncle sees an agricultural information website to keep to the collection folder. There was a time when the computer broke, reload the system, the favorites did not backup uncle suffered for several days. Later, the special learned the backup of the favorites, and for this bought a 1G u disk. Which USB drive only has one folder Windows Favorites backup.

Uncle now watermelon, especially in winter watermelon, are sold through the network.

Uncle likes another website is Taobao. His little son daughter-in-law in Taobao opened a small shop, has earned 10,000 fast money, is to buy cloth shoes; Many people around the city drive to their homes to buy sneakers on weekends.

Uncle said, the network is really good, can make money. Before, he looked down on the network, only know the network game harm. Now, the daughter-in-law's network use than oneself good, he all things to daughter-in-law to get.

Uncle Presbyopia, the message will not be sent, because it is not clear.

Uncle's Internet time:

Get up in the morning, look at the message of QQ message, look at yesterday's agricultural website watermelon price tips, or seasonal pest defense knowledge.

At noon, after work, go home to sleep.

Evening, after dinner online to see, and the provincial farmers QQ Chat. Recently, added to Taobao to see.

He said he wanted to buy a new computer for his daughter-in-law, and now it's too slow and the screen is small (17CRT). He has gone to the provincial capital to see, 24-inch LCD, good!

Because many people buy shoes, his son in the provincial capital opened a cloth shoes order pre-sale point. Pay first, half a month to pick up the shoes. His daughter-in-law has organized several women in the village and made shoes together.

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