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From the beginning of the Chinese New Year holiday, constantly have the traditional business of the boss to find me, let me give them the electricity business to do a plan, this year's double 11 Taobao done 35 billion, really can't restrain! A lot of Mister said, not before the internet, the family girl son or something occasionally playing computer, they do not understand, but as long as the above can do business, I will learn it next year!

Although I give a few traditional enterprises do hatching do well, but behind a lot of operation, really not easy! Say not to play? It is not good to throw them a cold water, immediately new year, can not let them no hope! I made a list of some of the programs and operations I've done for the traditional business.

1th: First look at their own supply chain, your product is suitable for online sales? Your home is the production of mechanical accessories, that product is generally the factory, why go to the Internet to do retail it! Network products first, marketing second, if you do not have the advantage of production products, after what the recommendations do not think, it is completely not sure of things!

2nd: What is the purpose of your electrical business? Is it a channel or a brand? If it is only a channel, then your expectations will not be so high, investment does not need so much. Just like your line under a sales point, you can not sell a lot, just to increase one of your sales channels. But you want to be a brand, if you think about it, it's not 10 people. 8 people will be able to do things, you need to understand your product production reserves, your factory coordination capacity, your talent, capital, product planning, Brand VI and CRM, and many other factors, this is not a little input! Although very multimedia said that Taobao brand is to make better money, but the real whole brand marketing is not so much, most do a flagship store or a single product explosion. So if you want to make a brand online and then develop the ambitious goals below, suggest you think more.

3rd: How long can you make a profit? Many enterprises in did not do when the oath that our company did a lot, capital chain is no problem, you can do online when the strategic loss for a period of time, even if it is half a year at the expense of, this generally can not listen to, you are sure you are in no accounts, the power of the current human costs, office costs , promotion and operating costs, can not be belittled! Be sure to have a financial budget and your input cost can accept how much, can continue how much, can how much time profit can accept, this is very important, do not wait until the electric business operations director came, and then began to consider, the electricity business time has passed, sometimes even if your product is very good, It will take some time to run, and that is really money.

4th: The choice of the electric business person. This is now doing electric business enterprises often have to think about the problem, I should use what people, how much money to invite people, who is the best for me? Here I would like to say is that the electric business development to now, not that you open a mall is the brand, it is not said that you open a C shop will certainly have no chance, the first into the electricity business, must be down-to-earth, the first Planning department product line, Then familiar with the customer base, coordination of the entire plant and running-in team, so this is an opportunity for managers to start a business, from this point of view, the choice of managers, not the kind of executives who have done what brand-name enterprises, nor is it a rookie, you should choose a business experience, but not so well-known to understand the practice, People who can have entrepreneurial spirit! Some enterprises are apt to spend hundreds of thousands of of annual salary to dig people from other well-known enterprises, you know, others in high position can do things, at that time is the layout and strategy, is management and network. And you do it from a small shop, even if you hundreds of thousands of of the day's advertising investment, you also from the initial product, customer, production, supply chain, personnel organization, such as a series of trivial start! So the people who pay a high salary may not be suitable for you, those big coffee is not your first choice! Steady to ask a few real people, do up the chance of greater!

5th: What platform to start? Many enterprises first into the electricity business, is hesitant to do the mall or open the C shop, here I would like to say, in fact, this has the opportunity! Mall, relatively is to save the credibility of the accumulation, so that the new brand seems to have increased the credibility, there is no difference in the evaluation of the Troubles, but the mall's investment than the C shop bigger, To treat the product requirements higher, the team's ability to operate more demanding! Need a relatively perfect team, and for just enter the traditional enterprise of the electric business, often is also an attempt, your production supply chain can not be so perfect ready to the electrical business, so, first from the C shop operation also has certain feasibility, Can organize products, side slowly practice promotion, and now mobile end, micro-marketing so hot, from C to micro, more points, are small input more output way, not necessarily worse than the mall!

6th: can only sell their own products, or from other factories to take goods, more products? To enter the initial stage of the electrical business, it is important to do their own products, generally a factory production is fully enough, such as a friend of mine factory is to do office curtains for the export of European and American blinds, he began to do electricity business when worried about not selling , adding more common fabric curtains in China. The operation of a little time, found in fact, or their products more good sales profit, increased the other people's products, increased costs, but also in the supply organization when more trouble! Many factories themselves produce products as long as not too single, in fact, are enough to sell their own stores. The single product is not the more the better! Especially now this Taobao flow entrance status, Taobao deliberately optimized SEO, no longer is the product more traffic better access.

7th: Do you want to learn this piece of factory? This point is a relatively young boss, just take over the family business, he said, ready to let the factory pipe production of several managers, management warehouse, a few manager, the procurement of several department heads and financial managers together to learn about the electrical quotient, to understand the basic knowledge of the electrical business, I think this is very good, these departments are closely related to the electrical business departments, they from products to warehousing to the means of production are familiar with, can better serve the electrical business! Let them know the importance of electric power, in order to fully cooperate, the management of each factory is superior and subordinate, their bureaucratic style is a lot of impact on the development of the electric business stumbling block, Because many traditional enterprises said, the general foreign-funded companies to prepare for more than half a year, and some domestic sales are also prepared for a month or two, and the electricity quotient is not the same, their preparation time often sometimes one weeks are not! Coordination is really important!

8th, is it time to write a detailed plan before the electrical business is done? It's not a two-boss question here! Many bosses say that before I get ready to recruit, I'm going to dig up a good operation director and give him one months to write all my electrical business plans, so I can send them down and look at the plan. I want to say that the plan is to have, but then in detail, so accurate plan book, really not necessary, electric business is an information network era, their changes are fast, a year plan are written good electric quotient, do not know how to deal with the sudden changes in Taobao, also do not meet the power of the flexible operation of the style! Generally do before writing a framework, and preliminary budget plan, each month to write monthly operation plan, capital budget, activity budget, and so on plan enough! Every time I see a lot of operations written a very long and sound plan, I think, really did not have the patience to read!

9th: How to manage the electrical business team? Many business owners say Our businesses are some 3.4-year-old senators, and those young, at all, our company is a foreign trade enterprises to wear neat, and those young people are casual wear, more casual, our company big things are with the elements, and they do not participate in our party, the company can not make personal phone calls, their mobile phone often hold ! A little bit strict, a lot of people leave, alas, can't keep people! Generally such enterprises, I have to open up a piece of their own to the electric business, the team of electric businessmen, are young people, young only vitality, not as traditional enterprises so old-fashioned, and will not like them as bureaucrats, the general many production enterprises inside the staff is to finish things, Do not make mistakes, and electric businessman employees are not only done, but also to do a good job, but also to think can do better, as long as you give them the power to work, they will be more working to operate! Enterprises do not need to learn what big management, these 8,590 years after the charged businessman, you need to give them a relaxed environment, recognition, respect, sense of belonging, and human touch, they will be more concerned about these, of course, achievements and honors are their pursuit, do not need to do in the company to play mind, as long as the transparent, fair some they can understand!

Basically these problems are the traditional enterprises to enter the electrical business Frequently asked questions, many bosses and ready to go to the traditional business to do friends can see! The special reminder is that some electric business managers, a traditional enterprise out of the higher wages, is not to explain the strength of the enterprise, but that this enterprise in the electrical business this piece of the more want to make money quickly! Generally such a business owner's expectations are too high, they put the electrical business is too simple, so you must think carefully, it is best to read this article, and then to ask the boss, how much do you love the electricity business? What is the purpose of your electrical business? Too direct high pay, always want to get more than expected return.

2014, will be the new beginning of the electric business, the PC end has entered the inflection point, the mobile end is eager, the electricity merchant when enters all has the opportunity, when enters also has the difficulty. How to do electricity business, how to make money with electricity, carefully read the article, you will find a new journey!

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