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Looking around, or look at my city management of all walks of life, it is not difficult to see large data (big) shadow and large data management precursor. Large data is the "> Mass data, which is increasingly complex and difficult to aggregation data in the network era, We use the traditional mainstream software has not been able to comb out the effective information from these data, but must rely on the higher level of data analysis tools to warping them, and find the law, for us to quickly judge and use.

The importance of large data has become increasingly prominent. The macro-level of science and technology city work involves the policy of attracting investment, inviting institutions and landing projects, and the micro-level involves relocated information collation, land use summary and the introduction of enterprise capacity pre-evaluation, and the market-oriented assessment of the research results of the Institute.

According to the existing means, this information is difficult to make scientific and effective classification for our use, and in the current situation of increasingly tense land indicators, science and technology city for institutions and enterprises to make the above assessment is particularly important. Otherwise, it is very likely that information asymmetry, the introduction of institutions and enterprises have been slow to fall, or after landing production and research prospects worrying results.

In fact, the construction of science and Technology city is a microcosm of all the work carried out. Therefore, the establishment of a large set of data is particularly important, it can not only improve work efficiency, save costs, but also to the entire management of a new realm. In addition, big data actually permeates every aspect of our lives.

The current popular talent show "China good Voice", its third-quarter ratings refresh the records, only the first stage of the program as an example, 15 hours to watch the broken 50 million people, 20 hours broken billion, the total amount of play exceeded 2 billion, this number is the second quarter of the total season. Taking these data as the reference, the program producer can adjust or dig deeply the advertisement customer, the program form and even the later market operation, and get the biggest effect of marketization.

A few more months later, in Brazil, the World Cup, the big data are also very good application, which is under the leadership of the German national team is a typical big data use master. The German team studied all the information about each player against the national team before the match, including the habitual movement, technical features and shortcomings of each player, which were processed into documents for each team member, plus the German culture of the players, and soon mastered the large data information and use. So some people say that the German team wins the big data. The present football developed countries have already entered the big data age.

The late famous historian Renyu the demise of the Ming Dynasty in the 15 years of Wanli as a lack of word management. This conclusion is right or wrong to be the expert's conclusion, but a little renyu has long seen, that is the importance of large data management. Of course, the concept of large data in the current era of information explosion has evolved. The significance of large data technology has long been not in the grasp of large data information, but in the content of these meaningful data specialization and to achieve profitability. In other words, if the big data is compared to an industry, then the key to profitability is to improve the "processing capacity" of the data, through "processing" to achieve the "value-added" data.

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