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Use the right development tools to quickly and efficiently complete the source code writing and testing, so that programming with less effort. In the rapid development of network information today, the convenience of mobile devices has been deeply rooted, more and more programmers will choose to feel comfortable in any place using mobile devices to view or edit the source code. As a result, a lot of code programming on the Android platform came into being, and the code Editor, compiler and development environment in Google's App store abound. Because of the different features and shortcomings of the tools, so how to choose the most suitable for their own development tools has become a headache. Here, we list 5 of the best code editors on the Android platform to help you make your choice.

1. Quoda

Quoda is arguably the best Android free multi-language Code editor of all time. It is a powerful and simple source code Editor with basic functionality that almost all software programmers need. In addition, it contains a number of features to improve programmer efficiency, such as syntax highlighting, smart recommendations, line tags, automatic indentation and so on.

Syntax highlighting is displayed with a wide variety of themes and fonts, and applies to a variety of programming languages (including HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, C, C + +, C #, Java, ActionScript, Lisp, Markdown, Haskell, etc.). To reduce the programmer's code work and improve the efficiency of its development, Quoda provides code templates and fragment support, and adds extra keystrokes on the keyboard to enable you to improve typing speed. In addition, other features worth mentioning include search and replace, comment and uncomment, HTML file preview, website source download, HTML cleaner, etc.

Quoda understand your upload requirements and provide solutions that open, edit, and upload unlimited uploads to FTP or FTP servers. In the area of cloud storage. It supports storage and retrieval of files on popular cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google, and will soon support subsequent versions of box and SkyDrive. -quoda Google Store app download

Quoda2. Droidedit

Droidedit is a clean and simple source code text editor, and its multi-language support features enable you to accomplish tasks simply and quickly. It is similar to the notepad++ on the desktop operating system, which means it can be used to open and modify simple text files and source code files for various programming languages.

Droidedit provides syntax highlighting, supports more than 200 languages, and contains many built-in themes to create custom colors. Writing mode closes and toggles automatic error correction on the spelling checker. Supports using Emmet to transform simple expressions into complete HTML code. Other features of Droidedit include automatic line wrapping, searching and replacing, and supporting editing system files for mobile devices.

Droidedit supports downloading and uploading files on remote Storage, you can upload and download files freely on the FTP server. It also supports reading and writing on cloud storage servers in Dropbox, Google and box. In addition, its built-in aspect has a rare feature-support for Git's built-in, which means you can directly detect, edit, and submit operations directly on your phone or tablet computer. -droidedit Google Store app download

DroidEdit3. AWD

The Android Web Developer (AWD) is a simple but full-featured integrated development environment. It allows you to encode and develop Web projects using Android phone and tablet computers. You can use it to edit and write HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP code. It has full-screen mode and blocks the user interface, which effectively improves the overall coding experience.

AWD is a simple and effective code editor for writing or editing project source code files. It supports efficient features, including code highlighting, code completion, error checking, code beautification, fast navigation, search, and replacement, and it even provides a quick preview of a Web page in an application.

AWD supports project management remotely, and it provides many quick ways to access your project. It allows you to use remote files just as you would locally, and you can upload and download files from FTP, FTPS, and SFTP servers. It is worth mentioning that it even supports WebDAV to access and store your Web project. -awd Google Store app download


AIDE, a representative of the Android IDE, fully integrates the development environment for Android. It allows you to encode and develop Android applications on Android devices without needing a computer system. You can also learn how to develop Java and Android applications. Through step-by-step instructions, the programming curriculum helps beginners to easily learn the techniques of application development on Java and Android platforms.

Aide can help you develop Android, Java, or phonegap applications using Java, C + +, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Its visual designer allows you to visually design the user interface without having to write XML code. It also has a full-featured editor for code completion, real-time error checking, code refactoring, and intelligent navigation, and can complete code compilation and program execution with just a click of the button.

Aide is compatible with the popular Android desktop development environment Eclipse and Android Studio. This means that it can open and run projects from the desktop development environment, and vice versa. Aide integrates Dropbox, you can upload and download files from this popular cloud storage. In addition, it supports GIT, so you can edit, check, submit, and transfer files directly. -aide Google Store app download


5. Cppdroid

Cppdroid is a simple yet powerful integrated development environment for C and C + +. This is a new and simple application that provides a GCC compiler for Android development. It allows you to easily encode, edit, compile, and execute C and C + + programs on Android devices. It has a variety of demo or hands-on projects that can help you learn basic C and C + + programming languages.

Cppdroid provides an intuitive code editor that contains a variety of highly efficient coding features. Syntax highlighting subtly highlights the various components of the program and provides a choice for configurable topics. Other features include automatic indentation, code replenishment, real-time diagnostics (errors and warnings), file and tutorial navigation, and the compiled program for the terminal emulation run.

Cppdroid supports dropbox--'s popular cloud storage service providers. It integrates the upload and download capabilities of the cloud storage provided by Dropbox. In addition, it has a comprehensive add-on manager for automatic upgrades and download installation plug-ins. -cppdroid Google Store app download


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