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We are doing site optimization, often from the big side, I think or to start from the site optimization, sometimes the details will determine success or failure, then the details of the site needs to pay attention to those points?
1, url normalization processing
URL normalization refers to our web site there is no unity, if the URL does not unify the weight of our site is not concentrated, is not conducive to the 8612.html "Ranking of > Websites.
such as static Web site is not unified, generally with the same, are belong to the dynamic path, search engine is able to crawl dynamic path, but
is too long words may give up crawl, then how do we solve?
generally through pseudo static settings, we want to set the complete pseudo static
state. For example, Baidu to such a path/?cat=2 crawl will be normal, like this? Mod=viewthreadtid=17493page=4#lastpost May
will give up, so we should not be as short as possible, so conducive to Baidu crawl.
as we commonly used DZ forum, there are pseudo static rules, set us through the robots to screen dynamic, so that the site's weight of the
Disallow:/*? *
like my blog WordPress's pseudo static used the following rules/%ctegory%/%postname%.html,/%ctegory%/%post_id%.html,/%postname%.html
/%post _id%.html can optionally choose pseudo static
2, breadcrumbs
He is able to tell the user where you are, you can shorten the user's click, let him quickly find his desired content. If the user in the site can not find their own exports, very confused, then he will leave this site, while the breadcrumb navigation will also increase the site's Nellian. Conducive to the optimization of the site.
3, code compatibility issues
Many sites will encounter the Web site in the browser incompatible issues, and some will be misplaced, which is detrimental to the user experience. The user looks uncomfortable and is likely to leave. Code compatibility issues, especially IE6.
4. All-site links
As others to you add is the link, you add to others is the whole station link, you have a bit of a loss, then your every page will give people a link
5. Boilerplate text
is the text that appears on every page, which increases the repetition of each page of the site, To avoid such a situation.
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