Shoe Pack Electric Quotient app evaluation: Startup time is longer than electrical quotient average

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"Http://" > Billion power Network news, March 29, billion Bang Power network and mobile app automation real-machine cloud test Platform Testin 8 shoe-Bag electric dealer's mobile application has carried on the compatibility, the start-up time consuming, the CPU consumes, the memory occupation and so on four dimensions test.

The test results showed that the average start-up time of eight electric dealers was up to 2.8s, which was much higher than the industry average. Among them, the Lok Tao network app average start-up time is the longest, up to 9.04s, good fun to buy app average start-up time is also up to 5.1s.

According to Testin last August, the test results of many of the domestic manufacturers app, the Electric Business enterprise Android app application startup time average level of 1.46s. Recent billion Bang power network combined with testin for women, Express, group purchase app do test results show that the average start-up time of the three types of app is 1.06s, 1.59s and 1.72s, are far higher than the shoe-bag type of electric business.

From the mobile application Compatibility View, eight shoe pack electric quotient app's compatibility basically is above 88%, the compatibility lowest is the Cool Sports Mall app, the compatibility degree is 68.54%, the highest is the Amoy app, the compatibility degree is 95.52%.

Memory footprint, eight of the app's memory footprint is within 20M, the average footprint of 16.31M. The average occupancy value of the largest is good music buy, about 21M; the average occupancy value is the lowest of the wheat bag, about 12.7M.

CPU occupancy, the name of the app's occupancy rate of the lowest, nearly 0.05%, Cool sports Mall app occupancy rate of the highest, up to 16.11%.

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