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Yesterday, the Beijing Morning News received a number of investors, said November 18, a "Rongjin cast" Peer-to-peer Network loan platform on line, only one day suddenly closed, the investment funds are also played water drift. Reporter learned that the platform with a generous return as bait, one day there are dozens of investors across the country remittance transfer, there are already investors to the local police department. Http:// "> Industry insiders remind: investment needs rational.

Advertised a 20%-year gain

Investors Miss Dong told reporters that she was in an investment forum on November 17 to see a "Beijing Rongjin commissioning Operation Online" post, the rich income attracted her attention. "The post has their company's real photos, it seems to be very formal company, I added their company's an investment QQ group, to understand the details." ”

Miss said that the other side said to invest in their net loan products, the annual yield can reach 20%, in addition to 0.8% of the additional incentive to open the account also sent 20 yuan. November 18, she went through the company's website to recharge 5000 yuan, investment in a one-month period of "month standard" products.

"Unexpectedly the next day that QQ group suddenly dissolved." I see the situation is not good hurry to the website to raise money, the results of the site can not open, and then call Customer service Phone no one answered. Miss Dong realized that she had been cheated.

And Miss's encounter is the same, investors Mr. Wang also in the "Rongjin cast" investment 10,000 yuan net loan products. "I have heard of similar peer-to-peer network lending platform to run things, but how did not think they only on-line one day to close the door!" ”

Reporter learned that at present, there are dozens of investors all over the country have bought "Rongjin investment" net loan products, a small investment of thousands of yuan, many tens of thousands of dollars.

False Office Location

Reporters log on to the company's website, found that the page is still unable to open, and customer service hotline is also in a suspended service status. Reporters noted that "Rongjin" in the forum posted posts, claiming that the office is located in Fengtai District State Investment Plaza, building 11 floor 6th. Then the reporter went to this address to look for "Rongjin investment" company. However, the office of the front desk staff said that the 11 floor of the building has not been leased, is still vacant state, after inquiries, the building has not entered the company.

Reporter also through the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce website inquires to the company telephone, get through, the reporter said to find the company in charge, the other party immediately hung up the phone, again dialed has been engaged in the state.

Investors to provide a screenshot of the Web site, the reporter saw that the cumulative financing of 215000 yuan. At present, investors to the location of the police department, has not been processed results.

Morning paper 96101 Live news

Reporter Huangxiaoyu

Clue: Mr. Chen

Industry Reminders

Four points to assess investment risk

Insiders Dong Yubin said investors should evaluate the Peer-to-peer platform from the following four aspects. First of all, it is important to assess the wind control capability of the platform. Second, to understand the background of the platform, whether the registered capital is strong, whether there are banking professional wind control. Once again to understand the company's management team, whether the financial background and Internet experience. Finally, to understand the bad debt rate, generally choose a low bad debt rate Peer-to-peer platform.

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