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2011 is the industry's recognized total landing year of cloud computing, whether the government, enterprises have launched their own cloud computing planning. At present, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences, local tax bureau, Library, municipal Party School, municipal research institutes, Normal University and other procurement units of the cloud computing server, Cloud computing Digital resource Service platform, cloud computing basic Network application services, cloud computing virtual Information System installation and services and other government projects have completed the bidding work.

Founder, navigation technology, macro-Xiang Intelligence, gold service information systems integration companies have won the bid, the winning amount from hundreds of thousands of to millions of yuan, the first time to share the cloud of the political feast.

Some of the recent discussions on the landing of cloud computing have focused on the spread and application of cloud computing in government departments. Government departments are not only the most suitable for the promotion and application of cloud computing organizations, but also for the cloud computing industry to provide a powerful leap-forward development.

Through the government funds vigorously cultivate cloud computing technology service providers, to encourage the adoption of independent and controllable cloud computing products and solutions to build financial, trade, logistics, culture and other fields of cloud computing Services demonstration Platform to guide the Government, enterprises and institutions and residents to use public cloud computing services. Promote domestic IT vendors to the cloud computing base cluster. At the same time, emancipate the mind, advance with the times to adopt cloud computing model to create or transform information system, reduce information construction and operation maintenance costs, improve the use efficiency of information resources. E-Government, education, medical, industrial and other fields are encouraged to build a model-based information system of cloud computing.

Now the industry has a large number of enterprises according to their own characteristics of the introduction of different levels of programs, there are infrastructure tiers for providing computing, storage, bandwidth, and so on-demand cloud infrastructure services, while others focus on providing an application layer for the interface and software operating environment for application development. At present, China has basically formed a hundred-cloud-qi industrial ecosystem, in the future through government procurement, cloud computing industry will pass through thorns, into a smooth road.

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