Specialty Electric Merchant Earth Amoy Net "sudden death" did not find the right place to open a shop is the main reason

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Commercial newspaper reporter Aoxiangfi

Recently, on the internet, a "dirt Amoy, a concept of fast-growing rapid death of the electric business" so that many people in the industry know that the Earth Amoy nets this sales of local specialties of the electric business site. Unfortunately, the site was announced late last December, the current site has been unable to trade.

Amoy Net was born in November 2011, the products are not without market demand, the site was first created to get nearly tens of millions of dollars in investment, why the opening of a year, "sudden death"? Expert analysis, it would like to do B2B2C platform is more than the most important platform is popular, but the Earth Amoy nets let everyone know, incredibly because of its failure, this is purely in the wrong place to open shop.

Site is now a display page

December 22, 2012 23:42 P.M., the earth Amoy Network official micro-blog said: "The earth Amoy Network has graduated." This means that the birth of the first in November 2011, the so-called domestic network shopping mall announced the failure.

Commercial newspaper reporter noted that the official micro-blog In the overall forwarding, the number of comments, the announcement of the completion of the microblog only attracted dozens of comments.

Commercial newspaper yesterday opened the Earth Amoy nets, found that the site has not been closed, still in accordance with popular specialties, Southern specialties, Northern specialties, overseas specialties, such as the classification of display, but users can not order, transactions.

The reporter then Dials Shenzhen Earth Amoy Network Technology Limited Company's telephone, one on duty staff confirmed to the reporter, the current website cannot trade. And the company no longer does the project, the project staff have been dissolved. He also said that after the Tao Nets recruited a lot of businesses, now the site is not closed, can help businesses display products.

The Earth Amoy has said four advantages

What kind of website is the earth Amoy net? Commercial newspaper reporter yesterday to find the site on the beginning of the introduction, said the Earth Amoy Network is a specialized in the operation of the website, refers to the products around the world can represent one side characteristics of the product. The publicity paper also claims that the Earth Amoy Network has four advantages, such as pattern, team, fund and so on.

On the model, "Amoy is the latest B2B2C business Operation model." That is, business-to-business (merchant to merchant) and consumer (business to consumers) effective combination, so that business and consumer direct dialogue, in commodity inventory, logistics, transportation, after-sales service and so on more simple. ”

About the team, Shenzhen Earth Amoy Network Technology Co., Ltd. by the Shenzhen Dragon Prosperity Hardware Plastic Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen City, where the Customer Technology Co., Ltd. to create. Among them, "Xu Innovation is the Dragon Prosperous company Mister, in the Internet construction and network operation has a wealth of experience." According to the introduction, in the technology, management, operation, and so on, some professionals even from Baidu, Taobao Mall and other senior sites dug over.

With regard to funds, several shareholders invested 10 million to create.

About the market, "specialty in specialty network shopping mall really too little, basically is blank." Indeed, according to the data, the total value of the real agricultural products entering the circulation field has exceeded 2 trillion. The Ali Research Center, in the 2012 white Paper on agricultural products, predicts that online trading of agricultural products will grow from 2012 's 20 billion to 3721.html ">2014 years of about 100 billion."

Why is it that in the four dominant models, the Earth is still difficult to escape the fate of fast-growing death? Commercial newspaper reporter on the Micro-blog, the earth Amoy Network official Weibo said the reason is "large shareholders do not give money."


The competition is fierce outside the platform

Bo, a leading internet critic, said in an interview with a commercial newspaper that it was an excuse to put the blame on the money.

In the opinion of independent electric business analyst Li Chengdong, there is only one root cause: Choose the wrong place to open a shop. He made an analogy, "business is the downtown, or in the deep mountains?" He further explained that the Tao only on its own strength to do a user does not know the B2B2C platform-type web site, fundamentally wrong. "B2B2C too complex, from scratch to do a platform, is tantamount to turning the mountains into a downtown, investment effect is poor." Li Chengdong said in an interview with the commercial press.

In this respect, Bo said, is not not can do independent web site, "but like the dirt, a big platform to do, do not get involved in specific sales, there must be problems, because all platforms are the first to have their own users, their own size, in order to become a matter of course." ”

For another reason for the failure of the Earth Amoy nets, Bo to market promotion did not do well. "Earth Amoy net alive, we do not know, only the collapse of everyone to know that it is in the market to promote failure." ”

Indeed, from the birth of the Amoy network to the completion of the business newspaper reporter has never received the company's personnel introduction. And many people in the industry also confessed to reporters, or from the recent industry, a "dirt Amoy, a concept of fast-growing rapid death of the electric business" analysis of the article, just know this site.

In addition, it is not only the Earth Amoy Network a good product this market. Commercial newspaper reporter from Taobao understand that, from the August 23 last year, one of the specialty merchandise Museum of Guizhou Museum online since the current Taobao has been online Sichuan pavilion, such as 9 specialty pavilions, collectively known as "Characteristics of China."

Bo said, like the previous documentary "China on the tip of the tongue," after the fire, Amoy BMW did a special topic. Such a rapid reaction speed, obviously to the Amoy net such a third-party independent platform brought great competition pressure.


The future open Taobao shop or do vertical electric business

What should a specialty electric dealer do? Li Chengdong proposal is very direct, is on Taobao, Jingdong, such as ready-made platform open shop, use its huge flow to sell specialty. "Blind innovation is to find death." "Li Chengdong said.

Bo also suggests that, despite the fierce competition in the business market, small companies are difficult to survive, but not without opportunities. He said that the new company can see some home textiles, furniture and other segments of the vertical areas, as long as not afraid of suffering, their own from the supply chain, warehousing, distribution and other full intervention, there will be opportunities.

Bo also for example, the world to do so cattle Amazon at the beginning is also pro-Pro for selling books, do famous after the expansion to other businesses, and then expanded into a platform.

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