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Sina quietly on the line based on Sina Weibo group buy navigation website "micro-group" ( Users can subscribe by selecting a subscription area and sorting, choosing a price, a website, and a keyword.

At present, the micro-group has included 58 groups, the group Bao Net, the United States network, 24 coupons, handle nets, glutinous rice Regiment, the mass comment group, seated Nets, group buy Wang, together, Sina Group, F Group, tick group, such as a number of group buy site content.

Group 800 and other group buy navigation sites, Sina Micro Group more social, and Sina Weibo close combination, with "friends dynamic", "micro-group community", "shopping desire" and other channels.

Friends dynamic page, you can show the Micro Bo Friends Group buy share, Buy collection, group purchase wishes, subscribe to buy, Sun Group and other information; micro-group community, there are preferential hot discussion area, second-hand transfer area, drying group experience area, user complaints and other sections; users can also forward interested in the micro-group wishes, the micro-group will periodically select the most users to forward the wish, Help everyone to achieve.

The micro-group also opened the Calculus function, through sharing, invitation, comment, collection, subscription, drying orders, purchase and so on to obtain different amounts of points, using calculus can buy the Calculus mall merchandise, change coupons and so on.

At present, group buy Navigation website has Regiment 800, 360 group buying navigation, good 123 group buying navigation and so on. February 23, 360 announced the launch of "group buy Open Platform", 360 to buy the site to transport traffic, resulting from the transaction, both sides share the benefits.

The current group buying industry presents the situation of thousands of wars. Prior to this, Sina has an independent group purchase site Sina Group, the content of the purchase involved catering, leisure, education, fitness, air tickets, train tickets and so on.

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