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With the development of network technology, Web application is becoming more and more widely used in enterprise promotion, trade exchange and other fields with its advantages of high efficiency, multifunction and low cost. The Web application covers a wide range of content, different application types for the server requirements are not the same, so to build a set of web systems, as the application support of the server platform is very important. Here are some test data and empirical analysis to talk to you about what kind of server the Web application should choose as the basis.

E-commerce system:

E-commerce system will generally have a mall system or product Library system, add some information or news system, overall size is not very large, the requirements of the hardware system is not high, but more attention to security, like many small and medium-sized production enterprises and product distributors have this type of web system, for this kind of application, Standard configuration of the 1U P4 server is enough to deal with, as for network bandwidth, due to the volume of traffic is not large, the amount of data is not, so IDC room 100M sharing is enough.

operation caching System PRESCOTT p4,512m memory Storage System single SATA hard disk network system IDC room 100M sharing Solution Contact Server leasing business provider, machine and network access together to solve the total cost of the annual rental fee of about 6000 yuan

Network Community System:

Network Community system is to provide a variety of information exchange or related consumer entertainment services, used to attract access to the web system, specifically, such as a variety of forum systems, text chat rooms, Bulletin trading system is this nature. Such applications because the higher the popularity of the better, so the need for bandwidth is relatively large, in addition, because these systems real-time information and dynamic information accounted for a large proportion, so often need to compile the CPU code at the same time often to query the database, a lot of temporary data will occupy a system memory as a cache, So like this kind of application to the system overall system requirements are relatively high, it is recommended to use Nocona platform, if it is a large number of traffic should also use dual nocona+10m exclusive bandwidth to solve.

Operation caching System (general requirements) Nocona xeon,1-2g memory

(high requirements) dual Nocona xeon,2g above memory storage system (normal requirements) SCSI

(medium requirements) SATA RAID 0

(high requirements) SCSI RAID 0 Network system (General medium requirements) IDC room 100M sharing

(High requirements) IDC Room 10M Exclusive solution (ordinary medium requirements) Contact the server leasing business provider, machine and network access to resolve

(High request) to purchase a high configuration server, in the IDC hosted, select 10M Exclusive bandwidth expenditure (ordinary medium requirements) annual total rental fee of about 15000-20000 Yuan

(High request) server 25000 Yuan + hosting cost 50000-60000 yuan per year

Video Audio system:

The use of network video, audio conferencing can save enterprises a lot of parliamentary funding, and the network video chat room and voice chat room also become popular place, if the web system is mainly used in this area, then the requirements are relatively high, the larger video conferencing system proposed to find a special system integrators to solve, They have a full set of programs at the same time can provide a complete service support; if it is small and medium application, generally divided into point-to-point, point-to-point and multiple point to multiple points:

Point-to-Point: Generally is the instant messaging tool often brings the video/voice chat function, most of the use of Peer-to-peer design, video data without the server, the server is responsible for the two of the client's brief online information to save, and a large number of media streaming data is directly from the two chat client for mutual transmission; There is hardly any large resource requirement for the server;

Point to multiple points: the most typical application is the network multimedia classroom, the teacher an endpoint with a number of student endpoints at the same time session. Small software is the teacher-side responsible for sending and receiving media streaming data to all students, in this way, the classroom-side machine and network bandwidth load is very large, can not adapt to large-scale teaching, so the larger multimedia teaching system will be a server for media streaming data collection and forwarding, to reduce the pressure on the teacher side, In this case, the server's bandwidth has a certain pressure, but there is no pressure on the operation of the media stream data, because the compression code and restore decoding are resolved on the terminal, so the CPU memory requirements are not high;

Point to point: This application is the most typical of the enterprise network video conferencing, each attendee can hear other people's speeches, also can choose to view other people's video information according to the actual need, so this kind of application must use the server carries on the media stream data The collection forwarding, reduces each client's pressure, however, So the network bandwidth pressure of the server is very large, this kind of application does not need the server to carry on the media stream data operation;

The following data can be used as a reference:

operation caching System Nocona XEON,1G memory Storage System SATA network system (General requirements) IDC room 100M sharing

(high demand) IDC Room 10M Exclusive Solution Contact Server leasing business provider, machine and network access together to solve expenses (general requirements) The annual total rental fee of about 12000-15000 Yuan

(medium and high requirements) the annual total rental fee of about 65000-75000 yuan
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