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Intel Information Technology Summit Beijing, April 10, 2012 – Leading manufacturer of the global oscilloscope market---The company announces the latest test solutions and enhancements on April 11, 12th at the 2012 Intel Information Technology Summit (IDF) held at the China National Convention Center. The showcase for future high-speed data applications, Terry will be displayed at the C14 booth for emerging technology solutions, including: USB3.0, Thunderbolt, PCI Express 3.0, Sata/sas, MIPI and so on.

To fit the IDF2010 theme, Terry will join the USB Application Vendors Forum group to showcase its complete portfolio of tools for USB 3.0 verification, debugging, and automated conformance testing.

"As a longtime supplier and partner of Intel, Terry has been an IDF exhibitor for many years," said Mr. Zhang Tianseng, Market development manager at the Greater China region. We are delighted to play an important role in helping our clients develop market-leading innovative products. ”

Support for PCI Express 3.0 from the physical (PHY) layer to the protocol layer test

In March, the company announced the intel® and PCI Express (PCIe) ecosystem vendors to launch a test and validation support program for the new Intel®xeon® processor e5-2600 series (formerly Romley). Intel's latest generation of platforms for high-performance servers and data center applications was officially launched on March 6.

The Intel Xeon Processor e5-2600 series is the industry's first server processor to integrate PCIe 3.0, and its I/O latency has been reduced by up to twice times the 30%,i/o bandwidth. The products that Terry uses to support the development of integrated I/O features include: dpo/dsa/mso70000 series oscilloscopes, Tla7sa16 and tla7sa08 Logic Protocol Analyzer modules and TLA7000 series logic analyzers, and Bertscope Error Analysis Analyzer.

Prior to the official release of Intel, Terry had been deeply involved in more than 100 PCIe of the Intel Xeon Processor e5-2600 series, including Intel's Information Technology Summit and PCI-SIG sponsored activities at Intel's global events. 3.0 successful test of system and board card.

The Intel development team has chosen the protocol test vendor for the early silicon validation of the Intel Xeon Processor e5-2600 Series I/O performance, and now OEM/ODM vendors can also be used for in-depth validation. With the increasing data transfer rate and I/O bandwidth, the PCIE 3.0 specification poses new complexities and test challenges at both the physical and protocol levels, and now these complexities and challenges can be addressed by the solution.

Automated USB3.0 transmitter and receiver Solutions

USB Electrical Conformance Test specification requirements include eye charts and jitter testing. But SuperSpeed? The USB Infrastructure Specification (base specification) also defines an optional set of test items, including slope (slew), and electrical equality. Tekexpress's USBTX options include all required and optional test items at the USB3.0 TX end. In addition, the Dpojet USB3 option for the DPO/DSA/MSO70000 series provides semi-automatic USB3.0 Tx-side required and optional test projects as well as setup libraries. The USB3.0 test provides a rich environment for validation, debugging, and conformance testing, unlike other test scenarios, which only support standard testing of spec definitions.

Receiver test is SuperSpeed?? USB Certification Requirements. An automated solution that uses the BSAUSB3 option of the Bertscope Error Analyzer or the awg7122c usb-rmt option simplifies the receiver test effectively. In view of this, end users can become USB3.0 experts. The entire process consists of defining test parameters, setting the device to the appropriate test mode (loopback mode), measuring errors, showing the results of each frequency execution, printing/storing test results, all for the user to perform automatically. These two solutions provide SuperSpeed?? USB requires all signal damage, including SJ,RJ,SSC, to embed with ISI and so on.

Full product line support for Thunderbolt

Tech invested is a market leader in helping with the deployment and design of Thunderbolt specifications, from a normative contribution to a comprehensive PHY validation tool, which is currently the main supplier of Thunderbolt testing systems. The Thunderbolt is a two pair differential emission and receiving signal using a dual NRZ encoding (64/66B encoding) with a speed of 10.3125Gbps (same as sfp+). In analyzing the transmitter channel, the gram can analyze two channels simultaneously, this is the unique characteristic of the gram. The DPO/DSA70000D series Oscilloscope has a 4-channel 23.5GHz full bandwidth simultaneous acquisition function, which allows the user to capture one time to analyze two differential signals. The receiver test solution is based on the Bertscope error-rate analyzer.

Mipi® Alliance M-PHYSM transmitter and receiver test solution

Tech invested pioneered the MIPI solution in the market in September 2010 and is now launching the most complete transmitter, receiver and protocol testing solution for the latest m-phy specifications. The new M-phytx option for the dpo/dsa/mso70000 series Oscilloscope automates nearly 700 regression tests for all high-speed (HS) and pulse-width modulation (PWM) file speeds, ranges, and terminal combinations, greatly improving test setup time and consistency. New features include support for regression testing across different modes, and flexible print or HTM reporting for workgroup sharing or vendor qualification tests.

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