Taxi software Stop subsidy experts: need to dig deep "big data"

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Recently, a number of "> media reports, since the Friday, fast, drop a taxi two big taxi software stop on the passenger side of the 3 yuan cash subsidy, Many in order to subsidize the use of taxi software passengers have been in advance "off the field", users use a taxi software enthusiasm decline.

It is understood that the previous quick and drop a taxi has lowered the passenger side subsidy, but then the increase. He had been questioned by the media: When subsidies stopped, users were reduced. Will the taxi software stop the subsidy to fall into the same cycle?

In this respect, the Southeast University Law School associate professor, traffic rule of law and Development Research Center executive Deputy director Gudasun, said that the subsidy stopped, may reduce some of the taxi software users, but after this period of subsidy, taxi software users have achieved large-scale, The stop subsidy is to the faithful user precipitation down, on the other hand, hundreds of millions of yuan of "burning money" can not be long-term sustained, which is a taxi software to stop subsidizing a reason.

It is understood that from January to May this year, the end of 17th, drop by taxi said subsidy of 1.4 billion yuan, a quick taxi means that the amount of subsidy over 1 billion yuan. But the two big taxi software does not think this stop subsidy is for the consideration of funds above, quick disclosure next will "not regularly introduce various forms of preferential activities"; a drop of taxi also said this is a "pause", the future will be "more and more rich Non-cash way to continue to reward passengers."

It is noteworthy that the taxi software to the driver side of the subsidy has not changed. Gudasun that the taxi software for the driver side of the incentive measures will be long-term, which is caused by the domestic market environment. It is understood that the U.S. taxi software Uber not only to the driver end of the subsidy, but also to charge the driver end of 20% Commission. "But this is not advisable in our country, the domestic taxi market has quantitative control, and Uber some of the application scenarios in my domestic legal risks, such as Uber in some areas can help the private car without a taxi license Lanhuo." "Gudasun said.

"But this does not mean that the domestic taxi software has no future, the domestic taxi software is holding a considerable number of customer information, they can through large data analysis to find the core users, and then develop related services." ”

Gudasun explained that people's living habits are difficult to change, in the taxi software precipitation users, there will always be a group of people, taxi time, place and even to go to the basic fixed place, there is a passenger, the taxi has special needs, such as the demand for taxis into the district downstairs pick-up and so on. "Taxi software can dig deep into these passenger data to find a profit breakthrough, to be sure, in a taxi this user group again ' private Custom ' is a future taxi software development direction. ”

However, the current taxi software at least in the action has not reflected this consideration. Gudasun said that the current taxi software is in a tangled positioning of the period, they are more inclined to place their products in High-tech software, Internet products, but in fact should be positioning themselves to transport services, and then the positioning based on the commercialization of the problem.

"Of course in the commercialization of the same time, taxi software must be combined with industry management requirements, only meet the requirements will have room for development, otherwise it will be dead." "Gudasun said.

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