The electric business big guys are in Chengdu to fight "the saliva battle"

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Every customer prudential product CEO aged, Dangdang CEO Guoqing, Suning Tesco executive vice President Li Bin, Amazon China Vice President Zhang Jianjian ... Yesterday, the domestic online retail industry's most powerful professional forum 2012, China online retail annual Meeting held in our city, electric business big crowd Chengdu, and around the "transit and breakthrough" This theme, the current power of the boom and fierce competition from the line brought to the line.

Arguing about the price war of electricity dealers

Guoqing: "Anyone who says that a price war must be a" fake slam ", we are all guessing opponents, in testing their opponents, to see the response to various competitions. ”

Zhang Jianjian: "We don't initiate, but we can deal with it absolutely." ”

To argue who is the main market

Li bin: "Real business is impossible to replace." ”

Nielinghai: "If the traditional enterprise is unfavorable to the transformation and upgrade of the electric business, the bankrupt enterprise today is our tomorrow." ”

Theme: "Connecting and breaking"

It is understood that the theme of the annual China online retail conference is "transfer and breakthrough", the two-day meeting will be based on the inventory of the 2012 electric Business Development, discuss the industry breakthrough. On the agenda, will be the brand to do the electric business as the axis, focusing on the topics of consumer, O2O, Consumer-to-consumer, overseas retailing and traditional enterprises, such as electricity quotient, network marketing, new electronic commerce technology and application, this paper tries to build up the industry deep communication platform, promote the transformation of the network retailing industry, accelerate the upgrading of traditional retailing and traditional enterprises. Attending the annual meeting of the guest industry both at all levels, local government representatives, well-known E-commerce scholars at home and abroad, foreign excellent e-commerce business representatives, domestic online retail enterprises, there are a large number of traditional retail enterprises, e-commerce service providers and other thousand people. During the annual meeting, there will be 1 main forums, 5 forums, and the launching ceremony of Chengdu Mobile e-Commerce application demonstration block.

"On-line vs. offline"

E-commerce is the trend?

The revelation to the traditional enterprise:

Electric dealers test the transformation and upgrade of traditional enterprises

"E-commerce is the full potential to expand domestic demand and promote consumption of an important means." Nielinghai, deputy director of the Department of Commerce and Information technology, said that as a new network of economic activities, E-commerce has become a new growth point in economic development, the first three quarters of this year, according to the Ministry of Commerce monitoring, the economic indicators significantly decline in the case, the network retail continue to maintain rapid growth.

Nielinghai said, "The network retail development is facing an important problem is to the traditional retail market has formed a huge impact." "In the past computer city, it stores are particularly hot, but now the mass atrophy, like last July Zhongguancun Pacific (601099, shares bar) Computer City closed, the national it stores have a sparsely populated situation; Similarly, the impact on traditional department stores, such as Shanghai first department store Huai Hai Sea shop once very hot, But this May had to shut down.

"Therefore, if our traditional enterprises do not use e-commerce transformation and upgrading, then the closure of the business of today is our tomorrow." "The proportion of E-commerce network retailing is bound to exceed the traditional business ratio, which is a big trend." Nielinghai said, fortunately, in recent years, many traditional enterprises have begun to use E-commerce transformation and upgrading, currently in the hundred strong chain of 59 companies began to dabble in the online retail industry, from suning results are not difficult to see, this year's performance growth is entirely from the online retail income. "So if the brand enterprises do E-commerce, do network retail, then they will become the main force in this market." ”

Interpretation of e-commerce:

Electricity dealers cannot completely replace the real business

As a representative of the development of electronic commerce in traditional enterprises, Suning Tesco executive vice President Li bin for the media proposed now is Su Ning is in line with the profit to supplement the line of the loss, and online sales in the run line under the market, said, as a retail business, Suning's principle is to follow consumer demand, " We will not and do not need to use the line of profit to supplement the line, Suning easy to buy just enjoy the effect of the scale of Suning group cost advantage of the supply chain, and suning easy to buy and Rob is a network shopping habits and demand consumers, not to rob Suning entity store business. ”

He said there is now a kind of argument that the electricity business is the new Economy (310358, fund bar) model, and the real business is the old economic model, the new economic model is replacing the old economic model. "But I think that although the electric business has the advantages different from the physical business, such as the richness of the display of goods, the timeliness and convenience of shopping, but the advantages do not mean that the overkill, not to the industry enterprises to form one-sided misleading." "Real business is the core of urban economic development, it is impossible to replace the shopping, leisure, entertainment and experience."

"Electric Dealer price war"

Is it a pseudo proposition? It's a "fake Slam"?


Price war is a false proposition

"The issue of price war, strictly speaking, is a pseudo proposition, as long as the commercial existence there must be price competition." "The commercial competitive price is needed," said Li Bin, an executive vice president of Suning and Tesco, but each enterprise according to their own destiny's ability, to reasonable do some concessions, rather than blindly compete with competitors, everyone's operating costs are not the same, if the competition, the same price will be for the future of good development of sustainability brings impact, " Of course, we also believe that the price competition of enterprises should be returned to a relatively rational level. ”


The price war must have been a "sham".

"Who would say that a price war must be a" fake slam ", we are all guessing opponents, testing opponents, see the response to various competitions, this is what I see. "Dangdang CEO Guoqing said that the current domestic electricity price war next year will not be more tragic, but will not be able to retreat." "From when to see, we have enough money to burn for two years, for all the price war, we have to participate in the" war ", and four times a year to initiate. However, compared with his own company, he believes that the "old enemy" in the Near East Jingdong is likely to reach 300 million U.S. dollars of financing, is far from enough to maintain its balance, is expected to burn up to next March.


Now is the level of price warfare.

"Corporate enterprise has not formed its own core competitiveness, if the formation of their core competitiveness, the whole change will not be so fast." "Every customer prudential product CEO aged said, the current whole platform of the competition is still in the very very simple price war, whether we would like to admit, in fact, stay in the price war." Even if we talk about how lively double 11, double 11 at its core, the cat's victory is not a price war? Is there anything in it that we can carefully analyze to open the core competitiveness? Of course, there are days in the cat's traffic inside, this is very simple, that is, traffic plus price war.

Zhang Jianjian:

Do not initiate, but you can handle it.

"The price war, now more and more people like to use the word," Zhang Jianjian, vice president of Amazon China, said that this includes several content, one is the electric business has a very big advantage is the price is very favorable, economical; Secondly, we should see how the consumer platform can bring quality and guaranteed service to consumers. The key, of course, is the opportunity for sustainable development. , "We don't initiate, but we can deal with it absolutely." ”


Electric business event for three consecutive years Chengdu

Chengdu Electric Business

Performance eye-catching

In recent years, E-commerce giants have gathered in the west, Chengdu, from Alibaba to Dangdang, from Jingdong Mall to Amazon China, into Chengdu has become an important strategic deployment of E-commerce enterprises. And for this annual meeting has been this event for the third consecutive year in Chengdu, organizers billion power network CEO Zhengmin also said, "We are pleased to create an E-commerce development atmosphere, to attract, inspire and service the network retail industry, promote Chengdu in the development of E-commerce can play a role in promoting." At the same time in the past few years, the rapid development of E-commerce in Chengdu, as well as the successful participation in the national E-commerce demonstration city of the eye-catching performance also become attracted many industry heavyweight guests to Rong participants important factors. ”

Nielinghai, deputy director of the Department of Commerce and Information technology, said over the years, Sichuan Province, Chengdu attaches great importance to the development of E-commerce, creating a good environment, cultivate a very good entrepreneurial atmosphere, the introduction of preferential policies, support funds, promote the development of enterprises, formed a good interaction, achieved remarkable results, Network Retail Annual Meeting held three consecutive sessions in Chengdu, the electrical business elite gathered in Tianfu, a large number of E-commerce enterprises have set up the Operation center, these are the best proof. "Hope that the city will further accelerate the development of E-commerce, the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and really play a model city in the west, in the country's leading model role." ”

Newspaper reporter Yin Ting-ting photography Xieminggang

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