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Abstract: Latent combustion hidden trouble domestic brands after the maintenance of the difficult to go to the toilet can have many happy? If you've had a trip to Japan, you might be a big fan of smart toilets. Warm, soft and comfortable seat for you to bring with the usual different toilet sense, for female

"Spontaneous combustion" hidden dangers of domestic brands after the sale of maintenance difficult

How happy can you go to the bathroom? If you have a trip to Japan, you may become a super fan of the smart toilet. Warm, soft and comfortable seat for you to bring with the usual different toilet feeling, for female friends, warm seat is more intimate feeling. Some data show that more than 40% of the people in our country suffer from anus disease, this phenomenon in the use of irrigation in the advanced countries will improve, and clinical trials found that in Japan and other smart toilets more popular countries, the incidence of uterine cancer in women also decreased.

With the continuous improvement of the urban white-collar's pursuit of life, the intelligent toilet gradually comes into our field of vision. However, the intelligent toilet technology threshold is higher, and relative to foreign intelligent technology, domestic product quality is still behind a lot of, and in the use, after-sale and so on have many inconvenience.

Domestic intelligent toilet chip from abroad

At present, most of the basic functions of intelligent toilets include "buttocks clean", "lower body purity", "seat ring insulation" and "Wen Feng drying" and so on, but also with "deodorization", "slow down the cover plate", "induction flushing", "lighting" and other additional functions, the toilet of the height of ergonomic design, can better care for users of the cervical spine, knee , shoulders, even if sedentary can maintain comfort. Among them, at present some brands of "intelligent toilet" with "mixed-gas-type warm water wash", can wash sanitary paper cannot wipe dirt, reduce the occurrence of anus disease, and for environmentalists, also reduce the use of toilet paper.

It is understood that China's intelligent toilet chip mainly from the Japanese, Korea, Germany and other countries, the traditional sanitary brand Wrigley, TOTO, Kohler, Dongpeng, etc. have launched the intelligent toilet, recently the major home appliances stores and supermarkets have also expanded the proportion of intelligent toilet sales, online sales are diverse, the price of 500 yuan ~ 50,000 Yuan, Spreads up to 100 times times. However, the reporter found that most consumers, although the intelligent toilet is very interested to understand, but also know very little, do not understand the choice, "dozens of brands mixed with Chinese, foreign language, it is difficult to distinguish between imports or domestic, huge price difference is that people can not choose." ”

China's intelligent toilet industry is currently implementing the toilet, the national standard of pneumatic toilets and the industry standards of "smart cover", however, the intelligent toilet is to be divided into two parts to detect, including the upper part of the "home appliances" and the lower part of the "Ceramic Sanitary ware", the unified intelligent toilet industry standards have not been formed, To consumers of the purchase and after-sales service caused a little trouble.

Bad quality is apt to spoil

The comfort of the "smart toilet" is certainly a good one, but it can be daunting if it is easily broken and difficult to repair. Mr. Liu, who lives in Guangdong, has spent more than 3,000 yuan to buy a smart toilet, I did not think one day this intelligent toilet unexpectedly exploded, toilet seat cushion, lid and base are made of high polymer plastic, at high temperature combustion under the formation of very fine black dust, with the smoke drift, and adhesion and penetrating force are very strong, To Mr. Liu caused nearly 300,000 yuan loss.

"Smart toilets" can be so dangerous? Because of the need for water and seat heating, drying and other functions, intelligent toilets have power devices, it is best to ensure that the use of dry environment, but the toilet is often the most difficult to waterproof the home, so before the installation should be carefully considered. Experts say that causes the intelligent toilet spontaneous combustion causes mainly has 3 kinds: The water temperature detector failure, causes the unceasing automatic heating, the internal line short circuit, the ground wire, 0 lines, the FireWire line installation is not in place. Therefore, consumers must pay attention to the selection of products are used to add flame retardant materials, to prevent accidents caused by fire and other accidents occur.

In addition, the different use of the environment, the use of habits will also affect the safety of the toilet can have different degrees of impact. "If the product for a long time does not have been connected to the power supply, often shock or beat, it is easy to leakage, short-circuit phenomenon." If not used for a long time, the power should be cut off and the water in the tank should be exhausted. ”

Repair: There may not be any immediate parts

In the purchase process, the industry to remind consumers to pay attention to the following three functions: first of all, the safety protection of all aspects is very important, such as water heating automatic power off, seat ring heating automatic protection, warm air drying automatic power protection. In addition also need to consider "sedentary automatic cooling" to prevent skin burns, the water temperature more than 45° is the whistle and stop cleaning, once the wind temperature over 55° that is the whistle and stop drying. Computer board is the core part of the intelligent toilet, transformers, electric wire, circuit board, temperature probes, etc. once damaged, may cause the motherboard short-circuit.

It is understood that the intelligent toilet in China is still in the initial stage, because of the complex function, the probability of the toilet damage is also increased, the use of often will appear in need of maintenance problems, some brands of repair even up to more than 10%.

China Intelligent Toilet Industry association experts reminded that consumers do not light map cheap, "The normal price of smart toilets at least 4000 yuan, but such as app remote control, remote control control, radio, background music and other functions are more fancy, do not have to spend money." ”

It is understood that, from the current market situation, the vast majority of intelligent toilets encountered need to repair, consumers can not repair themselves, and because of the lack of uniform standards, parts are not universal, many intelligent toilet problems cannot be resolved immediately.

Members of the public have encountered such problems, after the maintenance of the sale of staff said: "The core of the computer board is imported, the domestic only responsible for assembly, there are problems can only be sent to repair abroad." ”

Attention: Water quality and nozzle disinfection

As for consumers concerned about whether the intelligent toilet power consumption and cleaning the water quality problems, the reporter interviewed the relevant industry, it said, the intelligent toilet is not very power consumption, some energy-saving products in the more than 10 seconds of cleaning only 0.02 degrees of electricity generated.

However, the industry said that the health of intelligent toilets is the key. It is understood that most of the domestic toilet water is the same as tap water, but some areas began to use "medium water" as toilet flushing water. "Reclaimed water" belongs to the recycling of "household clean use of water", can only be used for flushing toilets and mopping the ground, if used to flush the body is not safe and sanitary. In addition, water that is repeatedly heated in the tank can also produce nitrates and bacteria.

Therefore, in the selection must pay attention to whether the intelligent toilet water filtration system, but also pay attention to the cleaning of the nozzle. Cheap smart toilets may use stainless steel nozzles, while relatively high end may use a medical nano-silver nozzle, combined with a UV disinfection system for self-purification.

From the cleaning and drying function of the use of the effect, some intelligent toilet users said, "The flow of water is not allowed, and spray-like, directly wet the majority of trousers." "" Dry every time feel not thorough, a few minutes are blown dry, after each use of toilet paper dry. ”

"Smart toilet" to provoke hackers

According to foreign media reports, a few days ago, "smart toilet" has become a new target hacker. Trustwave, an enterprise data security company in Chicago, has successfully invaded a brand of smart toilets. Hackers can control the toilet arbitrarily, its repeated scouring, waste a lot of water, so that users suffer economic losses. In addition, the attacker can control the opening and closing of the toilet seat, activate the bath or Air-dry function, the user into embarrassment and dilemma.

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