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In a capital frenzy that sometimes makes people lose their ideals, everyone dreams of becoming the next "Groupon" or "Amazon", by constantly waving their hands on a lot of money into a huge amount of advertising, in exchange for speed ahead, the size of the lead, E-commerce industry has become China's most money industry, short of passion, To analyze how to allow the current through a large amount of money to temporarily in the speed and size of the lead to maintain, how to precipitate down to become loyal users.

Have asked other electric business, E-commerce site The most important advantage is what? The answer is "traffic"? Ask, why China's largest in the flow of Baidu has the "ah" operating three not like, to finally have to transition. If the flow is the core of E-commerce, I believe Baidu has the ability to "have ah" to build beyond Taobao, beyond the racket to become China's largest e-commerce platform. But on the contrary, "yes" at the beginning of the establishment of a passive everywhere, so that Baidu has to comb their own e-commerce strategic positioning. So, traffic is not the core E-commerce site, or Jingdong Mall, where the goods, when the affirmation but Tencent, Sina, NetEase, Sohu, such as the original will be prepared giant traffic portal, they will not only be willing to serve as the role of the media.

If the "Flow theory" is eliminated, someone immediately thinks of the user. The more users, the more potential shoppers. Therefore, the user base has become one of the most core advantages of E-commerce Web site another explanation. Although there is some truth, but personally think is not the core. If the number of users is the core advantage, then, why Tencent Pat willing to become the millennium second, Taobao has been pressed, and with Taobao distance is not gradually in the pull small, but constantly in the pull. If the user base is the most important, with Tencent more than 900 million users, can easily beat Taobao, Pat also should be taken for granted, E-commerce industry leader, but otherwise, is it just Taobao than Pat first into the market reason? Or that the market first recognized Taobao? Obviously are not, then, the traffic and user base is not the reason why E-commerce sites cannot be replicated, what is the core soul of E-commerce site?

If the success of Mr. Tang Jun can be replicated, then Jingdong Liu Success, where the customer aged success, when guoqing success is not also can be replicated. If success can be replicated, why the huge Chinese market only one Jingdong, a van, a when, and even only one Taobao. Hand-held a large number of capital VCs and capitalists can recklessly squander money to buy the flow of users, is not a night can be rebuilt a Beijing-east, to rebuild a van, to recreate a Taobao. If so, believe that Ma Yun can not sleep at night. Obviously, the success of E-commerce is not replicable, every successful E-commerce site must have their own protective film, this layer of protective film on the purchase of E-commerce enterprises can not be copied advantage. What is this protective coating? is a website shopping atmosphere, this is no way to copy.

See Taobao elevator high heels advertising people to Taobao advertising words are impressive, "no one on the street, does not mean no one shopping", which "stroll" word is to highlight the strong shopping atmosphere Taobao. Through the "stroll" highlighting the number of its users, commodity varieties, business size and users in Taobao shopping to enjoy the fun. It is because of the good shopping atmosphere, so that more and more users Taobao Street, while other platforms less users. Moreover, users have a herd mentality, especially Chinese users, to promote the popularity of Taobao more and more prosperous. This can also explain the Chinese Treasury purchase site has been modified to buy the number of reasons, is to let everyone feel strong shopping atmosphere, and shopping atmosphere is not there is traffic, users can immediately form. The need for cultural precipitation, the need to cultivate users and markets, users need word-of-mouth communication and good user experience, these are not money can be. This is why Taobao, Jingdong, where customer prudential products their success can not reproduce the reason. Even if you let a group of people to recreate a treasure, it is impossible to have Taobao success.

On the road to Success E-commerce site, in addition to continuously enhance the site visibility, traffic and user size based on the need to consider whether others can immediately copy us, our advantage in there? This is what I am doing green Mango Travel Network has been considering the problem, business model of the lead is I can not reproduce the advantage? China is not as good as the United States to enact laws to protect the patent strictly, the giant wave cheque can immediately overtake me? I think my answer is no, because I set up that kind of strong shopping atmosphere, they have not yet been able to replicate it? This is the core advantage.

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