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What is large data? To give a simple example, Cang Jing empty debut 11, Works 483, Yoshizawa step debut 5 years, Works 815 department, and Cang teacher 19-Year-old debut, this year immediately 31 years old, Yoshizawa teacher 25 years old debut, this year will be 30 years old. What do you mean by professionalism? What do you mean, love and dedication? Who is "> Otaku goddess?" Glance! The toilet paper makers should know who to look for. Let's say Hatano ... Well, forget, the recent net net action is in full swing, here omitted 200,000 words ...

All the teachers back away, but have to say something about the bed. The spread of sleep enough 8 hours a day is the best sleep state, folk also often said, "Chunkun summer nap, sleep not awake winter March", I big celestial people can really sleep ah. But is that so? Of course not! The next set of data gave us a big surprise.

The average sleep of the Chinese (by internet users) is 7.07 hours, while the first-tier city users sleep for only 6.95 hours and stay up to 20.9%. According to statistics, even in the most sleepy city of Hohhot, the average sleep is only 7.33 hours, not reached 8 hours.

Men were more able to stay up late than women, 4.7% higher. The average life expectancy of Chinese men is 71 years, and women are 74 years old, and the gap of 3 is all in bed.

The main force is staying up late, Occupy 31.5% of the whole night army. When he was young, he could write for two sleepless days, now ... Glued to the pillow straight out of the past, old, where the time went ah!

In love with netizens than single netizens sleep 18 minutes, after all, is the physical life, you understand. On the contrary, lonely people are shameful, less dot net, more time chasing sister, you do not have to be lonely 18 minutes early to get up!

Why are people so fond of staying up late? 44.8% of the people in the video, to say that the American drama or Korean dramas This is a bit guilty, the real beauty powder son and Korean brain residue is not late at night after the play, because that time out of the "raw meat", no subtitles how to see? What video will that be, give you a catalogue ... This goes to omit 200,000 Japanese characters.

There are still playing games, occupy 43.8%, this proportion should be authentic, I believe that played the World of Warcraft mixed the Guild's Dick Silk are deeply sympathetic, maybe a trench fought the brothers.

The remaining ratio is reading and calling, the former 90% is a student group, and the phone is almost all lovers in love ... There are lovers in love, anyway the ultimate goal is to sleep more than 18 minutes and work hard.

From the data statistics can be seen, the internet and the popularity of mobile terminals, although the convenience and entertainment of our lives, also brought a lot of negative effects, 2010 -3721.html ">2014 years, just nearly 5 years of time, netizens users of the late night people Rose 8%, The average sleep time dropped by 1 hours and 3 minutes, from the past 8.1 hours down to now 7.07 hours.

Due to the long stay or lying posture, netizens and physical exercise is gradually further away. According to statistics, 2014 Chinese men's overweight obesity rate is 39.8%, 50.9% of people in a row for 5 years of weight only rose not drop; women's overweight obesity rate is 38.7%, 49.3% of the past 5 years have been growing fat. In the past 10 years, people have grown in weight almost equal to the weight of Westerners in the past 30 years. At the same time, the growth of diabetes, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction ...

As for this, the data set out is sufficient to warn you that when you go to bed early, your body is the capital of revolution. In fact, life is made up of a variety of data, everything can be explained by data, we need is to integrate the data one by one analysis.

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