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Absrtact: Star business looks easier than ordinary people, but more is fleeting attention to the economy, marketing tools, brand positioning, is to determine the star's own brand vitality of the important factors.

The Internet can always refresh our lower bounds on the boundaries of the imagination. Li Bing, xiaoming, Ningquan, these three originally appeared in the entertainment version of the, recently stirred up the internet to create a circle, this time, their identity is no longer to pay for the XXX spokesperson, but through "Luo thought" announced the founder of "STARVC", do business behind the gold Lord. The message issued less than 3rd, was surrounded by thousands of investment letters of intent, the current contact with the enterprise, including Han-clothing, shell nets, building blocks boxes.

Star business is actually nothing new, similar to the establishment of design studios, open restaurants, a tidal brand and so on "do not work" attempt in the entertainment circle is not missing, using their star effect to create more wealth, have their own personal brand seems to become the standard of each star, and the internet makes such an attempt to become easier.

According to Taobao star shop related to the responsible person, the current star shop has more than 200 shops, the star's own brand is basically the main fashion consumption. The general operating mode is a star to set up their own team to operate, such as Sun's shop is a brokerage company in operation, Du Haitao, Zhangling is the formation of their own operations team, the other is with TP company operation, such as Tsai, Ada, Xuan, Yang and so on. "The current self-built team and TP company operations accounted for half it." ”

How many fans have accumulated in the past can turn into brand fans? Although the star has certain endorsement function to own product, but after the fan effect, how long can last? How many star brands are amateurs after the end?

In fact, not everyone can laugh to the end, marketing tools, brand positioning, is to determine the star's own brand vitality of the important factors, to open a good star shop needs to have several elements: 1, product line: The operation of the product, brand and the image of the star to match the positioning, the supply chain to perfect goods, 2, reliable professional operation team; 3 , the star's own coordination degree is high.

"The celebrity brand's fan effect has been very weak, at least for us," said Mr. Bear's CEO, Lindong. Although the star business looks easier than the average person, but more is the fleeting attention economy, it is never easy to continue the gold rush after a shot of red.

Star Fencing

█ mode of operation: the formation of their own team to operate the brand

█ representative Star: Du Haitao

█ Representative Brand: Bear

Lindong before is Happy Camp clothing division, and Du Haitao is known for 8 years of brother. At that time Du Haitao germination of the idea, but the star Tide card has appeared in the phenomenon of push, Chen, Li already fame outside, Du Haitao image positioning relatively not so tidal, lack of competitiveness, Lindong advised him to find other ways. Most of the fans of the happy camp are mass consumers, and it seems to be a better choice from home. And when the star shop just started, only more than 10 shops, there are more resources can help brand development. So, originally has the offline retail experience, tends to lindong the development of the line of thought, want to borrow from the online start.

Bear began to set up their own team, the current company team of more than 30 people. Du Haitao is mainly responsible for outreach and publicity, also participate in the design of products, and do their own "Madou". In order to be consistent with the image of the waves, Mr. Xiong's set of Image VI is a special to Shenzhen to find a designer tailored, with the bear such a silly animal, with a bow tie crutches on the personification.

The fan effect of the Crown King

Mr. Bear has broken the record: June 19, 2012, Bear home life Brand online, the day visitors reached 260,000, browse volume of 1.01 million, 8 days to four diamonds, 24 days, 1 crown, 52 days crown, become the fastest crown king.

The biggest advantage of Star Brand products is that it can quickly improve the popularity of new brand or new series, save a lot of advertising fees, the early publicity also saved a lot of force. "At that time, less people are amateurs and Weibo has just arisen, really borrow power very much." "Lindong said. As we all know, the star of a micro-blog often can cause great attention and forwarding, Du Haitao tens of millions of micro-Bo fans this has become the advantage of the sky alone. Therefore, in doing promotional activities, Mr. Xiong through the microblogging resources, star Resources, offline resources, three-party focus. Apart from Du Haitao's personal microblog, most of them spread through their artist friends, allowing artists to try and feel Mr. Bear's products. The use of entertainment friends circle of popularity, inviting friends to help make endorsement, so that their brand out of the mirror more likely. Stars not only in the entertainment circle, in the business district, there are some contacts and resources, to develop their own brand easier to find the corresponding resources for the promotion of Star Brand is of great benefit.

"For example, Happy Camp will have artists, I will give them experience, they feel good will slowly bring to the screen exposure, such as doing activities, open a conference, let our products slowly penetrate into the star life." "For example, a happy Camp exo with Mr. Bear's hat, and park is also using Mr Bear's product for a day to spread." In addition, Du Haitao participation in the film and television series is also in line with implant transmission.

Lindong said, compared to some stores are good at price marketing, Mr Bear more attention to event marketing. Du Haitao will come to shop to do waiter, delivery passengers, often this time on the bursting of the popularity. "Although the waves do not have the general staff so much time, but still quite a lot of time will be in." "Mr. Bear's most important activity every year is not a double 11, but Du Haitao annual birthday and Mr. Xiong's anniversary, when the corresponding customized products, consumers buy products to participate in Du Haitao's birthday party, which is very attractive for fans."

Not only did Mr. Bear have Du Haitao fans, Wuxin, Jiong and Chenhe, all of them joined in, allowing the fan effect to escalate again.

Supply Chain Trial and error

But after the star effect, Mr. Bear's problems began to appear. In addition to the first to enter the electricity business, bear has not yet positioned so clear, the entire team has no electrical business experience.

Mr. Xiong product positioning to electronic products, clothing, cups mainly involved in all aspects of household life, because the home category of SKU More, the demand for a higher supply chain. Lindong admitted that the beginning of Mr. Bear supply chain problem, after the outbreak of fan effect, a lot of products suddenly sold off, and began to look around suppliers. After a few times to go to find factory production, really began to consider the integration of supply chain. But the integration of the supply chain does not so easy, "order quantity is not allowed, inventory is very much, often hundreds of square meters of warehouses are piled full of goods." ”

At this time, with other brands to expand the custom section of the cooperation has become effortless and flattering things. For example, Mr. Xiong and Yu Bo cooperated with the limited charge treasure, on the cost of more than 80,000 sales. "Now this custom product will be more and more, there will be lettering of the characteristics of the money." I will also go to Foshan, Yiwu to find the corresponding factory. "Lindong said. At present, the sale is better than the cup, as well as Mr. Bear's image of plush household items, last year, light lettering Cup sales of more than 20,000. Unique products and customer exclusive to play an increasingly important role.

So far, Mr Bear has been in business for 2 years and 5 crowns, and this year's sales did not seem to have grown as rapidly as last year's, thanks to the fan effect of the waves last year. Lindong explained, "Although this year's anniversary activity sales are not as good as last year, but the industry has repercussions that we now pay more attention to the brand, the entire VI has been on a step, I spent two years, deliberately looking for a designer to come over, and offline also scattered a part of the online energy." ”

"100 Stores"

In order to further deepen the brand culture of Mr. Xiong, tentacles extended more widely, in addition to Internet promotion, star effect and brand products, Lindong Brewing for a long time offline entity stores opened successively. "We originally want to do offline, but at that time the opportunity is immature, want to borrow the line by the way of the line down the channel spread out, now this opportunity to, I will slowly layout line, I am now the goal is to do 100 stores." ”

Mr. Xiong Changsha Shop is located in Wanda Plaza to sell goods mainly, Canton shop to experience the main shop, display bathroom, bedroom, "online entity store more than 3,000 yuan of bear dolls will also be bought, we are doing bulky luggage and so on the line of the sales line to pick up things." ”

Although the star opened the shop more and more, but he did not feel the pressure of the star store, because most stars are still amateurs nature, throughout the online market is not a few particularly good star brand. "I really expect everyone to do it together, with the effect of aggregation," he said. "In the future, Mr. Xiong will pick out the clothing products in the brand and open a cat shop with a bear home, because there are too many SKUs in the Home store, which is not suitable for the cat shop." Later will slowly consider to join things, but now the time is not ripe.

"The star's fans ' relative status is already weak, at least for my brand." "Star effect is fading, transforming star products and providing additional customer service is Mr. Xiong's top priority."

Find a housekeeper.

█ mode of operation: entrusted to a third party company, with its full discretion

█ Representative Brand: Tsai, Jay Chou, Xie Na, niu

█ represents the brand: The star's shop, Luna can

Design strength, strategy, marketing, these are a brand on the basis of the key elements of lasting, Star Brand is no exception. The biggest advantage of star brands is that they can quickly improve the visibility of new brands, the so-called attention economy. However, the integrity of brand equity is not only a recognition, but also related to quality awareness, brand association and brand loyalty. So can not spend too much energy in the brand-building star, positioning, supply chain, marketing entrusted to the professional TP company became their choice, and Leri as its own 7 star brand of Third-party companies to the Star Brand Refining is to say.

Star Aggregation Force

Leri the helm of Schkeven is a Taiwanese, in Taiwan when operating a company website, at that time also looked for a lot of star endorsement, slowly in the contact process accumulated a certain star resources. Also, he has a good relationship with the record company's management because of his previous job. After coming to the mainland, he started a women's cosmetics community review site, many users and star Brand fans coincide. For Schkeven, he mastered some of the star resources upstream, but also accumulated a channel to contact the consumer end, become a middleman to get through the downstream has become a very natural choice.

The star's store was officially launched in October 2011, while Tsai's personal brand "Cai" was introduced. But the aggregation effect of a single brand is not obvious, based on the experience of previous and star cooperation, Schkeven decided to make the star of the shop as a aggregation of many stars of the Third-party platform for the Star brand to create one-stop service Third-party services provider. At present, "star Shop" officially cooperated with the star has 6, respectively, is Tsai, league, Wu, Xie na, Jay Chou Shine Qing. "Mainly want to have a polymerization effect, let consumers think of the star products to buy the store." ”

How the polymerization effect manifests, Schkeven a few metaphors. For example, through the joint cooperation between the Stars, Tsai and League Two people's brand together to create a "Stayrealxcai" series. Cai and stayreal two brands to "call for innocence and peace" as a creative concept, the integration of dual brand protagonist-mouse and Blackbird, the star's store as the exclusive online sales platform, sharing fan resources, provide each other the way to obtain traffic. Another example is the problem of supply chain. A star Brand's supply chain is relatively mature, after the Star brand can directly use the corresponding suppliers, eliminating the middle groping process. "Whether it is a star to build their own team to create their own brand or to find a company like ours to work together can, the cost is similar, just like we can provide more resources to share." "Schkeven said.

In charge of the star of the store management team of roughly 30 people, the current company to take a one-to-one model, a star by a specialized one to communicate docking. Because the company also has a lot of people before the show, so they know how to get along with the artists, and he made the choice of people will not choose too enthusiastic fans, but itself is also agree to like the star, so cooperation will be more smooth.

Operation is not a star

"What do you think is the biggest difference between operating a star shop and other ordinary shops?" "" User theme is different, the star shop is more to do with the fan group to communicate, and the general store products more pay attention to price. "Schkeven said the star shop's operating priorities.

It is understood that Leri and star cooperation in the way there are two kinds, one-stop service, from brand positioning, supply chain production, marketing all responsible for, for example, the star of the store, the other is the brand's online channel hosting, such as Na Lu can be in the mainland line has more than 50 counters, Leri only responsible for online operations, offline by other companies responsible.

Schkeven says the product is linked to the star trait, for example, Niu and Tsai, the two shops in the operator's focus is different, the former is a make-up artist, in the cosmetics industry has a strong authority, so there is a strong persuasive for the brand endorsement, and the 2010 can be founded in Taiwan, a very deep foundation, In addition to NIU itself in the beauty of the credibility, the volume of products more emphasis on cost-effective, last year, the cat store sales amounted to 100 million yuan. And Tsai have the identity of the writer, on the way of writing to communicate, recently launched a short message series, coincides with Tsai new book "Tsai Love Message-to Unknown Lovers" published, so white T-shirt printed text messages, many people put this series of clothes as a gift of confession.

The star's shop still emphasizes the star's expression and the fan's communication. "The star is not just a logo or model show, but also to guide fans to participate in it." "For example, Tsai's Cai brand is for fans to participate in design discussions. There is a person in charge of the fan group, fans will be directly involved in the design of the brand, and regularly hold fans party. The Star shop 80% repeat purchase rate, customer unit price 300 yuan. "Running around the needs of fans, if only selling a few peripheral items, would be a flash in the pan," he said. ”

Next year Leri will work with a wave of mainland celebrities. "In addition to the star's own wishes, also need to consider whether this star has obvious characteristics, product characteristics and I agree." "Stars only have a relatively stable fan base, his products will have a preliminary market."

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