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In the view of Su Ning Chairman Jindong, the spring of the retail enterprise is coming, and the electric trader will play an important role. However, as a "successor" of the industry, Su Ning does not want to be in the Ali Department of the electric Business platform in silence, also do not want to accompany the Beijing east to burn money, it needs to establish their own set of rules of the game in order to achieve differentiated competition.

Suning Appliance (002024, share) renamed Suningyun Business

February 19, Suning electric appliance in Shenzhen stock issued a notice, the company's name will be changed from "Suning Electric Appliance Co., Ltd." to "Suningyun Group Co., Ltd." to better business scope and business model to adapt. Suning said in the announcement, will build for internal staff management cloud, supplier-oriented supply cloud and consumer-oriented consumer cloud, and gradually promote the "cloud services" model of the overall market-oriented operation.

February 21, Suning chairman Jindong officially announced the decision at the Nanjing headquarters, and highlighted the new one-year enterprise organizational structure adjustment and new V I system, which was just concluded in the spring work deployment.

"Cloud business is a new model of Suning, the core of the cloud is based on the cloud technology, integrated and open suning front desk backstage, the Fusion open Suning line on-line, service entire industry, service entire guest group." Jindong said, Yun Su suning not only to do the line, but also to do the line, not only to do the shop, but also to do the electricity business, but also to do retail service providers.

Around the "cloud quotient" model, Suning has made a comprehensive adjustment to the organizational structure, the biggest change is from the original matrix-type organization into a career group organization.

According to Suningyun Vice President Mengxiangxie introduced, Suning in the headquarters management level set up a chain of development, marketing, service logistics, financial information, administrative personnel five management headquarters, responsible for strategic planning, standard-setting, planning control, coordination of the operation of the business group work.

And in the headquarters management level, Suning built online e-commerce, under-line chain platform and commodity operating three major business headquarters, covering the entity products, content products, service products three categories of 28 business unit, forming a "platform sharing + Vertical synergy" Business portfolio, support line under the integration of the development and the whole category expansion. Enhanced professional segmentation, giving each business unit more operational autonomy and flexibility.

Jindong "Rethinking" the way of electric business

In the heart of Jindong, there has been such a complex, that is, Su Ning as a "Wal-Mart + Amazon" Super service provider.

As early as last June 19, suning high-profile release of "2011-2020 New decade Development strategy", Jindong from the chain of noodles, performance, marketing, E-commerce and other aspects of the target is expected, and "put down malicious words": suning in 2020 will become the total number of stores 3,500, sales scale of 650 billion yuan ( Line 350 billion, line 300 billion) of the Big Mac.

However, in a short period of six months, Su Ning will be before the planning to push back to adjust long-term strategy. Industry analyst, this is because the strategy formulated six months ago is simply no way to complete: do not take into account the online suning income, Suning line Real store income 2012 years ago three quarter negative growth 1%, stores also from the annual net new increase of more than 300 to negative growth, the line has been shrinking has no possibility to grow. Therefore, online income has become the only growth point of Suning's future income. In order to adapt to the changes in the new situation, the online business needs to inject more resources, the strategy adjustment is inevitable.

In addition, in the field of electric business, despite the rapid development, but Suning is after all a "successor", the first step of the Ali department and a lot of burning the money of the Jingdong has occupied most of the market share in this industry, Su Ning to use the former two models to shake the situation is very difficult.

After the experience of Su Ning easy to purchase the groping, Jindong to the electric business has its own new understanding. He thinks: First, the main force of electronic commerce should be the shop merchant, and should not be the electricity quotient, regardless of the store merchant or the electricity merchant, the retail profit essence all depends on the localization management and the service; Secondly, the development of E-commerce should be led by the retail enterprises, not by the electric business service providers, E-commerce is the real economy is not a virtual economy, Virtual economy leading real economy will inevitably lead to bubble economy.

Based on this thinking, Suning made a comprehensive adjustment within the company:

The first is the reversal of the departmental structure. Suning headquarters was originally based on the function of the establishment of seven major management headquarters, and now the group headquarters to all the business into online e-commerce, offline entity chain, commodity business headquarters three major (operating headquarters responsible for commodity management, and according to the category divided into 28 divisions), and then to the various regions to implement.

Secondly, comply with the "Suning staff to do electric business" direction, the decision-making level of the new introduction of many members of the electrical business. For example, Suning easy to buy executive Vice President Li Bin promoted to the E-commerce Operations center of the President, and also the group President Assistant; responsible for the digital applications/Cloud products Division of the Gu Wei promotion to the President of the Office, Taokinghai, responsible for the operation of the line chain platform operating headquarters Tian Rui become the group President Assistant.

Third, Suning is no longer independent and to the group, the procurement function by the group's commodity Management headquarters recovery, by the group to be responsible for all types of commodity management, no longer distinguish between lines on line.

Su Ning put forward a grand concept, but the industry people on the "cloud business model" is not optimistic.

Industry veteran Observer Liu Buzhong said that Suning senior use of "Management cloud", "supply Cloud", "consumer cloud" and many other new concepts, but these concepts are actually just Su Ning's framework, is an immature idea of expression.

In other words, Su Ning's own future development may not want to understand, Liu Buzhong said: "Suningyun business in the" cloud quotient "what means? What is the essential difference between a cloud merchant and a traditional business? How to realize the transformation from the traditional commercial cloud business? These questions Jindong and Su Ning really want to understand? I don't think so. "

and well-known electric business analyst Li Chengdong said, no matter how suning do, users buy things in Suning, the focus is only goods, prices and services.

"Su Ning's adjustment, can let Suning's commodity richness increase?" Can make Suning's commodity price cheaper? Or can you significantly improve the service quality of suning? "Li Chengdong said" Retail is a marathon, not a city pool gains and losses, building a large-scale growth of the foundation is the key. Retail is done, what supply chain finance, big data, also natural. Retail does not do well, other "cloud quotient" concept, like water in the moon mirror flower, is meaningless.

Not only that, in the electric business operation, Su Ning still has a lot of homework to be repaired. "In the 2012, Suning's development did not grasp the rhythm of the electrical quotient, in the premise of the first assessment of sales, in the supplier management, user experience, supply chain efficiency and so on are not satisfactory." "Li Chengdong said.

Another household electrical appliances dealers are worried about, Suning will brand online sales of goods to sell on line, which will disrupt the brand's channel system. Although Su Ning also actively explores the electric quotient, but Suning's thinking essence is the store logic.

In this regard, columnist Jinguo Knife also believes that the traditional enterprise has a very deep inertia, is like to use their own traditional experience to define the Internet, and finally brought themselves to the pit. Suning this time renaming is made this one inertia error: "Cloud" This word is still in the conceptual stage, Su Ning renamed "Pong" on the "cloud" is just catching up with the new fashion.

In fact, there are suning insiders revealed that the future of Su Ning's online, offline how the synergy, the rules are not set down. In other words, the current "cloud quotient" is still in the conceptual stage.

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