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Introduction: In function and design, the online less than a week of the "secret" almost copy its American version of the ' master ' Secret, the latter 67 days ago in Silicon Valley, the rapid detonation of the U.S. technology circle in the two days, the domestic science and technology circle turned up a red-hot application, known as ' secret '. This app lets you talk to your friends in your phone book, and friends, anonymous to share their secrets, and get their feedback or praise, in the process, everyone's identity privacy will be strictly protected, no one can ' seat ', unless you voluntarily published some information to their own. In addition, if your ' secret ' is praised by the more people in your circle of friends, the farther it spreads and even jumps out of your circle of friends, the ' secret ' will be tagged with a position tag to the stranger, and the number of the praise will increase. In features and design, the app, which is less than a week on the line, is almost as good as its American version of ' master ' Secret, which was in Silicon Valley 67 days ago, rapidly detonating the American tech circle. In the middle of last month, more than 8.6 million dollars of Angel investment, the current secret of the overall value of more than 40 million U.S. dollars. Supposedly ' anonymous sharing ' is nothing new, it is almost the beginning of the internet has a natural attribute ... So, to tell you the truth, small knitting really notice this is called ' secret ' application, in fact, because the domestic media people to its a disorderly scold crazy spray ... It is said that "there is only gossip, there is no secret", because it encourages the matter: "You do not need to be responsible for what you said." It is said that the ' secret ' encourages personal attacks between people, and in the end anonymity only breeds meanness. Others say that such social tools only pick up the dark side of human nature, and inevitably, it's full of negative energy ... Xiao-bian happened to talk to Secret's CEO face-to-face. Those slanders, rumors, cyber bullying ... are not really insulated from secret. It's just been online for two days, when someone names the path CEO as a jerk, says that path is not far from the death, and someone coined the false rumors of Yelp's takeover of Foursquare, and made the Yelp CEO forced to come out and clarify the truth ... I did not want to blindly "share" the Byttow, but feel the need to be a microphone, to share with you: the "secret" originator of David (Secret CEO) How to look around the rumors of anonymity, and his eyes on the meaning of anonymous sharing? Secret CEO David Byttow, I present the conversation with David. To my intuitive feelings, David is an introverted and sensual technical man who worked as a G engineer at Google and worked as an engineering director at square. He initially created secret just for his own needs, hoping to hear what his friends saw as who he really was. Me: Can you tell me what you did with this secret?? David:secret is a caring online territory: You can share your most authentic thoughts and feelings with your friends without any pressure, and get your honest feedback. You can see a lot of people spontaneously comforting people who are suffering from depression, alcoholism, miscarriage, and so on. No one knows who he is helping, but he helps others out of goodwill. You can see a lot of special ' private ' things in this app, people talk about their personal and puzzles, things they don't even dare to mention to their family or their closest friends. Me: How did you first think of creating secret? David: I started out just to address my needs: I wanted to get some objective feedback from my friends. You know, a lot of companies are getting employees involved in a 360-degree assessment to see what you're seeing in your co-workers. Like that, I want people around me to give me feedback with little fear. So I spent a weekend doing a very simple app: you could use it to send any feedback anonymously to any contact. I found 200 friends to help me test the app. At first it is not a feed application, just a HTC application, is basically a one-to-one anonymous games, mandatory after the reading is burning, and Snapchat almost, but there is no picture only text. We immediately found that this design was accompanied by some problems: some people use it to attack a given object, and many people tired of playing once, this ' feedback game ' is not the long-term needs of everyone. Just that weekend, my girlfriend traveled abroad, and I sent her an anonymous message using this app model. She immediately received an e-mail, the point of view after the words: I love you and I miss you. I love you, I miss you. Simple, not a bit of rendering, after the playback, this message immediately disappeared. My girlfriend immediately called me and said that the dongdong was very sweet and asked if it was my hair, and I gave it up without hesitation (laughter), but it did give me some inspiration. Then think about it, we want secret to be able to release positive meaning to people, so it opens it from one-to-one message application into a feed application, becomes a secret flow, and after everyone sends something, not only friends can see, friends also can see. Me: Good story, thank you for sharing! Supposedly anonymous socializing is already quite crowded, whisper,formspring,askfm ... A bunch of secret, what's so special about it? David: None of them is as beautiful as secret (laughs). We want to do an extremely simple and elegant application. Me: Why does anonymous socializing suddenly fire up in the last two years? David: I don't think ' anonymous ' was on fire for the past two years.. In fact, the Internet has a variety of anonymous services long ago, such as Reddit, you can casually note a book, pick a fun user name, and then anonymously published any remarks, etc., there are many online communities, but also a lot of very active. You know, Facebook and Twitter have become the main platform for people to ' express and share ' in recent years. There was a MySpace before that and Facebook replaced it. The essential logic of such a mainstream social platform is similar: before you can use it, you have to create a profile, enter a recognizable name, upload a photo etc. This is not a bad thing, FB and Twitter have discovered a lot of useful and interesting sharing functions; But any of these shares are accompanied by an ' identity ', which sometimes inevitably creates some burden. Now, it has created some opportunities for anonymous sharing. Me: Can you specifically talk about the benefits of ' anonymous sharing ' behind secret? How can it help everyone? David: I just think it makes sense if we can rule out all resistance and express our true thinking to others. With the internet, we can more and more easily communicate online, but it is difficult to convey feelings. I hope to create such an environment, so that everyone can not be trapped by identity to express their hearts, and do not ask for any return. Imagine that when you send someone a imessage say you love her, you almost expect her to return to you she loves you, or, the other person will feel must return you to love you, otherwise will owe you something. But in the anonymous world of secret, you put the word ' I love you ' out, and it's done, and your goal is simply to get someone to feel an emotion or empathy and let a few words or words help you accomplish this mission. Let me give you an example. My mom also sends photos on Facebook, and sometimes she complains about why I didn't give her a little bit of praise and how little I got. Yesterday, she made a secret on the secret and got a 1400+! This is almost impossible on Facebook because she is not a fan-surrounded star, and the release is only seen by her few FB friends. But in the secret, as long as a ' secret ' enough to impress people, attracted a lot of your friends and friends of friends for it to praise, it will spread more and more distant, and its publishers who have nothing to do with it; This is a cool advantage. Me: There seems to be a trend right now. Many services are dedicated to helping ordinary people who have no right to speak to create opportunities for expression. Does secret also want to create a platform for cool ideas for ordinary people who don't have a lot of Twitter followers and are not public figures? David: You're right, but not quite. I know some of my Twitter followers, millions of celebrities, who told me to speak on these social platforms.When the pressure of Alexander, Time to think about their published content and potential audience feedback, extremely hard, can not express the true feelings of the heart. I hope secret can also solve their difficulties, such as Justin Bieber people can please the heavy ' right to speak ' the shadow, with the expression of the heart of the thoughts and feelings, do not have to worry about every word is upside-down to take to analyze. In addition, there are some people with me ' complain ', they in real life belong to many types of followers, particularly popular, clockwork FB state there are a large pile of threads, but came to secret on the "secret", but no one answered (point of Praise). I straight not Leng Dendi tell them, that is because your secret is not enough to impress people. They are also advised by secret how much of their ' social capital ' (social). First on Twitter to wind up the state, look at tens of thousands of of fans reaction, and then send the same content to secret, to see the anonymous world of feedback, hehe. Me: OK, now talk a little sensitive. There is no doubt that anonymous sharing has also brought some negative things, such as cyber bullying, slander, and so on. After all, in this environment, without the identity of the concern, we need not be responsible for what they say. What do you think of this? Are these phenomena on the secret? This phenomenon is rare in david:secret. At the start of the line, it is true that someone names a few people, but this phenomenon is getting smaller. I would say that unlike most other anonymous services like Whisper, secret is not a public feed, not that anyone can come in and send something, and anyone can comment. Your secret at Secret will initially be presented to your friends and your contacts. In other words, the content on the secret must depend on being recognized (praised by the person you know) to really spread out, which is fundamentally different from other anonymous sharing services because the secret has an organic screen for what can be transmitted. We're not seeing any scale of cyber bullying at the moment. Me: You say so, I still a little not believe. A friend of mine told me that he saw a verbal abuse of an investor in secret this morning. Naming the kind of, and scold very bad, there are a few people at the bottom of the comments said, scolded well ... and, the Path CEO Dave Morin is already known for his secret. I want to know, secret in the end what measures to curb the occurrence of this undesirable phenomenon? David:ok,dave Morin This kind of thing is definitely not the direction that we want to secret development. The whole team is still in the process of perfecting the rules and policies. The existing policy is that as long as two people report a secret, the secret will be automatically shielded, except the publisher, no one can see it;In other words, although the Publisher will not notice any anomalies, but its spread has been curbed, the secret is not likely to receive more praise. At the same time, this secret will enter our audit queue, the staff will personally see the content, decide whether to clear it or give the release. Of course, we hope to give the community the right to control the content as much as possible (community), believing that the collective can make the right judgments about which content is bad, needs to be taken away, feedback to us, and then we help execute it. I think that every secret user has the ownership of this platform, we should take the spirit of Master, and strive to maintain the order in this environment. We don't have to be nice, but we should at least be friendly. Fortunately, we have now seen more and more people are willing to object to the unscrupulous content, the comments to the author said, "You are OK?", "You say so not cool" and so on, or directly to the system report. Me: What happens when someone makes false rumours on the secret? How do we know what's believable? David: I think, over time, the community of Secret (community) will learn autonomously, and the judgment will gradually increase. When false rumors repeatedly, everyone's immunity automatically comes up. At that time, people will judge the quality of the content according to the source of the information, the quantity of praise and so on. I believe it is hard to fail this community.
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