Shanghai tightens cloud computing Enterprise standard: Keep in troubled waters

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Aviation Shanghai reported that cloud computing "vinegar" or more difficult to "sell dog meat".  Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission concerned People recently told reporters, in order to standardize the development of Shanghai Cloud computing industry, Shanghai is "in a very busy setting the standards of cloud computing"-which is the standard of the cloud computing enterprises have been issued. "We have a narrow recognition standard for cloud computing companies," he said.  "This means that a group of companies wearing cloud-computing hats and cloud computing will be excluded from the new standards," said a shanghai-based official who took part in the cloud computing standards.  Since the cloud computing standard is too vague, many plausible cloud computing companies are scrambling to put on cloud computing hats for support. Cloud computing in troubled waters some cloud computing operations center lack of business model, some even do not pay the electricity bill in the industrial upgrading of the horn, cloud computing has become a favorite of many local governments in recent years.  Take Shanghai As an example, August 17, 2010, Shanghai issued a support cloud computing industry development of the "Sea of Clouds Plan", proposed 3 years to cultivate 10 in the domestic operating income of more than billion cloud computing enterprises, to promote hundreds of software and information services enterprises to the cloud computing services transformation, driving the information services industry to add hundreds of billions  To support this plan, Shanghai took out the strength of the cloud computing enterprises to support, whether it is the municipal finance or all levels of regional finance, have a certain amount of funds, supporting the cloud computing enterprises. "The uniformity of cloud computing standards has a big impact on the actual progress of the work," he said.  "The government first needs to figure out what cloud computing companies are," says Xu Yi, a minister of cooperation and Development at the Shanghai Software Promotion Center, but it's hard to say in real life.  At present, there are no more than 20 definitions of cloud computing in China, for example, whether Internet services such as Weibo or social networks can be included in the "Cloud computing" category, experts from different fields have yet to agree. In recent years, cloud computing in the Amazon, Google, IBM and other international well-known enterprises under the hype, has been identified as a new round of it upsurge, and even experts to define cloud computing as the mainframe, PC, the Internet after the fourth time it Industrial revolution.  But at home, cloud computing has been interpreted as part of a new round of local government performance tools, many places in the country have proposed large-scale cloud computing planning. According to industry insiders, the current domestic some so-called cloud computing operations center lack of business model, and some even the electricity costs are not back, and some of the so-called cloud computing projects circled large tracts of land, evolved into a disguised real estate projects.  And some big multinational firms are touting the benefits of cloud computing and selling their expensive hardware.  The country's already-built cloud computing centers are dominated by the government, often building new land or buying piles of hardware. In addition, some companies that have little to do with cloud computing often scramble to put on cloud-computing hats in exchange for government support, or to wrap themselves up as cloud companies, some of which are less connected to cloud computing.Party investment to attract the "sweet meat and potatoes."  After the introduction of new standards for tightening standards in Shanghai, most Web2.0 companies will no longer be seen as a cloud-computing enterprise in the current domestic cloud computing chaos and the industry on the cloud computing standards are not unified direct link-some local governments in order to pursue their achievements, often put some not cloud computing enterprises into the value of cloud computing  This reporter learned that, in order to solve the current cloud computing field of "trickery" phenomenon, Shanghai is taking the lead in the implementation of cloud computing standards of the new work, the Shanghai Economic Information Committee has recently identified a number of cloud computing enterprises to determine the major standards.  Reporter in Shanghai Yangpu District has issued a "cloud computing enterprise Application form" See, want to declare cloud computing enterprises need to fill in very detailed explanatory material-for example, must fill in the enterprise developed or adopted the key cloud computing technology. An official who participates in the standard's identification, for example, after the introduction of new standards, most Web2.0 enterprises will no longer be considered as cloud computing enterprises, because many web2.0 enterprises do not meet the requirements of cloud computing demand-free pay, data privacy requirements, and users of their own platform for the incremental value is not obvious.  In addition, many and cloud computing edge but they are not the core of cloud computing enterprises, will not be identified as cloud computing enterprises.  The standard will be published in the industry standard way, after the pilot, and then into local standards, the specific way is now the most concentrated in Shanghai cloud computing Enterprises Yangpu District pilot, and then pushed away from the city.  The officials said the decision was not a market-access determination, but rather a qualification for markets, intended to express the Government's determination to standardize cloud computing development.  Shanghai's other standards for cloud computing are also being developed in the wake of the standard of Shanghai's cloud computing industry.  Xu Yi told reporters that at present, Shanghai is a grand, century interconnection, Shanghai Telecom, East China Computer and other large enterprises under the leadership of a number of local cloud computing standards, such as the mutual migration between virtual machines. Shanghai trillion people Cloud Computing Technology Co., Ltd., vice president of Leizhou to the reporter cited, cloud computing lacks a unified standard for enterprises to bring a lot of inconvenience, "it is like a few people sitting together playing mahjong, some people want to play in Sichuan Mahjong, some people want to play Shanghai Mahjong, because the standard is not uniform, we always play together."  The company joined the Sea of clouds in Shanghai and is currently participating in the development of the national and Shanghai Cloud computing standards. As standards are not uniform, there is still a lot of uncertainty about entering the "public cloud" service, so companies like them will be more focused on the "private Cloud", which is helping some mines develop private cloud based on the internet of things. "As an enterprise, we can't afford to wait, even if the cloud computing standards have not come out, we have to do business first." "Leizhou said.
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