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Beijing time April 19 Morning news, Touch-control technology (rolling information) today submitted an IPO (initial public offering) F-1 documents. The paper publishes the distribution of equity before the touch-tech IPO.

F-1 documents show that, from the company executives and directors personally, Touch Technology CEO Chenhao Zhi holds 22.5 million common shares, the proportion of 15.5%;coo Liu Guanqun held 22.5 million common shares, the proportion of 15.5%, Jiang Hao days holding 34260743 common shares, the proportion of 23.7 %;yan Zhengren holds 18278541 common shares, with a stake of 12.6%;lee of 18085593 shares and a 12.5% per cent stake.

From institutional shareholders and stock-selling shareholders, Chenhao-Directouch group 2¥q, a wholly-owned British Virgin Islands Company, holds 22.5 million common shares, with a stake of 15.5% per cent; Liu Guanqun wholly-owned British Virgin Islands company Directouch Development Group 2¥q holds 22.5 million common shares, with a stake of 15.5% per cent, with 34260743 shares in Northern Lights and 23.7% per cent, with 18278541 shares held at 12.6% GGV Capital holds 18085593 common shares, with a shareholding of 12.5%, and Sequoia Capital holds 12941173 common shares, with a stake of 7.7%;brightfish investment holding 11159948 Common shares and a stake of 7.7% per cent.

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