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"More than two sets of mortgage policy adjustments, often determines the market investment climate, and has a great impact on the banking business," a city firm Shanghai branch of the deputy governor of the daily economic news, said the bank really want to make the mortgage business bigger, can only rely on the investment color of more than two units of real estate customer contribution, because such customers have the strength,  Banks do more of these clients, but the risk is lower. Bank personal mortgage business from 2007 "Crazy" to 2008 "depression", and then to 2009 "freshman", it seems that every rise and fall with the mortgage, especially more than two housing loan policy adjustment for the trigger point.  But there is doubt, if the various mortgage preferential policies will "exit" next year, the 2010 bank mortgage business and what kind of keyword? 2003, due to the strong investment atmosphere in the real estate market, and led to rapid rise in house prices throughout the country, in April, the central bank issued "No. 121th document." The content of personal mortgage loans is "to buy high-grade commercial housing, villas or second (including) commercial housing borrowers, the appropriate increase in the proportion of the first payment, no longer implement preferential housing rate provisions." "" This document, in the final analysis, is not operating rules, commercial banks in the course of operation, many places are guided by their own wind control concept, said the bank personage recalls, in the rising prices in the background, the bank's idea is: have the ability to invest 3, 4 of real estate customers, financial strength is strong. "So the banks began to have more shielding from customers who had been overly speculative, such as dozens of sets and hundreds of customers who borrowed from banks," he said.  Bankers said.  It is noteworthy that, 2004-2005 years, due to the domestic major real estate market adjustment period, the bank in the operation of the second house and above the "good", and did not lead to more investment customer intervention, until 2006, 2007, this potential energy is completely burst. Statistics show that throughout 2007, the national financial institutions in the local currency loans added 869.9 billion yuan, an increase of 36.12%, the current balance reached 3.2783 trillion yuan.  Among them, the balance of personal mortgage loans is 2.7031 trillion yuan, accounting for more than 80%. But the spectacle was a variable in the run-up to National Day 2007. On the day before the National Day of 2007, the central bank suddenly issued a document saying, "for the use of loans to buy housing, but also apply for the purchase of a second (including) housing, the proportion of loans to the first payment shall not be less than 40%,  The lending rate shall not be less than 1.1 times times the same benchmark rate as the PBoC announces, and the ratio of the first payment and the interest rate should be increased substantially with the increase in the number of arrays. At the beginning of 2008 years by the impact of the global financial crisis, the main cities of the domestic housing prices plummeted, greatly inhibited the real estate investors in the market enthusiasm. This change in the Bureau, not only affect the behavior of investors, and even depressed the home-oriented customers of the house enthusiasm. At that time some public data showed that some commercial banks personal mortgage business even began to appear ringthan negative growth. But the change soon fell. The central bank has decided to extend the lower limit of commercial personal housing loans to 0.7 times times the benchmark interest rate for loans starting October 27, 2008, with a minimum first payment ratio of 20% per cent, for the first purchase of general and improved general home loans,  Financial institutions may support the loan interest rate and the ratio of the first payment on favourable terms. Policy restrictions were relaxed again in December 2008. According to the regulations, for loans to buy a housing, but the per capita housing area below the local average level, and then apply for loans to buy a second set to improve the living conditions of ordinary home residents, comparable to the implementation of the first loan to buy ordinary home housing preferential policies.  A week later, the "new eight", more directly omitted the "per capita housing area below the local average level" restrictions. With the "recovery" of investment customers, the domestic real estate market has rebounded rapidly since 2009, and the bank's mortgage business has revived.  According to the newly disclosed data of Shanghai Banking Regulatory Bureau Director Yan, in Shanghai nearly 3 trillion yuan of credit balance, real estate loan has exceeded 700 billion, accounting for up to 23%, of which personal housing loans accounted for up to 60% of real estate loans. I wonder how long this shengjing lasts?  2010, will the bank mortgage business again because of the policy of relapse into crisis?  An interesting news is that in July this year, Hangzhou announced the tightening of "two mortgages"-the purchase of two suites no longer a down payment of 20% and 70 percent of the preferential policies, which is also a source of speculation about the withdrawal of lax policy. "What's going to happen next year is that the task is almost complete this year, so the bank naturally controls more than two housing customers, said the bank," I think before the full recovery of the economy, loose policy should not exit too fast, or once the policy repeatedly depressed market demand, leading to a sharp decline in housing prices, There is a greater threat of bad debts.
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