The current situation and development prospect of cloud computing in China's energy industry

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"Cloud computing" is a new network application mode, its core idea is to the explosion of "> Internet Information Data Resources Unified management and dispatch, form a pool of resources to provide services to users. The network that provides resources or services is called the cloud. In the "cloud computing" mode, resources or services can be unlimited expansion, readily available, on-demand, at any time to expand the use of pay. The spiritual essence of the Internet is participation, freedom, equality and sharing. Today, cloud computing has been used in China's energy industry, referred to as ' cloud energy '. "Cloud energy" is the whole energy industry production and consumption mode change, not only the traditional power grid intelligent.

In the "Cloud energy" era, a variety of energy forms are freely accessible to energy systems, different consumers can share energy services, energy supply not only emphasizes the supply function of energy producers, but also emphasizes consumer sovereignty, everyone can become energy producers, producers and consumers achieve equality.

"Cloud Energy" has the following basic characteristics:

1. Distribution and sharing of energy production patterns;

2. Intelligence and integration of energy transmission modes;

3. Modularization and parallelization of energy transmission systems;

4. Liberalization and standardization of energy access;

5. Interaction and personalization of energy consumption, distribution and sharing of energy production patterns.

With the development of distributed energy system, energy production is not only a "patent" of energy enterprises, but more and more "grass-roots" of energy producers. In the traditional fossil energy era, the energy supply relies on centralized production and centralized allocation, and it is very difficult for consumers to participate in the energy production process, only "passive" consumption. With the rapid development of renewable energy and the progress of large-scale energy storage technology, consumers can also produce energy or have energy assets. The distribution of unconventional hydrocarbon resources (shale gas, coalbed methane, tight sandstone gas, biogas, etc.) is more dispersed than that of conventional oil and gas resources, even in traditional oil and gas exploration and development areas.

Therefore, distributed energy systems characterized by distributed development and localized utilization will replace traditional energy systems characterized by centralized production and passive consumption. Ordinary families and individuals will no longer be simply consumers of energy, but also producers and sellers of energy.

Now the energy supply in regions, communities, businesses and even buildings will be shared and energy trading will occur frequently.

For example, through the thermal, electrical and cold joint circulatory system distributed on the client side, the energy utilization efficiency can be greatly improved by using the waste heat and remaining pressure heating, refrigeration and providing hot water. While the energy production capacity of individual and individual equipment is limited, when every enterprise, every building, every family is able to participate in the production of renewable energy, the entire energy system and the traditional mode of production consumption will be completely changed.

Intelligence and integration of energy transmission modes. The renewable energy, which is represented by wind power and photovoltaic power generation, is intermittent, which is affected by the physical characteristics and weather factors, and the power generation is unstable. Therefore, it is very important to realize the intellectualization and integration of the power transmission of renewable energy based on the open and interconnected information sharing model.

(Responsible editor: Lu Guang)

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