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In view of the "broadband China" strategy after the twists and turns to the State Council agenda, "cloud China" to become a "national" strategy, there is still much work to do. The reality is that cloud computing is now more at the "departmental level", which can be incorporated into specific programs (science or technology planning or industrial planning), but is temporarily difficult to incorporate into national strategic planning.

What is the strategic plan for China's National cloud computing development? Simply put, such a plan does not exist.

If this article is over, it is OK. But this is disappointing, now let's assume that if China's national cloud computing development strategic planning exists, what will it be?

I. Background to the issue

Mention of the Non-existent "China's National Cloud Development Strategy Plan", is about to see other countries have such a plan, so suppose China should have, but in fact China does not. So the article should start with why China does not have such a plan to talk about.

1, NPC deputies: Should formulate national cloud computing strategic Planning

March 14, 2012, the NPC representative Liao Renbin suggested that the development of national cloud planning strategy to promote better and faster cloud computing. This information tells us that there are already people who know that there is no such plan and hope that the country will make such a plan. Earlier, NI also made the same suggestion.

Liao Renbin that cloud computing by the national "Twelve-Five" plan as a key support of the strategic emerging industries, will bring about a fundamental change in the mode of work and business model, so that information technology infrastructure and information applications become "open and use" resources, the production of human society, life style will have far-reaching impact. At the same time, speeding up the development of cloud computing is of great strategic significance to break the barrier of information technology and develop High-tech industry in our country.

Liao Renbin made a lot of good suggestions for this. For example, advocates vigorously promote the application of innovation, to promote the healthy development of cloud computing industry. One is to adjust the mode of promotion, from the Government to promote the market-driven transformation. Second, to seize the breakthrough in application innovation, vitalize to promote the universal development of cloud computing. Wait a minute.

The difficulty is that to formulate a national strategic plan, first of all to the cloud is not "national", reached a consensus. If it is true that cloud computing will bring about some kind of "fundamental change", perhaps this consensus is easier to achieve. Secondly, we must reach a consensus on the problems to be solved by planning. As we all know, cloud computing is now a serious duplication of construction, if we really think that it is necessary to "move from the government to market-driven transformation," perhaps this consensus is more easily achieved.

In view of the "broadband China" strategy after the twists and turns to the State Council agenda, "cloud China" to become a "national" strategy, there is still much work to do. The reality is that cloud computing is now more at the "departmental level", which can be incorporated into specific programs (science or technology planning or industrial planning), but is temporarily difficult to incorporate into national strategic planning.

2, China and the world to see how the cloud is different

The prerequisite for the formulation of national strategic planning is that things have a global strategic. For example, in the past, "informatization is the strategic measure to cover the overall modernization construction", so the national informatization Leading Group was adopted in 2005 "National informatization Development Strategy".

Does cloud computing get the status of Informatization? We may take a positive observation, the information has six elements: Information network, Information technology application, information industry, information resources, talent and policy and regulations. Cloud computing in China, currently more as a technology and information industry, science and technology counterparts, information industry corresponding to the Ministry of Technology; even if cloud computing in the information organs and taste, but also through the National Information Technology Leading group, can talk about national strategic planning. Under the current conditions, the Ministry of Science and Technology to formulate "China cloud Science and technology development" Twelve-Five "special Planning", the Ministry of Industry to formulate cloud computing industrial development planning, is equipped with the conditions, but the formulation of national strategic planning, but also a good wish.

From the real point of view, China and the world's strategic understanding of cloud computing, there is a difference. From the perspective of technology and industry, China attaches great importance to cloud computing. The State Council's decision to speed up the cultivation and development of strategic emerging Industries ((2010)32) and the National Development and Reform Commission and the relevant departments drafted the "speed up the cultivation and development of strategic emerging Industries" Twelve-Five "plan" from these two perspectives fully affirmed the cloud computing. Under the basic principle of "adhering to the combination of scientific and technological innovation and realizing industrialization", the state puts forward the development and demonstration application of cloud computing in the next generation information technology industry, and clearly points out the direction and main task of developing. Technology and information industries are important, but they all have specific functional departments under the State Council to control. On both the global and the strategy, the "national level" is not mentioned. As technology and industry drive, once the strategic lack of other elements (such as demand and application) constraints, the problem of repeated construction is often only in the local solution, which is the planning of the top-level design problems.

The U.S. development of cloud computing has its own national strategic considerations, it is not the technology, industry, the two points of the focus of cloud computing, the September 2009 Obama administration announced the long-term cloud computing plan, the main goal of the first is to "continue to the service (technology and provider-independent) of the environment migration." Emphasize the purpose of cloud computing as a tool, such as "Enhancing the capacity of Governments to create transparent, open, participatory governments" and "supporting government agencies to fulfil their mission". Japan's February 2010 Smart Cloud strategy emphasizes that one is to promote the diversity of cloud services applications, the second is to develop cloud technology and peripheral technology based on user demand, while taking strategic measures to promote innovation, in addition to building e-government cloud. In a word, it falls on the business itself, not the technology.

This shows that China's eyes of cloud computing, more than 1.0 of the characteristics. And the United States and Japan and other developed countries, cloud computing, more than 2.0 of the characteristics. Cloud Computing 1.0 refers to technology and industry-driven cloud computing, and Cloud 2.0 refers to the cloud computing driven by demand and business applications.

This is to make everyone have a global concept first, do not mistake the following description of the cloud computing planning ideas, is a comprehensive national planning and strategic planning, they are scattered in the country under the various local ideas, with obvious stages and local; Do not be too demanding that these plans are exhaustive, some local problems, Only when the conditions are up to the global can be solved.

Ii. Planning Cloud Computing from the perspective of science and technology development

June 2012, the national Ministry of Science and Technology launched the "China Cloud Technology Development" Twelve-Five "special planning" for advice and approval of the State Council, from which we can see from the important perspective of science and technology on how the cloud is planned.

The overall objective of this programme is to to the end of the "Twelve-Five", in the cloud computing major equipment, core software, support platform, etc. to break through a number of key technologies, the formation of autonomous and controllable cloud computing system solutions, technical systems and standards, in the case of thousands of key regions, the industry to carry out the typical application demonstration, Realize the industrialization of cloud computing products and services, actively promote service mode innovation, cultivate innovative talents, build technological innovation system, lead the deep development of cloud computing industry, make our country's cloud computing technology and application reach the international advanced level. Specific objectives include: (1) research and development of cloud computing technology system and standard system, develop technical evaluation tools and platforms, carry out evaluation services; (2) Break through the key technology, develop important system, form the whole technology solution of cloud service for region and key industry, and (3) Carry out the application demonstration of key technology and system.

The key tasks proposed by the planning are:

(i) Research and establishment of cloud computing technology system and standard system

Including research and establishment of cloud computing technology standard system, research cloud computing system core software, hardware equipment, application service demonstration platform and cloud computing Data Center evaluation method, formulate cloud Service Evaluation Index System specification, develop matching evaluation tools, set up test environment and platform, and carry out evaluation services. To develop the standard of cloud computing security requirements and evaluation methods to meet the needs of different industries, and to ensure the network and information security of cloud services.

With the industrial sector of the standard planning focus on services and operations, the Ministry of Science and Technology planning focused on the technical system.

(ii) Breakthrough cloud computing common key technologies

Break through the cloud server node technology supporting the million-level concurrent tasks, support the data center Internet structure and communication stack technology of 100,000-level node effective interaction, support authentication, encryption and isolation hardware security technology, large-scale distributed data sharing and management technology, resource scheduling and elastic computing, The key technologies of cloud computing such as server virtualization. To break through the cloud Computing Application service development and operation Environment, user information management, operation control, security management and protection, application service interaction, cloud computing think-tank and other common support technology. Research on cloud computing security architecture and build autonomous and controllable cloud computing security architecture. Master the user identity management technology in cloud computing environment and the security protection and risk assessment technology of cloud computing application services. Research cloud Computing Network technology, Breakthrough cloud Computing Data center virtualization, large bandwidth environment storage and data network Fusion, virtual machine access, multi-user data isolation, cross-trunking communication and data migration and other key technologies. Research on cloud computing data centers (including new refrigeration systems, power distribution systems, modular data centers) green energy-saving key technologies.

With the industrial sector planning is different from the industrialization, Science and Technology department planning focus on breakthroughs in technology research and development.

(iii) Development of cloud computing systems

Break through large-scale resource management and dispatch, large-scale data management and processing, operation monitoring and security and other key technologies, the development of the need to simplify the cloud operating system, EB-level cloud storage system, support billion-level concurrent cloud server system, Cloud Computing Center Network Large capacity switches, research and development of corresponding security products and software, Form cloud computing Technology product system, build cloud computing public service and management platform.

It includes four aspects: (1) cloud operating system and cloud public service and management Platform Software Development, (2) billion-level concurrent cloud Server system development, (3) EB-level cloud storage System development, (4) Cloud Computing Center Network Large-capacity switch development.

From the perspective of historical experience, the key to the effectiveness of this planning is to put the guiding principle of "application demand-oriented" into the system mechanism. This application should not be stuck in the "application" level of the example before acceptance, and should be really combined with industrialization. In this regard, the Ministry of Technology and the Ministry of Industry need to rationalize relations.

(d) Conducting typical application demonstrations to promote industrial development

From the actual operation, the NDRC and the Ministry of Technology attach considerable importance to the application of demonstrations, especially local applications. The application demonstration of the Ministry of Science and Technology planning focuses on the government Public service field, the Regional cloud computing public service demonstration system, and the key industry application demonstration.

Iii. Planning Cloud Computing from the perspective of information industry development

According to media disclosure, the Ministry of Industry is developing a cloud computing industrial strategic planning.

As a competent department of industry, the Ministry of Industry has been striving to promote the development of China's cloud computing from the angle of industrial development, since 2008, it has issued about 300 IDC licences, which have become the foundation of cloud industry development. Ministry of Industry and the NDRC in October 2010 jointly issued the "on the cloud computing Services innovation and development of the pilot demonstration work of the notice", called for the cloud computing and other strategic emerging industries to adopt an active support promotion policy, and in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Five cities such as Wuxi first launched the pilot demonstration work of cloud computing innovation development. 2011, supported the establishment of more than 200 enterprises to participate in the China Cloud Computing Base Alliance to guide the Alliance to the local data centers for integrated planning.

Comprehensive information, we try to sum up the Ministry of Industry in the development of cloud computing industries to strengthen the planning and guidance of some feasible ideas:

First, to strengthen the planning and guidance and rational layout, the overall planning of the national cloud computing infrastructure and cloud computing services industry development, support the formation of regional characteristics, industry characteristics of cloud computing applications.

Combined with the development of software industry and the application demand of the two integration, we should speed up the research and formulation of cloud computing industry development Strategy, and carry out cloud computing planning to guide the development of cloud computing industry. Enhance the control of cloud computing and application, strengthen the planning demonstration and approval of the local cloud computing center, restrain the duplication construction and improper investment, and pay attention to increase the purchasing power of domestic hardware and software products and equipments. One opinion is that the development of cloud computing industry in China should be based on the local application and promote the industry cloud gradually become the main form of cloud computing in China at this stage. To master in various industries, each vertical department of valuable data mining, timely delivery of services. In the aspect of industrial development, we should build autonomous and controllable cloud computing hardware core equipment and cloud operating system, from cloud computing infrastructure to operation, then to software service to promote the development of all the manufacturers in the whole industrial chain, and to improve the industrial layout together.

1) Focus on software and information technology services, information security industry, such as "Twelve-Five" planning implementation. Optimize the industrial layout and promote the development of industrial agglomeration. Vigorously promote China's software city, software and information Services demonstration base construction, and promote the software industry in the major cities agglomeration development and become stronger. The organization implements the National Software Public Service platform special, innovates the service operation mode, consummates the Industrial public service system. The Ministry of Industry's emphasis on the development of cloud computing industries on the basis of software services is understandable, and there is a need to further see the frontier trend that large data may redefine the state of the business.

2 Accelerate the development of emerging industries, and constantly broaden the application market. Grasp the trend of ICT integration, support the information Technology services business Support tools research and development and service products, and accelerate the cultivation of the next generation of internet, mobile Internet, IoT environment, such as the emerging service industry. Development of manufacturing-oriented producer services, support for the development of productive services in areas with good foundation and expansion of VAT, and gradually expand to other conditional areas on the basis of experience. Emphasis on producer services, this is another feature of the Ministry of Industry. Cloud computing in the two deep integration, to promote the formation of modern industrial system play an active role.

3 cultivate leading backbone enterprises and deepen industrial chain cooperation. Strengthen the classification of guidance, and strive to cultivate a group of advanced management level, innovative ability, scale efficiency, market competitiveness of the leading enterprises. Guide the backbone enterprises to play the role of radiation, for small micro-enterprises and new enterprises to create a good environment for innovation. Comb the work flow, promote the rational flow and allocation of innovative resources, accelerate the establishment of political and research (according to: here is not only the production and research) work together system. Grasping the leading enterprise is the tradition and advantage of the industrial sector, and it is the important hand to realize industrialization of the application.

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