Suning 300 million established a small loan company to enter the financial field successively

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Big companies lend small companies to quench their thirst

The small loan business, which once belonged to a professional financial institution, is being eaten up by more and more foreign people. December 5 evening, Suning appliances (002024, shares bar) announced the announcement, Hong Kong suning appliances and Suning Appliance Group jointly funded the launch of the establishment of "Chongqing Suning Microfinance Co., Ltd.". Previously, Alibaba, Jingdong Mall and so on have built up a financial platform.

Suning 300 million prepares small loan company

Suning Bulletin shows that suning small loan company registered capital for 300 million yuan. With the expansion of suning, more and more suning suppliers, especially the small micro-suppliers will face the problem of financing difficulties. Suning Small Loan Company will help small micro-enterprises to solve the financing problem.

In the financial sector, Su Ning may face the same fierce competition as the consumer market. One of its major competitors in the field of E-commerce, Jingdong Mall in mid-November has begun to introduce its supply chain financial services to suppliers, and on November 29 with the Bank of China (601988, shares) announced the launch of the supply chain financial services.

And Alibaba, Amazon and other electric dealers have already entered the field of supply chain finance, and constantly expand their financial map. Suning announced the establishment of a small loan company on the same day, there are rumors that Alibaba micro-loan business will be landed in Guangzhou, before, Alibaba has successively in Chongqing and Zhejiang set up a small loan company.

Small micro-enterprises have a new way to finance

Unlike banks, the electric quotient gene makes these "late" people almost natural customer resources.

At present, there are two main models for the distribution of financial services by domestic electric dealers, one is to play the role of security, the other is to lend with bank funds, and the other is to use their own funds to lend directly. Their customers are mainly small micro-enterprises in the supply chain. In the context of international demand and slowing domestic economic growth, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises cash flow tightened, and banks have reduced the credit loans to small and medium-sized businesses.

Small micro-enterprises have a new way of financing. "When the raw material enterprises have high bargaining power, the manufacturer will be required to pay in advance, that is, the order payment." Now, in the case of insufficient funds, they can take the order to loan, or take the goods of the existing warehouse as a mortgage loan. Lower than the threshold of the banks. One industry insider said.

The electric business is also quite "money" in finance

On the other hand, the electric business platform in the control of financial risk compared to the bank more information advantages, Suning insiders told reporters, "electric business platform to grasp the capital flow, logistics and business flows, such as multidimensional information, can not control the financial product risk into the supply chain business of the controllable risk." ”

The Electronic Business platform relies on financial means to increase customer stickiness and is highly likely to reap substantial rewards. Yesterday, the industry expected, according to five out of 10,000 of the daily rate to calculate, suning small loans Company's highest annual interest income of 82.125 million yuan. Data show that, as of the end of June 2012, mainly responsible for the operation of Alibaba's small loan company Ali Financial business unit, has accumulated more than 129,000 small micro-enterprises to provide financing services, the total amount of loans over 26 billion yuan. In July 20, 2012, Ali Financial realized a single day interest income of 1 million yuan, according to this calculation, Ali Financial annual interest income will reach 365 million yuan.

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