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China's leading online map platform Tencent Soso Map was the first to publish the site Cloud collection function, Soso map users can through the web side or mobile phone, will be the location of the collection, and synchronized to the cloud. Location Cloud collection function for the vast number of users across the terminal more than the scene of online map use demand, create a very personalized service, so that users enjoy a convenient and efficient map search experience, but also let users through the online map platform to establish their own address library become possible.

It is understood that the current Soso map location Cloud Collection features support Web ( and Android Beta 1.7, Symbian s60v5 1.0, IPhone 1.0 ( and other four platforms, Covers virtually all major desktop and mobile applications, creating two-way complementarity between the desktop and the mobile end. Soso Map users can collect the desired locations through the above two terminals and call them from any terminal when they are in use. The location cloud collection function takes the QQ account login and the cloud storage design, enables the user to obtain the Soso map personalized cloud service anytime and anywhere.

Soso map owner said that simplifying the user map search steps, enhance the efficiency of online map use, to create a perfect personalized experience, is Soso map innovation direction. and Soso map Location Cloud collection function, it is based on the online map cloud technology services, revolutionary Innovation: through the account login to the location of the pre-collection, can help users achieve the fastest information input, query, cloud Information Synchronization Services also allows users to be arbitrary across a number of terminals in the Cross-border.

After the experience through the cloud collection of Soso map location, the operation of the function is simple and understandable, the user can easily get started by following the prompts, will be interested in, commonly used, easy to forget the address to save to the personal cloud favorites, when users need to use the address can quickly pull out.

On the Web platform, users simply click on the address search results to "add Favorites" to the collection of address information to the user's personal cloud storage platform.

If the user does not log in, the system prompts the user to log in using the QQ number.

Users can click on the "Favorites" page in the top column to view and manage their collections.

If not logged in, the system will require users to login QQ account.

Users only need to travel on the Web map ( to the destination collection, travel synchronization to the mobile phone, easy to use mobile phone map to navigate to the destination.

It is also easy to use on the mobile phone, users download mobile phone Soso Map Android Beta 1.7, Symbian s60v5 1.0, IPhone 1.0 ( any version, and open into the favorites, Click on the bottom bar "Sync" (the first synchronization requires the user's QQ number),

After a moment of waiting, all the sites in the Web-side collection are synchronized to the phone. At the same time, users can also be in the Mobile collection site, synchronized them to the cloud, the web side can be seen instantly.

In this way, users need only simple login, collection, synchronization and other operations, the location cloud collection function can provide users with a fast and convenient use of the map experience. and users in the continuous use of the collection process, can gradually build up the need for life of the cloud address library.

Industry insiders said, Cloud technology is the current Internet research and development of the mainstream direction, Tencent Soso Map launched the location of cloud collection function is just online map based on cloud Technology Service innovation beginning, follow-up also has greater development potential and imagination space. In addition, Soso map cloud services to maximize the use of QQ account through the advantages of the latest data show that Tencent Instant Messaging Service active accounts reached 711.7 million, complete coverage and touch up to all of China's 1-4-line netizens, users do not need to register a new account can use the Soso map using the Cloud collection function, this advantage is beyond the reach of other platforms.

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