The competition between heaven and Earth brings a scuffle to the express logistics market

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Prior to the upstream and downstream of the airlines and express companies, are infiltrating their respective fields, and this "Heaven and earth" competition between the express logistics market to bring a melee.

The first financial daily reporter yesterday from Eastern Airlines (600115.SH) learned that the company is integrating its air freight companies and logistics companies, the hope from the traditional air cargo to modern logistics business transformation. At the same time, the private courier Giant Yuantong Express, in the application for the preparation of their own airlines, hope to introduce their own full cargo aircraft for parcel delivery.

"Because of the high value-added items transported by FedEx, the price and profit margin are much higher than ordinary freight." "An airline insider told reporters that the domestic air cargo companies want to develop, in addition to expanding the size and layout of the network, extending the ground and other industrial chains may have a way out."

Aviation enterprises extend the chain of freight industry

In addition to the traditional passenger transport business, Eastern Airlines, another major source of revenue is its air cargo company, and compared to the cargo, logistics plate carrier Shanghai Oriental Voyage Logistics Company (hereinafter referred to as "Oriental Voyage") was not known outside.

At present, the Oriental voyage by the Eastern Airlines Holdings, the contribution ratio of 69.3%, COSCO Group accounted for 29.7% of the shares, China Cargo airlines accounted for the remaining 1% shares. However, according to the latest plan of the Orient Airlines, will promote the China Cargo airlines and the eastern voyage two companies merger and reorganization, of which, the Oriental voyage will be the parent company, and Cosco will exit from the eastern voyage.

"The integration work is expected to be completed in the first quarter of next year, the future of the freight plate of Eastern airlines to go ' heaven and earth ' Road, to the end of the value chain extension, large open air transport, and vigorously develop express transportation, to provide ' end-to-end, door-to-door ' service." "Oriental airlines, a management told the newspaper reporter, at present, China Eastern Airlines has achieved express business qualification, hope to develop mail, special goods and other high-value transport business, and in recent times, the company also tried to launch a limited time door to door products, focus on more than 50 kilograms of door-to-door service, 24 hours on the national 35-tier cities.

"Transport business is the entire logistics supply chain business smile curve of the bottom, the largest investment, the lowest profit margin, airlines to find ways to develop to the ends of the curve, either have the ability to design supply chain solutions, or to provide the entire logistics." Ping An Securities analyst Chao told reporters that, for example, despite the current global air cargo slump, but both own cargo aircraft, but also has door-to-door delivery network of FedEx, UPS and other companies, still made good profits.

In addition to Oriental Airlines, Southern Airlines (600029.SH) is also brewing to intervene downstream, extending the air cargo industry chain. At present, China Southern Airlines is the only three state-owned aviation enterprises have no independent air cargo company, freight business mainly by the freight department to operate.

South Airlines A senior told our correspondent, the company hopes to set up an independent logistics company, in Southern Airlines all over the branch equipped with freight vehicles, and integrate the current air cargo operations, to create air cargo and ground logistics of the entire industrial chain.

Express Company to "heaven"

In the face of airlines to penetrate downward, The courier company also launched a counterattack upstream.

"Now in the domestic Express, the network size of the demand is very high, new entrants to the market is difficult to immediately gain a competitive advantage." "In the face of the problem of the shortage of the airline's web resources, Yuantong Express a management yesterday said to this newspaper, in order to intervene in the upstream of their own transport packages to express delivery business-oriented tact, is to the Civil Aviation Authority to prepare their own airlines."

The above management told reporters that the planned airline headquarters will be located in Hangzhou Xiaoshan, by the Yuantong wholly-owned, the company intends to introduce its own full cargo aircraft delivery package. At present, the company has been wet rented Hna's Yangtze River's three full cargo aircraft to and from Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen Three to carry out the parcel delivery.

"The current flexible package takes about 1000 tons of air pieces every day, and as the company wraps up almost twice a year, relying solely on other airlines to deliver and not meet demand, the company wants to ship its own parcels and parcels that use other airlines ' webs and cargo planes for 50%. The management said.

At present, Shun Fong has formed its own airlines, and has 7 full cargo aircraft, even in this year's global air freight companies generally fall into a loss, has the advantage of the supply of Feng Airlines, still feel that their cargo aircraft is not enough.

With the two branches of the industrial chain of mutual infiltration, is waiting to be listed in China Post EMS also sit still. Recently, China Post has started all the Yangtze River delta area, including Shanghai EMS Air Mail, all into the Nanjing Air Courier Logistics Center loading operation, means that the previous sorting gradually into Nanjing as the center of the hub sorting transport.

EMS insiders revealed that this distribution mode, is also FedEx, UPS and other international express Giants network operation mode, will gradually expand from the Yangtze River delta to the whole country, in addition, after the EMS in Guangdong and other places to reduce prices, the Shanghai to the Yangtze River Delta region EMS Express charges are also in the brewing of a downward adjustment.

"Express Logistics market is entering the battle of hegemony, the next 3-5 years will be likely to see more business closures and mergers and acquisitions." "Express Logistics Consulting Network chief consultant Xu to the reporter expected, the fittest, the strength of the National Express Company may only be maintained in 8 or so, the other will be transformed into a professional express company or the City Express.

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