Sina Micro-wealth launched the "Platinum enjoy" hotel financial products

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Alternative Investment financial products to the Internet financial market. It is reported that today, Sina's Internet Financial management platform micro-wealth and Platinum hotel to launch the "Platinum enjoy" hotel financial products, led by the hotel industry Internet financial products.

It is revealed that the micro-wealth is ready to launch a series of alternative investment in financial products, hotel-type financial products is one. "Micro-wealth at present, including funds, bills, in-kind repurchase, Peer-to-peer, supply chain finance, etc., will also cover the insurance, public financing and other categories, in addition to the introduction of aloes, diamonds, gold, stocks, housing, cars and other alternative investment. ”

The main position of internet finance shifted, in addition to investment target, from the time limit, also from the Internet Money Fund "baby" type of cash management investment into the line on the regular financial investment, the average income level of about 8%. The "Platinum enjoy" the first line of two financial products, product a raise amount of 7.77 million, the term 3 months, the expected annual return rate of 8.8% for the platinum-Tao's 7-day hotel quality promotion; product B raise the amount of 2.22 million, the period of 12 months, expected annual yield of 10%, for the Platinum Tao under the Mora Coffee Project.

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