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In recent years, with the promotion of international and domestic courier efficiency, to Beijing-east, the cat and other enterprises led by the cold chain distribution as their new business in the country spread out, people stay indoors, by clicking the mouse can enjoy the seafood from Siberia, tropical fruits of Southeast Asia, and do not say Yangchenghu crab incense, Even Arctic bay and monarch crabs from the polar regions have become a common delicacy at our table.

The efficient spread of the internet is rapidly inducing people for the pursuit of leisure food, spicy duckling as the representative of the gathering spicy delicious duck goods, but also on the Internet efficient logistics system of spring Breeze, brought people from the factory's safety and health and seductive delicious.

In the past, spicy duck goods are often used in situ self-made mode, simple material, health is difficult to guarantee, different taste every day, consumers each purchase in the "Spell luck", for businesses, this model is obviously difficult to ensure that customers ' heads down. and the safety of spicy ducklings to change the previous shop site halogen system practices, the use of the current power of the mainstream of the cold chain distribution model, by virtue of the company's packaging method of improvement, advanced nitrogen filling, the replacement of air, inhibit microorganisms, bacteria growth, shelf life from 1-3 days to 10 days, and through the entire 3 ℃ cold chain distribution, From the factory directly to the national 27 core distribution network, 661 flights a day to cover 23 provinces, 197 cities distribution, to ensure that products remain fresh. Each spicy duckling to join, just through the spicy Duckling official website under the single, you can complete the product from production, distribution to sales of direct marketing system.

Spicy duckling delicious fresh fragrance, from fresh-keeping cabinets, from the moment, the breath of sesame oil and spices will make you mouth-watering, this is mainly from the factory for spicy duckling products of the secret system processing. It is understood that each to reach consumers in the hands of the spicy duckling products are combined with the idea of a regimen of 40 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine secret system, the franchisee does not need to participate in production, it can be a direct battalion of low agent prices to complete the purchase, the factory processing mode to ensure food safety, and make delicious year-round, spicy duckling to ensure that leisurely delicious safe and reliable , and has a very reliable after-sale guarantee, so that the franchisee has no worries.

Spicy duckling Internet distribution business model so that each franchisee no need for processing equipment, chef and food supervision and other cost problems, on the shop area also no excessive requirements, small to a few square meters or even virtual shop, large to hundreds of square meters of casual restaurants, choose spicy duckling entrepreneurial projects are free and flexible, as long as the brand and shop with enthusiasm, You can also become a very good spicy duckling shop long and get rewarded.

Spicy duckling http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/11307.html > official website: http:// www.malaxiaoya.com Join Tel: Beijing hotline: 400-848-5917 guangzhou Hotline: 400-861-5917 Xian Hotline: 400-871-5,917 All hotline: 400-994-5917

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