Shun Fung Express was exposed to enter the field of electrical business "shun Fung optimization" or next month on-line

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According to the users of the material, Shun Fung's electric business site-"" > Shun Fung Optimization "June 1 will be officially on line, focus on high-end food, high-end customer service."

Online Search "Shun Fung optimization", showing that it is "Shun Fung Express Group", "engaged in imported food and fruit wine and other goods distribution", the warehouse in Beijing Shunyi Airport Logistics Park. Recruitment site also has shun Fung preferred to send the recruitment.

Shun Fung into the power of the rumors of the origin of long, before there have been reported that Shun Fung's high-end electric business platform "ceremony" site has entered the beta stage.

Shun Fung not only has the advantages of courier, but also has its own payment license. As early as 2010, Shun Fung on the attempt to launch the "Shun Fung e Business Circle" flagship "healthy living online shopping." However, since the project has not been widely promoted in the mainland, it is less well known and is currently operating only in Hong Kong, mainly selling organic vegetables and other foods.

And 2011, Shun Fung also through the CEO Wei holding company Shenzhen Thai Sea investment to obtain Third-party payment license. To become a third party to pay the licence of another logistics enterprise.

Express companies and electric dealers have been mutual support and mutual opponents, are carefully entered each other's territory. Alibaba has also invested in express enterprise Morningstar urgent 70 million yuan, but later rumors have closed. And Express also has been hoping to rely on their own logistics advantages to enter the electricity business.

Have the industry analysis, Express and electrical business between the two or insiders, operation mode and thinking, talent and team are very different, in the Chinese enterprises are big want to take all, but the real implementation, in addition to the operation and team issues, internal resources how to allocate, whether to achieve the integration of the purpose of borrowing, there are big questions. And these two industries have a strong competitor, rushed into, two-sided combat, it is likely that the end is to expand the cost, rather than the dream of all.

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