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February 19 Morning News, the main Street network CEO Xiujuan yesterday in the Sina Science and Technology annual ranking awards site to receive an interview, said that the best time for social networking is coming, LinkedIn choice at this time is a good testimony or an opportunity, 2014 or will become China's year of professional social intercourse.

"Today's big environment, disruptive innovation is never honest waiting to fight with you, he is looking for such a time or break through the breakthrough, recruitment industry is the same." Xiujuan said that with the development of micro-blogging, micro-credit and other social tools, the natural advantage of social recruitment is gradually recognized, the great advantages of the professional social field has also made the traditional network recruitment field surging, our street network to do is to choose such a breakthrough opportunity.

Talking about the evaluation of the mobile Internet over the past year, Xiujuan said that the era of mobile interconnection has come when Baidu's 1.9 billion dollar record acquisition, the big heat of mobile games, and the large force of micro-letters. And the street network has always attached great importance to the mobile field, 2013 increased the input and layout of wireless, the recent street network of several heavyweight mobile end products will be available in succession.

"In the future, the Internet thinking or will be from the traditional science and technology field to the peak of the industry change, internet thinking will be the mainstream driving force for future development." Traditional industries may need to change, otherwise in the face of Internet-style innovation and services, many industries will suffer. He said at last.

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