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Many consumers enter the retailer's Web site directly, always mistakenly spell the domain name. In fact, the usual domain names of 25 top retailers ' websites have been misspelled, bringing more than 90 million visitors a year to sites like domain names, Fairwinds, a consultancy, said >partners.

The most extreme example is the website, which is a version of a site that has more than 10 million visits a year, Fairwinds said. A blank page is seen after the visitor logs on to the But the usual misspellings of many of the most important retailers ' websites have allowed web companies with similar domain names to benefit from misguided traffic. The Fairwinds company called this practice: mistakenly planted the domain name.

Those pages usually contain paid search ads, and search engines may place legitimate retailer ads on those pages. If the consumer clicks on the ad, retailers need to pay a click fee for the traffic, but if the retailer has the domain name, it will not have to pay for it, and it will be free to direct consumers to their business again, Fairwinds recently reported (the report discusses Internet domain names and trademark matters).

Fairwinds A study of 2,675 domain names with only one letter to the domain names of 25 important retailers, which have been given a certain amount of traffic. The good news for retailers is that only 25 of those domain names occupy 71.3% of the more than 90 million traffic.

The results suggest that retailers will be able to get a lot of traffic from the wrong sites by only having a small number of similar domain names. "With the right analysis, they can draw the wrong spelling of the most common domain names that get the maximum flow, and focus on recycling those domain names," Fairwinds in his report, saying, "Most of the 820.html we study > Network retailers just need to do some strategic recycling, Can reduce the level of flow loss. ”

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