Shun Fung Online "unmanned aircraft delivery" netizens call the aircraft straight

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Figure: Shun Fung in the "unmanned aircraft delivery." & ">nbsp

                                                                      & nbsp;             map: Shun Fung with unmanned aircraft delivery courier.                                     & nbsp;                                     & nbsp;             September 2 News, recently completed the first round of financing Fong recently was exposed to a "unmanned aircraft Express", through the low-altitude aircraft to carry parcels, automatic delivery destinations, The main purpose is to solve the problem of distribution in remote areas.
Shun Fung Express insiders to the billion power network to confirm, has been in the local area of unmanned aircraft distribution methods conducted an internal trial run, the test site in Guangdong Dongguan Songshan Lake area. According to his introduction, the unmanned aerial vehicles by Shun Fung Independent research and development, flying altitude of about 100 meters, the machine built-in navigation system. The staff set the destination and route in advance, the vehicle will automatically arrive at the destination, the position error can be controlled within 2 meters. The
billion Bang power network from the Shun Fung UAV photos learned that the aircraft for the black device, driven by eight propellers flying, under the pallet to carry the cargo.
Shun Fung will consider using unmanned aerial vehicles for delivery in remote areas to improve distribution efficiency and reduce labor costs, the sources said. However, for the machine's carrying weight, such as detailed parameter information, the other side said temporarily inconvenient to open. He introduced the results from internal tests toLook, shun Fung UAV in safety and accuracy of the full compliance with research and development expectations.
According to billion power network to understand that the Shanghai region has been a commercial enterprise using aircraft distribution cake by the security of the question. Media reports said that for this type of unmanned commercial aircraft currently there is no relevant prohibition regulations, the current China's "Unmanned Aircraft flight management regulations" are being enacted, or the use of such artificial remote control aircraft for the commercial implementation of the corresponding provisions. From the security aspect, Shun Fung's "aircraft distributor" in the specific implementation of the region, the number of operations are still waiting to see.

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