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    today we recommend a legendary person, Tang June.
    First, a tang June's narrative gossip, It is Tang June and Bill Gates: In 1985, the Japanese economic indices suddenly red, the economic situation is very good, many economists are not worth why so fast development, it is very incomprehensible that you know why? Because then a young man came to Japan. Then in the 90 's, the Japanese economy was bad, and the five-year growth suddenly stopped, and then the American economy got out of the doldrums and started to grow fast, you know why? At that time a young man left Japan to go to America. Tang June told the story to Gates, asked him from when Microsoft began The turnaround then grew rapidly, Gates said in 94, and Gates said that he would not have come to Microsoft. Tang June said you guessed right, then gates stared at Tang June stunned.

    There is no doubt that the reality of Tang June does not rely on gossip to fix everything, he has a lot of skills, diligence, wisdom, and even a deep grasp of the workplace unspoken rules on the way to the level 1 billion manager. &NBSP
    1, character determines destiny. Tang June feels that character is the core factor of professional manager's success. He even proposed a "successful 4+1" theory--1 representative character, the other 4 separate representatives: diligence, passion, opportunity and wisdom. As long as the character is good, with the other 4 of any can be successful. His standard for good character is quite high: a good character is one who does not criticize any character of others. Perhaps it was because of this that he was constantly correcting himself, and his impulsive human nature was constantly placed in the precise occupations.
   , simple + diligence is the core idea of Tang June's management. You do simple, and finally no one to fight with you, no strokes to win. Diligence is the most important factor to ensure the executive power of an enterprise.
    See a case: Tang June's 12-hour work system. Tang June from just entered the grand time began, insisted on working 12 hours a day, persisted for two years. ' Now it's a bit contrived, ' said Tang, ' Do I really need to sit in the office for 12 hours a day? Not。 But Shanda is entrepreneurial culture, each employee is working 12 hours, if you follow the foreign company 8 hours of work, no one can see you. Must pass these 12 hours, let them in the initial stage to agree with you, said Tang June is also holding entrepreneurial heart to grand work. &NBSP
    2, workplace skills. It is also a few unspoken rules, you must find this unspoken rule. For example, Tang June went to grand, Chen said to him, grand now most need talent, Microsoft is the most talented place, you dig 4, 5. I know he meant to be good, but I am not a person, even secretaries do not take. He was puzzled-don't you like grand, why not want to dig people to grand? Or you can't dig a man? I said, really we do not need to dig a grand, we have a lot of outstanding talent, can fully use the grand talent to go through the course of career development. &NBSP
    3, learn to see light power. When Tang June went to grand, he was "power."Two words have a new understanding. Tian Bridge began to say with my division of labor, I said no, I was assisted you, not to share your Jiangshan, you do not do things, I do. This is my simple philosophy. I believe he has something he does not want to do, can't do or can't do, and these things are my power. &NBSP
    4, learn to communicate cleverly. The relationship between the professional manager and the boss is the most appropriate communication. Tang June and Chen flyover in 4 years did not red once face. Tang June said, encountered situation I will communicate with him, he will come to communicate with me, communication has become a tacit understanding between us. What good is a tacit understanding? What are the benefits of communication? The success of two people are heroes, do not succeed who will not accuse who. Because many decisions in the end have been said not clear is Chen flyover or Tang June's decision. I call it "the sandwich cookie decision", a cookie inside the tang June element has Chen Tianqiao ingredient, everybody participates in. &NBSP
    5, talk to the boss about salary rules. Benefits are important, why do many professional managers eventually choose to start their own business? Because he saw the uneven distribution of benefits. So shares and options are still very important and can make professional managers feel at ease in the enterprise.
    Tang June felt that two kinds of people do not compete with others for profit and value return: The first kind of people just enter the enterprise, the first 5 years do not say you can give me a little more pay, The most important thing is to be able to learn what in the enterprise, is not advantageous to the development. In addition, the pyramid on top of this group of people, also do not with your boss to the set, no need to completely see him. You kick the ball to him and let him decide, but it's even harder. You suggested instead, what does he think you are like? In fact, he already has a scale in mind.

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