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After the red child, is toward cosmetics clothing category vertical electric business expansion.

In the cold winter of the vertical electric business, Suning's large mergers and acquisitions are in full swing.

December 6, Suning easy to purchase announced, and maternal and infant vertical electricity Shanghong Children 3 months of resource integration, red children and plantronics Two of the rapid growth of the site, become the pioneer of Suning easy to purchase subdivision category.

But it is obvious that suning is more likely to buy more than red children. Since the red children are easy to buy by Suning 66 million dollars in the bag, who will be the next red child aroused speculation.

Acquisition Map

Suning Tesco is launching large-scale mergers and acquisitions is the consensus of the industry, but who will be the next acquisition object, not only Suning is tight-lipped, the industry is often discussed fiercely, opinions. However, with the appearance of the hearsay, Suning's purchase and acquisition map is now in the beginning.

At present, the industry's hottest rumored object is the vertical shoe electric dealer good buy. It is said that the good music to buy into the plight of capital tense, is seeking to sell.

Have familiar with Su Ning easy to buy the industry personage said to the reporter, "Good happy Buy founder Luming indeed to Nanjing and Suning easy to buy to negotiate, but the two sides in addition to the difference in valuation, in the merger or the issue of a stake is deadlocked." He also revealed that Suning is not a good buy the only negotiation object.

The purchase of Suning is clearly planned. Suning easy to buy President Jingun had announced, Suning easy to purchase the first breakthrough category is mother and child and footwear. After the acquisition of the Red Child, Suning easy to buy the current round of acquisitions, are facing female users of cosmetics, apparel category vertical electric business expansion. Suning is now easy to buy rumors of acquisition of objects are also more belong to these categories.

Electrical Business Observer Ruzenwang to reporters, mother and child products with high customer loyalty and customer stickiness, and maternal and child market-related products, cross strong, mother and child and the surrounding market space is very large.

These people told reporters that the recent sharp layoffs and declared ready to go public goods are very likely to be acquired. According to the reporter understand, where the customer prudential goods before and Suning easy to purchase in the logistics and other aspects reached a deep cooperation. In addition, Massamasso, Mai Lin, Dream Bazaar, le bee Several electric dealers are said to have had contact with suning Tesco.

However, the goal is to constantly open up new categories of suning easy to buy, will be more categories of vertical electric dealers in the bag. In the first half of this year, Suning easy to buy Travel Channel, wine channel, mother and Child channel, lottery channel online. Since August this year, Suning easy to buy financial products channel insurance business online. Suning Tesco vice President Li Bin has revealed that the next step, Suning will be easy to buy in medicine products, food and other aspects of expansion.

Su Ning Vice Chairman Weimin stressed that "red children will be the future of Suning as a series of E-commerce integration template."

It is clear that a wholly-owned takeover is the main strategy of the present. This has been affirmed by these people. "Now the vertical electric business day is not easy, and suning Tesco private contact with many enterprises, but each have their own abacus did not talk about." Su Ning wants to take over the whole, but the electric dealers just want to get silver from suning. "He disclosed that some time ago Su Ning buys Massamasso not to talk about, is this reason."

Sales tasks behind mergers and acquisitions

At present, the electric business capital market is gradually cooling, relatively short of money for the vertical electric business, carrying 20 billion of liquidity, and through the targeted issuance and issuance of corporate debt financing 12.7 billion yuan of Su Ning in the negotiations undoubtedly emboldened. At the same time, Suning easy to purchase the storm-style mergers and acquisitions also has a close relationship with the performance of the electric business.

Suning easy to buy at the beginning of this year set a 20 billion yuan sales, there are still 10 billion or so failed to achieve. "Suning easy to buy 20 billion yuan this year's sales target, estimated to rely on mergers and acquisitions realized." "These people told reporters," Su Ning bought red children this year, red Children's financial data are expected to be counted in the fourth quarter of suning earnings. ”

On the other hand, in the declining performance, Suning easy to buy success or failure of Su Ning is crucial. According to the 2012.5 annual report released by Suning, the first half of this year, suning total operating income of 47.2 billion yuan, an increase of 6.69%, of which offline store sales revenue fell 10.38% year-on-year.

In addition, Suning easy purchase is also a rapid rich category, impact on the scale of sales initiatives. Li bin said to reporters that the end of this year, Suning SKU Total will reach 1.5 million.

In addition, the platform-type electric dealer's high profit also makes Suning easy to purchase firm Big Platform Electric Trader's determination. Su Yanyan, an analyst at Eric Consulting, said that platform-type Business-to-consumer and the profit margin of the proprietary consumer were very large, with platform-type Business-to-consumer earning a maximum of 30%, while the 3C-class consumer was only 3% to 5%.

The above people said that Suning has been in the double 11 to achieve the bright eye performance of the cat as "holding the telescope can not see" opponents. December 3, Alibaba announced that this year, Taobao and cat year total turnover has exceeded 1 trillion yuan.

Electric Business platform Breakout battle

Suning easy to buy large-scale mergers and acquisitions, there is a deeper reason that this is a major electric power companies have to carry out a platform war.

In the open platform on the hurricane is not only suning easy to buy. Jingdong Mall CEO Liu (Weibo) has said that the second half of this year, a large number of electric business enterprises will be closed down, and Jingdong will also launch a large-scale acquisition. And just the reorganization of Gome, its Bowser network has announced to fully enter the platform of the electric business.

"It can be imagined that the competition for mergers and acquisitions, the market share, a few big electric dealers have a tough battle to fight." "The industry personage said to the reporter, the vertical electricity merchant website and these several electric dealer all have contact, grabs, see who can make a good price."

And Suning Tesco is recruiting for next year's platform war. Ruzenwang on micro-blog revealed that 2013 Suning easy to buy recruitment plan is astonishing, the planned number of recruitment is enough to become the Top 5 Power Corps team size. At the same time, Suning is also ready for the financial sector.

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