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Summary: After Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkov went to China to put out the fire, Microsoft CEO Satiana Della, who is also mired in antitrust investigations in China, began his first visit to China yesterday. Yesterday, Nadra said after a speech at Tsinghua University that Microsoft would follow the first visit to China by Microsoft CEO Satia Nadra, who was also embroiled in an antitrust investigation in China, after the

Steve Mollenkov to China. Yesterday, Nadra said after a speech at Tsinghua University that Microsoft would abide by local laws and would continue to work with local authorities.

to showcase Microsoft's "change" stance

The recent antitrust investigation in China by Microsoft. On the other hand, Microsoft's "veteran", Microsoft Asia-Pacific Research and Development Group chairman Zhang also announced his resignation this month. Sources say Zhang's departure has much to do with Microsoft's strained relationship with the government in China.

According to a Reuters report, Microsoft CEO Barnard's visit to China will serve as a "fire Captain", in which the Chinese government negotiated the antitrust investigation of Microsoft in the near future to try to ease tensions over antitrust issues. The

has repeatedly emphasized the topic of innovation

The Nadra, who was born in India, officially became the third CEO in Microsoft's history in February this year. After taking office, Microsoft began a series of positive changes, such as the introduction of many Microsoft products across the platform, Windows licensing for specific devices to start free.

Yesterday, Nadra stressed the topic of "Innovation in China" and praised Microsoft's innovation in small ice. Nadra's move suggests that it is the most important thing for Microsoft under his leadership to be able to touch and even recruit more innovation. China for Microsoft is not only a market, but more important is the source of global innovation.

says Microsoft will work with the government

It is unclear whether Nadra will visit the State Administration of commerce or explain some issues to the department. Microsoft declined to disclose other itinerary plans for Nadra in China except for the two public events of yesterday.

Nadra, who accepted the Beijing News reporter's question yesterday, said that Microsoft's most important success was "creating value", but the process could not have been smooth. Microsoft's "attitude" is to insist on making contributions to the world. Microsoft will comply with local laws and continue to work with local authorities. Microsoft will follow the same rules in the United States and China to ensure that Microsoft can provide users with products.

I am proud of what Microsoft has done and how we have handled these issues. "Nadra said. The

is expected to continue to increase investment in the Chinese market, and China will be an important part of Microsoft's transformation.
br>, director of the State administration of industry and Commerce Zhang August 26 in the new state conference revealed that Microsoft suspected of Windows and Office software related information is not fully disclosed, in the release of the player and browser problems, the current anti-monopoly investigation against Microsoft is deepening, The State Administration of industry and Commerce in China will announce the periodical results to the society in time. The Microsoft investigation is still inconclusive, so whether Microsoft will step in the footsteps of the Chinese car companies and Qualcomm, there is no result.

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