The construction of optical fiber broadband network brings great benefits to the capital market

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Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology joined 6 other ministries, issued the "on the promotion of fiber-optic broadband network construction views." "Opinion" proposed that the next 3 years to the construction of optical fiber broadband network investment will be more than 150 billion yuan, new broadband users more than 50 million households.  Capital market industry analysts said that this for the industry's long-awaited "light into copper retreat", "FTTx" (Optical fiber access Network) depicts a clear development goals, the domestic a-share optical communications enterprises will be at least in the next two years full of opportunities. The specific development objectives proposed in the opinion are in line with industry expectations. "Opinion" said that by 2011, optical fiber broadband port over 80 million lines, the average urban user access capacity of more than 8Mbps, rural users access capacity of more than 2Mbps, commercial building users basically achieve 100Mbps above access ability.  In 3 years, the investment of fiber-optic broadband network will exceed 150 billion yuan, and the new broadband users more than 50 million. Industry analysts said China Unicom last year launched the largest 11 million-line FTTx equipment in history after bidding, by the end of last year, China's optical access to the scale of not more than 20 million lines, and the views of the 2011 fiber-optic broadband port over 80 million lines, means that this year and next two years will be doubled. In addition, the investment of 150 billion yuan in 3 years is also quite astonishing. It is understood that the entire 3G network construction investment is only about 200 billion yuan.  The total number of broadband users in China, just at the end of October last year to break through the 100 million mark, 50 million users of the increase of about half of the current total user size.  In contrast to the NGB (Next Generation Broadcasting Network), the Ministry of Public Works has made a considerable commitment to the development of fibre-optic broadband in the opinion and will support it financially and in taxes. Analysts said that the impact of the recent focus on optical communications business performance. According to the degree of profit ranking, in turn, optical access equipment, wiring and optical electronic devices, the last is fiber optic cable. It is noteworthy that the "opinion" clearly indicated that the optical fiber broadband communication core chips, devices, systems equipment and applications and other research and development investment and policy support efforts. In addition, it is not just optical communications companies that will benefit. 8M bandwidth means that IPTV, High-definition TV and so on can be fully realized, so the future of this application business is also a potential beneficiary.  And "opinion" also said that "to promote broadband in e-government, health care, urban management, community services and other areas of popularization", "to promote broadband based video applications." (Boatman People's post and Telegraph)
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