Su Ning proposes to set up electric business finance company theory maximum annual coupon 82.12 million yuan

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"Http://" >techweb report December 6 News, Suning Appliances (002024, shares bar) announced yesterday, Company wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Suning Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is to be associated with the relevant party Suning Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd. jointly funded the establishment of "Chongqing Suning Microfinance Co., Ltd.".

It is reported that Suning small loan company registered capital of 300 million yuan, of which the Hong Kong Suning Capital 75%, Suning Electric Group investment 25%. At present, the matter has been approved by the Zhongqing financial work office, but it still needs the approval of the foreign investment authorities in Chongqing, before it can deal with business establishment and foreign investment formalities.

Suning in the announcement that, with Suning easy to purchase accelerated construction of open platform and category expansion, more and more suning suppliers, especially small micro-suppliers will face the problem of financing difficulties. Suning Small Loan Company will help small micro-enterprises to solve the financing problem. In addition, small loan companies will enrich the company's financial services products for the company to bring a stable income.

According to Everbright Securities (601788, stock bar) analyst Tang Jia from the data simple calculation shows that suning small loan company registered capital of 300 million yuan, according to five out of 10,000 of the daily interest rate to calculate, if all credit loans out, the day the highest interest income of 150,000 yuan (300 million yuan *0.05%), the annual interest income of 54.75 million yuan ( Note: Suppose 100% net interest rate, 25% income tax rate, listed company 75% Equity, in the case of not overdraft in the parent company's net profit of up to 30.8 million yuan (54.75 million Yuan *100%*75%*75%), thickened eps 0.004 yuan).

According to reports, at present, within the scope of laws and regulations, the amount of money that a microfinance company obtains from a banking financial institution shall not exceed 50% of the net amount of the capital. So suning small loan maximum can be lent 450 million yuan (300 million yuan *150%), according to five out of 10,000 of the daily interest rate to calculate, the highest annual interest income of 82.125 million yuan (regardless of the additional financing financial costs, we assume 100% net interest rate, 25% income tax rate, listed companies 75% Equity, The net profit of the parent company under overdraft is up to 46.195 million yuan (82.125 million Yuan *100%*75%*75%), and the thickness of EPS is 0.006 yuan.

Beijing-East and Ali have launched supply chain financial services before. Data show that, as of the end of June 2012, mainly responsible for the operation of Alibaba's small loan company Ali Financial business unit, has accumulated more than 129,000 small micro-enterprises to provide financing services, the total amount of loans over 26 billion yuan. In July 20, 2012, Ali Financial realized a single day interest income of 1 million yuan, according to this calculation, Ali financial interest income will reach 365 million yuan. (Tao Chi)

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