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"Cloud computing" is one of the hottest words in the industry today. However, it is not a novelty.

"To make computing, like water and electricity, readily available to users as a public resource." "This is the father of artificial intelligence McCarthy more than 50 years ago, in fact, that is the embryonic form of cloud computing." With high performance computing, as well as the evolution of key technologies such as the Internet and virtualization, cloud computing is stepping closer to our work and life. It has become a truly new way of delivering and using IT resources, providing us with omnipotent computing and storage applications.

The development of mobile Internet makes it more and more urgent for people to get cloud computing services through intelligent terminals. The pattern of acquiring back-end IT resources or services via mobile devices and networks is mobile cloud computing. This is a "COMPUTE + service" pattern, which is the "cloud + end" pattern we usually refer to. With the help of mobile internet, cloud computing has fully played the value of background computing. And this has become the focus of more and more manufacturers.

November 1, 2011 Lenovo Business Technology Development Forum held in Shenzhen. On the topic "Win in the mobile Cloud Era" forum, Lenovo introduced its mobile cloud computing strategy for mobile interconnection commercial market, announced its overall layout in the fields of terminal, application platform and background infrastructure, and demonstrated a variety of mobile interconnection industry solutions for commercial customers. At the same time, Lenovo, together with the industrial chain partners, to build a harmonious and symbiotic mobile cloud computing industry ecosystem concept has begun to bear fruit.

Cloud computing changes work and life

Speaking of the Cloud in life, you may first think of smartphones, and a lot of applications through smartphones, such as mobile internet, location services, information push and so on, they are related to cloud computing and mobile interconnection.

"Two weeks ago, my daughter went on an outing with her classmates. She had a new camera and took a lot of pictures with it. My daughter told me she wanted to share the photos with 50 classmates in the class, but it was a bit of a hassle to burn the CDs or copy the flash drive. She asked me what better way to do it? I think of Lenovo's cloud storage service. It was easy for me to teach her how to upload photos, and then send the link to her classmates. In this way, her classmates can download these photos at any time. ”

This is the senior vice president of Lenovo Group, China's president Chen Xudong personally experienced things. Cloud computing, he says, not only makes people's lives more convenient, but also causes many businesses to change dramatically. "In recent years, we have seen some of the world's leading companies, beginning to gradually try to use cloud computing to deal with the business, or even some of the core business." The New York Times, for example, used cloud computing to turn 11 million files into PDF documents in less than 24 hours, costing only 240 dollars. If you use a computer to do this work, even the most advanced technology will take 10 years. ”

Using cloud computing, not only can improve productivity, but also can significantly reduce costs. BP uses cloud computing to analyze exploration data in its oil and gas fields to replace a mainframe computer made up of tens of thousands of CPUs, not only faster, but also save half the cost. Nowadays, many enterprises adopt the mode of renting out their own computing centers through the purchase of backstage equipment.

Bring value to business customers

Cloud computing and mobile Internet are both highly developed and commercially valuable technologies. It is based on this judgment that Lenovo started the layout of mobile internet and cloud computing as early as five years ago. This is why Lenovo can be in the mobile internet when the tide comes, the first time to launch a music phone smartphone, le pad tablet computer, such as Rich mobile interconnect terminal products.

In the field of commercial computing, Lenovo is committed to building a strong, stable and reliable mobile cloud computing infrastructure, as well as innovative, rich mobile Internet terminal product portfolio to provide customers with business needs of the mobile Internet industry solutions to help customers build end-to-end Mobile Cloud computing Application model, Increase business agility and total value of ownership.

How do you address the diversity and flexibility of your business through information technology while increasing the level of intelligence and automation of IT systems? I think mobile cloud computing can provide you with a solution. "Chen Xudong said, by visiting a large number of business users, Lenovo according to their demand for mobile internet, the industry customers are broadly divided into two categories: the first category is internal users (B2E), they need to use Microsoft or IBM and other manufacturers of software products anytime and anywhere to send and receive mail, need to access the mobile terminal at any time CRM, ERP and other business management system, or into the mobile police, industrial and commercial, tax and other proprietary systems; The second category is the external users of the enterprise, such as finance, insurance, securities and other enterprises outside the user, through these institutions customized mobile terminals, access to mobile banking, mobile insurance, mobile securities and other systems, And the use of second-generation ID card identification and other applications. "Our goal is to meet the needs of the mobile interconnection applications of these two types of users." ”

Four strokes to crack the industry application dilemma

Sunshine Insurance Information Technology department general manager Liu that the information system is a double-edged sword, mobile interconnection in the business to bring convenience, but also to the enterprise brought risks. In particular, mobile Internet terminals have many kinds and complex platforms, so they are worried that IT departments can not control the deployment strategy and security, can not control data exchange, and can not control unauthorized applications.

Lenovo Group vice president, China's major customer Business department general manager Dongfuyau said, after large-scale research, Lenovo found that the concerns of commercial customers mainly in the following six areas: first, can detect which mobile terminals have been connected to the enterprise network; The ability to remotely configure and manage these terminals; third, the ability to establish and remotely enforce established security policies; Finally, whether these terminals can access the enterprise's OA and mailbox system securely; Finally, can separate the personal data from the enterprise data; How to move the existing background applications.

In response to the concerns of industry customers, Lenovo has targeted its own mobile cloud computing industry application solutions.

First, in the terminal, Lenovo for the industry to provide customers with rich, can be deeply customized mobile internet terminals. Based on the deep understanding of Chinese business customers and the accumulation of years of research and development, Lenovo has been able to provide customers with nearly 10 mobile Internet terminal products, such as music phone, le pad and so on. In Lenovo's mobile interconnection terminal products, enterprise users can easily implement SD card data encryption, some interface and function shielding. In addition, Lenovo can also provide users with more than 10 kinds of mobile interconnect peripherals options, including Bluetooth based second-generation ID card reader, Bluetooth scanner and so on. Lenovo has a rigorous connectivity and compatibility test for these option products to ensure seamless adaptation to products such as smartphones and tablets, adding to the depth and breadth of applications for these mobile interconnect devices.

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