The beginning of the mobile electricity business: an improvement or revolution of the electric business?

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After the traditional electronic commerce "high fever", the mobile electricity merchant is quietly rising.

According to the reporter understand, in addition to any customer-prudential products, Jingdong Mall, Taobao, such as Electronic business giants secretly layout mobile E-commerce, domestic and foreign well-known offline brands such as Nike, GAP, LV group under the Belle and Taiping Bird Group also accelerated the layout of mobile commerce.

In an interview with the company's CEO, Zhang Zhijian, who specialises in providing mobile internet services to retail businesses, said in a September 7, mobile E-commerce has entered the breakout period.

According to the statistics of the period from March 1, 2012 to September 1, 2012, the total of 48 partners who provide services to the guests, Dream Bazaar, wine and excellent customers, etc, have over 400% growth in the mobile internet over the last year.

According to the report from Eric, domestic mobile power companies have accounted for 42% of the mobile internet market since the first quarter of this year, surpassing mobile value-added services as the largest mobile internet segment.

However, a seemingly rampant "hot land" is still a big difference. In the embryonic stage of the development of mobile electric business, we can not see clearly its future appearance, the role of the industry. Optimists and conservatives have a stark view of whether "mobile is a power-maker or a revolution".

Zhang Zhijian that: "Mobile E-commerce is E-commerce, offline retail and mobile internet three sectors of the intersection, these three industries themselves are growing at a high speed." In the future, the prospects for mobile operators will be very impressive. ”

But more traditional brands and retailers still have a wait-and-see attitude towards mobile commerce. A McDonald's technology department, who declined to be named, said, "There will be a good future for mobile power companies, but the company is still observing and exploring, and has not yet really invested in and launched specific business." ”

Mobile Electrical Business Start

The mobile electricity trader is still groping stage, even the industry has no unified concept to its definition.

Generally, the popular understanding of "mobile" is to "use mobile phone online shopping", but this is far from accurate summary of its characteristics, as well as the potential for development.

"Tonight Hotel Specials" co-founder, book "Web Analytics 2.0 User Behavior Analysis" Dengtianzho, one of the translators, said that the more accurate meaning of the mobile electric business, "e-commerce in a natural way into life, auxiliary purchase decisions, simplifying the purchase process."

In other words, the mobile is not only the purchase of channels, but more importantly through data mining to help businesses and customers to establish a new communication relationship, and create new business value.

Take the "Tonight Hotel specials" as an example, it is the use of small scenes to provide real-time marketing and services, every six o'clock in the evening after 50 percent-70 percent sales hotel the same day left room.

"Tonight Hotel Specials," CEO Jinxin, "before the advent of mobile internet, it is impossible to exist so efficient and real-time marketing tools, to achieve the supplier to the end of the customer's timely transactions." ”

It is seeing the different commercial value attribute that the mobile electricity merchant has, once in the United States new Egg net work of Jinxin, Dengtianzho and so on person decided to start a business together, founded to focus on the mobile internet field only "Tonight Hotel Specials".

The CEO of Zhang Zhijian also believes that mobile operators should include at least four aspects of customer relationship management, mobile marketing, mobile-end commodity trading and borderless marketing based on geographic information.

China Mobile is entering a fast-growing period under the impetus of the mobile power outsourcing company represented by Jehu and the first batch of Chinese mobile operators. According to the 2012Q1 China Mobile E-commerce Market Quarterly monitoring report, said the 2011 China Mobile Electricity Market trading scale of 15.67 billion yuan, an increase of 609% , the 2012 China Mobile market is expected to reach 25.15 billion yuan, to 2015 will be more than 100 billion to reach 104.67 billion yuan.

"This is mainly due to the rapid development of mobile internet." "In recent years, with the advent of a variety of mobile terminals such as the ipad, iphone and Android, the way people have shopped and their preferences have changed," Zhang Zhijian said. Mobile operators meet the need for people to shop anytime, anywhere. ”

Traditional electric dealers have entered

The rise of mobile power companies is subtly impacting traditional retailing and traditional PC makers. To change this negative trend, they are also actively embracing change.

Dengtianzho told reporters that the internet is the attention economy. In the United States, the Amazon-represented electric dealers through the end of last year, launched the "Parity" and "universal Collection" and other services are changing the sales path, so that traditional retailers helpless.

Amazon offers a 95 percent discount on Amazon's services, as long as users compare commodity prices in physical stores and apply the next order. In addition, when and where users see anything they like, they can collect their Amazon wish menu.

Although these technologies and marketing strategies have not been popular at home, but with the development of mobile electric business, more personalized, richer service methods to the traditional retail enterprises put forward a major challenge.

Many traditional retailers, including Nike, Li Ning and Mattel, have entered the field of mobile power, according to reporters.

In this respect, in the United States, South Korea and Japan have founded four search enterprises, now in China to create a Third-party shopping parity site "Help 5 buy" Yin Ruje said: "The United States mobile power provider to enhance the multi-dimensional user experience, pay attention to technological innovation means, etc., these are worthy of domestic mobile electrical business learning." The traditional retailing industry should pay attention to the technology accumulation in the field of mobile electric business, improve the user experience as the starting point from the angle of technology upgrade, not only to improve the sales. In this way, can long-term, benign development. ”

In addition, there have been more strong technical strength and more deep electric power business thinking of the traditional electric dealers, have entered the field of mobile electricity, become a new mainstream force.

Van Gogh is one of the first companies to enter the mobile business in China, as early as in 2010, formally established the mobile Internet strategy, and gradually launched covering all the mainstream platform, more than 10 versions of mobile products.

"Mobile power companies not only meet the needs of people in the mobile internet shopping, but also for E-commerce enterprises to obtain more new users, strengthen the interaction with consumers and customer service." "Every guest Assistant President Shi Yilai to reporters," Therefore, from the outset, every guest attaches great importance to mobile electric business, and established a completely independent organizational structure and resources, 2012 set up a mobile phone division.

According to Shi Yilai revealed: "At present, the orders from the mobile internet has accounted for the total number of orders 12%,app terminal installation Activation volume of more than 10 million." ”

Coincidentally, the Beijing-East also began to fully layout mobile Internet in 2011. Suning Tesco is also planning to invest heavily in mobile internet. In addition, the mobile phone Taobao market director Lu Zhongtao has been interviewed revealed that the mobile phone Taobao 2012 years of capital investment scale billion.

These electric business giants attach great importance to the mobile electric business, or they will promote the rapid development of the mobile electric power business. Yin Ruje told reporters that at present, the mobile and traditional electric dealers in the business model, the way the profit is not very different, but the growth of mobile operators faster than the traditional electric business.

"The cost of acquiring users is dozens of yuan, and the traditional electric business needs hundreds of dollars," he said. "The main reason for the relatively low cost of mobile operators is that they have not yet reached the stage where users and traffic are being used," Yin Ruje said. Comparatively speaking, the competition in the traditional electric business field is much more intense. ”

On the other hand, the industry saw that the traditional electric business after 2011 years of investment peak, it is facing a series of "high Fever" sequelae. For example, the marketing cost is too high, the profitability has not improved, the investor confidence reduces the question. Early layout of the potential of the mobile electric operators may be its future success of one of the important weights.

Difficult challenges ahead

Although, mobile electric chamber with more and more intelligent mobile terminals, and even the industry will be mobile terminals as consumers "new features", but the mobile electric business in the development process there are many problems.

Shi Yilai thinks: "At present, although the smartphone develops quickly, but the handset performance, the screen size and the network speed all restrict the user shopping experience, the shopping experience still has the big disparity than the PC." ”

"In addition, the inconvenience and the popularity of mobile payments also restricts the development of the entire industry." "Operators in the mobile Shi Yilai industry also need to make more innovations in mobile internet products," he said. ”

Dengtianzho also thinks, "on the mobile device, more is the impulse consumption". Limited small screens and changeable consumption scenarios are not suitable for complex purchase decisions.

In Dengtianzho's view, the new rules of the game, the existence of trial-and-error time costs, the lack of complex talents and the requirements for higher data operations will test the development wisdom of the mobile electric business.

Dongxiaoling, general manager of Alipay Business division, told reporters: "At present, the mobile electricity business is indeed in a very early stage." However, Alipay will do a good job of infrastructure, whether it is mobile shopping, or based on offline entity shop O2O payment, will introduce different solutions to meet new needs. ”

According to the reporter understand, the United States mobile electric business experienced three stages, 2008, mainly to find the store address, business hours, as well as access to coupons, view the main commodity reviews, 2010, gradually enter the access to coupons, collection records and other commodities mainly; 2012, enter and net quotient parity and complete the purchase stage.

Yin Ruje told reporters: "The United States Mobile electric business has its own ecosystem, the ecosystem by mobile, the Internet and physical stores, such as a variety of components, they serve users from different dimensions, improve the interaction with the user experience." ”

"Domestic mobile power companies, because many traditional retailers and so did not enter the field of electricity, even the traditional enterprises with mobile power business is only a more dimension to serve more users." As a result, domestic mobile operators are still in the initial stage of robbing users, Rob is that part of the people do not have internet shopping habits, or other electronic business platform users. "Yin Ruje said.

Currently, the U.S. mobile power industry, which has been leading China for two years, is still in the process of supplementing the traditional electric business. "China's mobile Yin Ruje need more patience, more time to educate and develop user habits," he said. The

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