Strong momentum of Cross-border electricity business: Ministry of Commerce plans to introduce support measures

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In the traditional import and export encounter "severe winter", China's cross-border e-commerce development momentum is unusually strong, and therefore by the relevant departments concerned.

Danyang, a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, said 23rd at a news conference that the Ministry of Commerce is working with relevant departments to study and strive for the early introduction of specific policy measures to support cross-border E-commerce to promote exports, including: standardize the trade system, set trade standards, strengthen payments, improve cross-border logistics, research export rebates, etc. We are now holding a quick consultation with the relevant departments and hope to introduce them as soon as possible. ”

With the development of electronic information technology and economic globalization, the position and role of electronic commerce in international trade is becoming more and more important, which has become the future development trend of China's foreign trade.

Cross-border electronic commerce refers to the production and trade enterprises or individuals through e-commerce means, the traditional trade in the display, negotiation and transaction links digitized, electronic, to achieve product import and export of new trade methods.

The reporter learned that the current Cross-border E-commerce in China is mainly divided into enterprises (business-to-business) and enterprises to consumers (consumer) trade model. In business-to-business mode, enterprises use E-commerce to advertising and information dissemination, transaction and customs clearance process Basic online completion, essentially still a traditional trade, has been included in the Customs general trade statistics. In the mode of business, China's enterprises directly facing foreign consumers, to sell personal consumer goods mainly, logistics, mainly the use of aviation packets, mail, courier and other means, the main body of the declaration is the postal or courier companies, most of which are not included in the customs registration.

Take Yiwu area, this is the world's largest small commodity market, products are mainly sold to all over the world, the Territory's Cross-border e-commerce development very quickly. Some data show that in the first half of this year Yiwu sent out a parcel of about 150,000 packages. These mails have the air parcel, the mail, The courier and so on the way, all is uses the electronic commerce the way to conclude a transaction. Such a large number of goods to the diplomatic shipments, through the overseas E-commerce way to deal with the trade, but most of the current has not been included in the scope of the customs.

Danyang said that Cross-border E-commerce is a new way of foreign trade development, but also an effective way for enterprises to expand overseas marketing channels, enhance China's brand competitiveness and realize the transformation and escalation of China's foreign Trade, the Ministry of Commerce has always been giving active support.

Previously, business has carried out a number of promotional work, such as the selection of Alibaba fast-selling, Dunhuang Network, China Manufacturing Network and China Prudential Business Network, such as a number of home appliances (market zone) sub-business platform, as the Ministry of Commerce's key recommendations for the development of foreign trade Third-party E-commerce platform, developed a special It has made clear the function of enhancing the foreign trade of e-commerce platform, promoted the enterprise to use E-commerce platform to carry out foreign trade level, and increased the support policy of using E-commerce platform to carry out foreign trade.

The above work has begun to bear fruit. According to statistics, in 2011, China's Cross-border e-commerce turnover amounted to 1.6 trillion yuan. 2012 years about 2 trillion yuan, fast growth.

Recently, the State Council issued a "on the promotion of import and export steady growth, adjust the structure of a number of views," clearly put forward to actively study, to solve the cross-border e-commerce approach to export goods encountered by the relevant issues, promote the cross-border development of E-commerce. According to Danyang, the Ministry of Commerce, in addition to continuing to do the work that has already been done, is working with relevant departments to study and strive for the early introduction of specific policy measures to support cross-border E-commerce promotion of exports.

These policy measures mainly include: standardizing trade system, setting trade standards, strengthening payment, perfecting Cross-border Logistics, studying export tax rebate, etc. "There are a lot of issues that need to be addressed, and we are now working with the authorities to get them out soon," he said. "Danyang said.

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