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A company is expected to set up a joint venture with Cisco to build a publicly-owned commercial cloud service platform and deepen cooperation in such areas as cloud computing, next-generation video communications and interactive Technologies, the 9th evening announcement said.

The announcement showed that the initial investment fund for the new company was 80 million dollars. Among them, TCL Holdings of Yongfu Investment in the initial investment amount of 64 million U.S. dollars, accounting for 80% of the new company's shares, Cisco Switzerland's initial investment amount of 16 million U.S. dollars, accounting for the new company's 20% stake.

Cisco is the world's leading provider of network interconnection solutions. It is understood that the new company to set up in China's data center, the introduction of the cloud based video communications and collaborative Office system, to China's SMEs and industry users with High-quality Interactive experience of the multi-party video conferencing, real-time data delivery, remote collaboration and other commercial cloud services and related terminal products.

Tcl related head to China Securities Network Reporter said that the company has not completed the business registration, cloud services platform construction will be divided into a few installments. The market space of cloud service market is huge, and for information security, foreign it giant can only enter Chinese market through joint venture company. The first entry point for the joint venture is the SME office and online education market.

The new company will also build a public-owned commercial cloud service platform for the open market for China's enterprises and industries to provide "product + Services" one-stop cloud services solution. As a system platform for connecting all kinds of terminals and carrying service applications, the public commercial cloud service platform is an important part of TCL group's "double +" transition strategy, which will provide backstage support for the implementation of TCL Group Internet Application Service platform, O2O platform, financial service platform and large data operation.

TCL ' products + Services ' provides an online education platform, O2O platform, financial services platform and many other content, also need to have a cloud platform construction, this cooperation will also use Cisco in the network and cloud computing domain know-how and operating experience, to enhance TCL group cloud-based technology and operational capabilities. Said the Tcl personage.

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