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Previously invited Alibaba Group to do a "social network and business" exchange, and ultimately from the social network phenomenon, network sociology, social E-commerce and other issues to explain. The Internet business model is three levels, the bottom is product-centric, second is platform-centric, and the highest level is community-centric

The revolution brought about by social networks is illustrated by the naming: in inefficient market economies, ownership and control are concentrated, but in an efficient market economy, information is open and control is marginalized. The declining fate of the intermediary

With the deepening of social networks, the sociology of the Internet will become more important. Before the 1.0 times Sina, Sohu, NetEase as the platform of Information announcement, the significance of network sociology is not obvious, but at that time can be revealed from the BBS network environment for research on the significance of Internet users behavior.

The real charm of the internet is not its novelty, its ornate interface or its advanced technology. The glamour of the internet is a atavistic retreat back to the scenes that prehistoric humans had in their stories: The Bazaar was the center of civilization, a place where traders brought together exotic spices, silks, monkeys and wonderful stories from distant continents. The internet is actually an ancient market

Sociologist Mark Granovetter is also powerful in observing weak connections. Our nodding acquaintance, not our friends, is the greatest source of new ideas and information. The internet, with its extraordinary efficacy, enables us to harness the power of this distant connection. Social media can do pretty well in innovation diffusion, interdisciplinary collaboration, matching buyers and sellers, and dealing with dating-related trivia.

Social networking will change the existing business model: to build e-commerce on social networks? Or is e-commerce a combination of socialization? In fact, both are big, the future of integration, the pattern also depends on both sides of the game.

Facebook is ready to turn 500 million users into online shoppers. Facebook recently invited a number of retail companies to shop on Facebook to sell goods. It helps retailers open shops on Facebook and provides tools for Internet users to chat while shopping. Initially, it may not be natural for consumers to go shopping on Facebook. It won't be long before they get used to it.

With the heat of Weibo, the platform has gathered a lot of popularity, so how to combine with business? While playing Weibo, the business behavior is realized. This is a natural evolution, no need to travel between the electric quotient and Weibo. Micro Bo Electric is also a kind of social commerce.

E-commerce has changed the retail channel; it can be said that social commerce will subvert E-commerce!

From the analysis of the global think-tank, we can see that the trend of social commerce is not illegal. We are still in connect, different platform ID account docking, from the following figure we can see the advanced form is content sharing. Online shop, the net goods will be able to fuse to all corners of the Internet.

The figure below is a more prominent case of social e-commerce where Facebook opens its E-commerce storefront. Suppliers have emerged: overseas payvment companies can turn Facebook pages into storefronts. Its business daily added 250 Facebook retailers, a total of more than 40,000 retailers, providing 750,000 items. Retailers and Facebook develop apps that allow users to get advice and product reviews from Facebook friends in real time, even if they shop on other sites, and the future trends

"Link culture" every 100 years, there will be a change in the media. The last century was defined as a century of mass media. In the next hundred years, information will be not only marketed to people, but shared among countless links that people place. Links are more derived from relationship based propagation. "Core point" is to share + relationship

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