Taking No. 1th Store as an example, this paper analyzes the 8-step business strategy framework of enterprise e-commerce

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Has had the opportunity to contact the Wharton School professor to the traditional enterprise implementation of E-commerce strategic layout, feel very practical, simple through a picture can be the enterprise's E-commerce business framework to speak thoroughly. Today, I combine this tool to explain the business architecture strategy of e-business in conjunction with the No. 1th store I served.

1, Service Target: Enterprise strategic planning from the choice of customers start, shop 1th set up at the beginning, the service object is the network crowd in the supermarket, so the beginning of the line to Carrefour and other people are our core focus on the crowd, rather than the pan crowd.

2, Value provision: The customer is clear, to address the value of why customers buy from you rather than from competitors, the 1th store was set up to select 3 customer values from a variety of values: discounted prices, a good user experience, and unmet category needs (providing food and beverage, Mother and baby These competitors are not involved in the product line, we choose to locate the time must be in accordance with the lack of competition, consumer demand and its own can do a good job of the value of the three combined) a clear value positioning can be small broad, 1th store start-up time only used a very limited funds, but assume the beginning of a broad, business, capital, Time is scattered, there is no today.

3, the output results for the product, information and services: Our product line positioning clear, on the contraction, the beginning of the business of the first to retain food and beverage, mother and child, beauty and home four categories, excluding books, clothing and other product lines, employing a large number of part-time students to assist product managers to improve the performance of products on the Internet, At the same time, the Chairman of the very important user experience feedback, every day through the company's system of consumer feedback the first time to solve the problem from various departments, which is also the number 1th store can quickly grow a major reason, because the effective enterprise is more through and end customer dialogue to solve the internal department problems, Rather than company executives making their own heads.

4, resources and assets Capacity: manifested in the field of knowledge and rights, shop 1th through the Labor manager's hard search, found the leaders of various departments, so the early days of the establishment, soon network a group of professionals to promote business development, organizational capital, the application of a large number of technical patents, 1th store brand trademark protection, relationship capital, Shop number 1th quickly and industry partners to establish a strategic partnership, although the business was very small, but the founder with the company's beautiful development vision and excellent team two weapons and various partners to establish a strategic cooperative relationship, such as from Shanghai's logistics cooperation Shangte can get the industry the lowest price per single distribution.

5. Process: is to solve the system level of what to do, shop No. 1th at that time the number of IT staff is the most departments, developed a lot of systems, management is also the system than people, all departments in Tuesday KPI meeting in charge of the department to use the quantitative KPI performance to communicate business opportunities and challenges and improve the program, The Marketing department I'm responsible for is starting with new and old customers, customer source and other important KPI segmentation clear, from the system can get yesterday's clear data of the KPI to help decision-making, and peace of cooperation is also a number of communication, through the cooperation process, peace tens of thousands of employees for our initial contribution to a certain amount of traffic. In the past few years, although the turnover rate of shop 1th is quite high, but the business continues to grow, I think the founder's attention to the system is an important reason.

6, Partners: partners are divided into vertical and horizontal partners. For the business directly to bring performance for the upstream and downstream partners, upriver suppliers have products such as Procter and Gamble suppliers, downstream of the peace passenger flow partners, special can be logistics partners, GLP Park provides a good warehousing partners. Wal-Mart now shares the number 1th store, should be able to provide in many ways the operation of Shop No. 1th. and horizontal partners, defined as can help the company indirectly improve product service value and maintain good customer relationship suppliers, such as heard that shop 1th 2012 from the beginning of a professional customer relationship to maintain the company to help improve customer relationship management and other measures is the good use of horizontal partner skills. My feeling is that shop No. 1th is smart is not to negotiate with the wind, from the very beginning to find to bring their own real business promotion of strategic investors.

7, Profit mode: At present, the larger the greater the loss of electricity, because it is still in the enclosure period. One does not pay attention to profitability and explains that future profit patterns are against commercial nature. And the real good profits are lasting, not circle money short-sighted, otherwise there will be trouble, good profit model is not the eye of the economy, personal experience is usually said very large, very new, the beginning of a lot of business areas, short-term can be tens of billions of of the basic is not feasible, here is not named. At the same time profit to pay attention to security, shop number 1th in the first few months to open the operating services, can share the current fixed costs, but also a new source of profit.

8, Income growth mode: Income growth model can be divided into customer axis, product axis and position axis. The customer axis can be supplied to the individual consumer's tangible products outside, store 1th also provides a mobile phone recharge and other intangible services products to increase customer stickiness, of course, set up at the beginning of the implementation of the Enterprise group buy also to shop 1th brought a certain proportion of income, economic crisis, we and a bank at the end of the year to a large extent to raise the income of the month The product axis is growing with the company, in the first half of this year I participated in the Electric Business Forum, Gege chairman in the General Assembly said that one of the 2012 business focus is to expand the category, I think the platform of the electric companies are all from different product lines started, but the final basic will converge, category expansion is the only way, but must have a The sense of play and clear positioning analysis, otherwise there will be a customer last year's product expansion problem. Finally is the position axis, the national layout must be gradually realized, is the scale big bridgehead, but needs the capital behind the support.

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